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  1. agree Gnasher called it ......nice book. Crease hurts though
  2. Myself I am at a solid 5.o but I most definitely would press and clean this book...because you will never pass that way again, and might as well get it fixed and brought up to its best while you can rather than wait and have to redo it in twenty years when it costs so much more because you are torn if the half gradei it might gain from a press and clean is worth it.......unless your plan is slab and sell.
  3. Mentioned in the other guys forum my 26-going on 27 week wait and still sitting at "submitted" on the dashboard and the pressing agent posted he was "pulling my submission and sending it back, and perhaps in the future I might give them a try again....." after waiting nearly 27 weeks with zero progress.
  4. I don't have the book in hand yet to verify specifics, just won the sale tonight...but for me it looks every bit on par with this graded 4.0 I saw online....I do know the upper staple has come clear of the cover and centerfold, and without seeing the book, I am betting there is some rust migration at least minor if nothing else.....
  5. I only have the two images for now until the book arrives but was curious what someone might put this at...I felt it was somewhat undergraded when sold at 3.0 ....thinking it is a 4.0 myself.....thoughts?
  6. Atom 19 is a good choice, x-men 50 is forever seeing the cover love, Strange Tales 138- first eternity , Any 12 cent issue of incredible hulk, Avengers 83, and TOS 52 and TTA 44
  7. lossus' head and, as stated above, need better view of spine. the spot on Colossus head is a printed part of the art , simiar to a metallic reflection off his head it appears
  8. I own a graded 5.5 of the book and using that as a reference you will likely go either 4.5 or a 5.0 with some luck
  9. Tough one there ..that top corner crease kills an otherwise solid 8.0 ....5.5- or perhaps 6.0
  10. Right there with 8.0 and pressing might flatten that top edge enough to sneak it into an 8.5
  11. The previous discussion I am fairly sure demonstrates precisely why grading is considered shapes itself around people's own asthetic towards both the good and bad points of a vintage comic book. I do point to the fact no grade was ever offered, only questioning everyone else's.......if that isn't attacking a book it is at least giving the perception of doing so.Thanks for everyone who took the time and effort to grade my comic for me...I appreciate it
  12. I do appreciate your effort and time, sorry if I seem combative....thanks for weighing in for sure. I think where I made a mistake is , that you never offered a solid grade, you simply detracted from all previous suggested grades , due the books flaws. Would you like to offer your opinion then what grade the book might bring?Grading IS subjective...that is a basic fact . Do the ink markings on the copy I posted constitute a heavier hit on grade than the creases you have focused on with my own issue? Does a one inch crease drop a quarter grade while a two inch crease drops it a full half grade? It it has blown staples does that lower the grade more than water stains? Is tanning more offensive than a clipped coupon? Does a missing piece a quarter inch on the back cover constitute a larger hit than a quarter inch crease on the front cover? All of those things are ...subjective , book by book case by case and grader by grader, sorry but they are. And even then....a grader on a day where life is working perfectly might place a book as a 6.0....then he goes home, gets some bad news and his wife and him have a fight...the following day that same book might very well score a 5.0 because that is....human nature, which is entirely subjective . They are not machines, and they are prone to errors, which is why cracking and resubbing is so popular among professional collectors. Thanks for your welcome and sorry if I stepped on your toes....I hope you have a wonderfuly day Sir
  13. I offer there is more to grading a book than forming an opinion and then knocking the book down for any visible flaws, you also have to weigh the positives it has into the equation. Grading is subjective and more art than science Here are some examples of books in 4.0 or higher being currently offered on ebay and Metropolis comics.First images are a 4.0 avengers listed for sale on writing on both covers and highly intrusive but still a 4.0 Next book is a CBCS 4.0 grade....notice the corner entirely missing, the corner with huge flattened creases and the subscription crease from top to bottom on the book , which has been pressed flat but is still perceptible....still a 4.0 Next book is offered by Metropolis comics as a 5.5 FINE - note it is TRIMMED on all three edges, and the cover has large creases everywhere, but they are selling it as a 5.5 no less. When I say my copy is a 4.5 I am being conservative based on current market sales and grading examples I feel. You can hammer a book all you like for a defect or two...but you also have to take into account the books good characteristics