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  1. Same thing just happened to me on a reholder submission. Waiting for a response form cgc. It made me paranoid and I had to go back through all my slabs to make sure they were clean. It looks more like scuffing/scraping inside the slab but I guess dirty is a relative term.
  2. Yes as it tells you whether or not a book is a good press candidate or not. Good press on a key book is worth $$$
  3. Cut off was 3/1 so he/she would have been SOL anyways. Might be some thrown up on ebay afterwards though...
  4. Once again its not rocket science. Hell a machine should be able to do it by now...oh wait there is and its with a company called HGA. Cgc 10s hard to get for cards? Seems like they havent been in the game long enough to make that conclusion or for anyone to pay a premium for a cgc 10 over a bgs 10 for that matter.
  5. Bgs charges 150-200 per card for 10-15+ day turnaround. Its nuts right now and if cgc can get it together with their reputation they should profit. Hire more graders I mean its not that hard of a job right?
  6. What did you submit? If they can keep prices low then ill send them some baseball rookie cards as grading isnt rockwet science and their HQ is so close to me.
  7. Got my Rubensteins and Cates/Stegmans back this week. My Kuberts went to scheduled for grading last week at some point. My Suydams were signed end of January and I had to call to get some movement as it didnt seem right that Rubenstein, Cates/Stegman books were already shipped and Suydam was in scheduled for grading status wasteland for 7 weeks.(no press on any of these books btw)
  8. Wonder why Adam Kubert but no Andy Kubert yet?
  9. I have had issues with certain signers. Im wondering if thats the issue. Certainly older books are more fragile as well so maybe thats makes then more likely to drop.
  10. Busy times indeed. Also this does sound about right