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  1. If they can keep it low then they will thrive. Also id expect moat people to pay the extra $10 to use fast track.
  2. Unfortunately my reholder submission was received and logged within a few days recently. The one im waiting on is a Rubinstein signing I sent a few days after. If I didnt have that to compare it to then id be less worried.
  3. Having the same issue. Have one received on 1/11 and still not in the system. Looks like someone with customer service is working with me. I usually send in 2 per month and this is the longest as it usually only takes a few days to log.
  4. Yeah unfortunately silver would have matched the sienkiewicz sig well. According to stillonly35cents he has other pens that he “uses”.
  5. Unfortunately every time I request a certain color he still signs in black. Maybe its just my luck as I know a certain color is not guaranteed.
  6. Yeah its interesting that some artists like Campbell seem slow and meticulous and others like Cates just seem to sign wherever in whatever pen color they want. Also I have seen complaints about Claremont ONLY using black ink. Thanks for the heads up bub.
  7. After the last signing I was able to get most of what I wanted from ebay anyways...At that time believe it or not but a asm 300 9.8 signed was going for $3,200 and I didnt pull the trigger. Mcfarlane revolutionized comic art with his outside the box approach and I dont feel his stuff is ever a poor choice for collecting.
  8. Anyone see the rumblings of another possible Mcfarlane signing? There is a photo of mark brooks signing the cgc wall with a “reserved for the todd father” window box in blue tape. Seems only likely they would do that if he were coming back!
  9. Looks good although I would have just put the text (if it fits) on top of the boxes as putting it all around can be distracting and these guys are going through these pretty fast. You want to make it easy on them to take care of your request.
  10. My peter david books are finished. Nothing on my other orders and I had romita jr as well as nicieza. Those two stuck in scheduled for grading. Looks like 3 weeks it is or longer for most stuff.
  11. Need more info but I also go to mail to cgc, signing name and then grade comic. Using those three selections allows me to move forward.
  12. I think you cant change the type of signing. So if you did all threw for a sub then it has to stay that way and you would need to do another submission for a different type
  13. It will be fine. Takes only a few days to log a sub but no initials and it takes 7+ days. Trust me you will be fine. Ive done it both ways and learnt my lesson.