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  1. They are back. Upper Deck sells Marvel Cards and they hitting big on ebay sales and collectors are really hunting them down. Check out MCCW and MMC group on facebook.
  2. I need one of those graded surfer holograms in my collection for sure.
  3. Those stickers are so vibrant and amazing! There are so really cool and very variations with the wording for the copyright and acetate variants. Great pieces.
  4. I'm always looking for MCC 98 cards, MM96, and Marvel Onslaught.
  5. There are tons or very rare 90s cards out there and even fewer that are graded at gem mint. I think a few people will be willing to hunt down 90 marvel cards in high grade as though will be the way to get a card that was over produced -- in a investment/ rare collectible. Plus could you imagine having all these cards under a CGC label next to their comic book counter part? So cool.
  6. I would like to see how many of us here are Marvel Trading Card Collectors. I'm an admin and co host on the @themccpod--this hobby has been so much fun, so I would love to continue this journey by getting all my marvel trading cards graded. So many amazing things CGC could do with Marvel Trading Card if done right. Any ideas or excitement for this possibility. Happy to be hear and talk with you all.
  7. Wow. Do you own this piece? Amazing! Also many of the Marvel cards from the 90s as CGC 10s would not be worthless. Many of the Marvel Cards from 90s are starting to be graded and are going up in price. I have a very large Silver Surfer Collection and would love to grade it all with CGC. This for me is the next wave of cards to invest in. Since 90s Marvel cards were so over produced, to insure the best grade will not be super easy. Plus modern Marvel cards (marvel Masterpieces 2016 joe jusko) are getting very expensive and the sales are in the thousands for some of the chase cards.