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  1. Thanks. I found it on the sales board here actually. I brought it from BatmanRiddlez. One of the pride and joys of my collection along with an Artgerm SS Supergirl sketch on a blank cover variant.
  2. His WW 750 virgin variant is only one of three that I've got on order of that issue, the others being Ross Virgin and Nicola Scott covers. I've got Hughes' Super-girl and the Legion of Superheroes but I had to get Anacleto's DCeased #2 Homage. They go nicely together.
  3. I got super super lucky at the shop near my work. I went in looking for something else then noticed that they had the variants for Star Wars #1. Apart from the one with Vader on the cover which was £8 all the rest were £4:50. Nice start to 2020 The Absolute Carnage I picked up from Forbidden Planet on my way home.
  4. Looking to buy a NM Darth Vader #25 Cliff Chaing Variant cover (see pic). I'll take a raw copy (obviously need this in top NM condition) so I can get it slabbed myself of if someone already has a slabbed 9.8 that they're willing to part with please let me know.
  5. @showcase4 Got these two back yesterday. Only ordered two from the bay and both came back 9.8.
  6. Injustice is great but kinda loses it way a bot with the Harley stuff. It's still pretty great though
  7. The prices on that 'Marvel celebrates Stan Lee' book just keep rising! Hitting $900 after 3 weeks. Anyone see the prices dropping on this one, like that Spider-Gwen variant? If this is truly as rare as it seems I'd love to see the prices on a graded copy.
  8. It's one of my favourite symbiote covers. This and my 9.8 Artgerm Virgin for Absolute Carnage #1 are incredible.
  9. Thanks for all your advice guys. Kav, you have incredible eyes!!!!! I honestly didn't see this before of after it was slabbed. I'll keep it as is. I love this cover so it'll stay in my collection. I was hoping for a higher grade but it was not meant to be. Ah well, thanks again.
  10. So, yes this is one of those 'I'm not sure I agree on the grade' posts so apologies for that but I'm just looking for an opinion if you guys can see something I cant. Wanted to get this slabbed as I thought it would get a pretty high grade, 9.6 at the least. Inspected it before I dropped it off. All seemed good. Picked it up and it's come back as a 9.4 and the Graders notes say that there is a 'bend right bottom front cover' For the life of me I cant see it and didn't see it when it was raw and in my hands. What do you guys think? Worth querying?
  11. I snipe the hell out of auctions because of shill bidding. I've had it too many times in the past where I've bid and the seller has clearly got they're friend/family member/girlfriend/boyfriend to outbid me and drive the price up. That said I always stick to my the limit I set myself and never spend more than I need to win or lose. Last second bids are the way forward.
  12. I'd also like to know how much leeway is given to vertical spine colour breaks too. I want to get some of my HOX, POX and Absolute Carnage books graded but the color breaks seem to be getting worse with hardly books from these that don't have some kind of break in them. Would this be considered a manufacturing defect if most of the run had them and thus likely to get a more lenient grade?