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  1. Did he change though? Even after her got stabbed he didn't really show any change apart from saying Wakanda was beautiful. I agree it would be an interesting take but it'd take some good writing to make his reversal believable. Anything is possible in the MCU.
  2. Off topic a bit, but I don't know how he could be considering his whole mindest and agenda was just trying to create an uprising around the world and went against everything BP stood for.
  3. This cover is amazing. Ordered mine already. This series is one of the best books around right now IMO. If you're not reading it, you should be.
  4. Good Lord. If that guy is speculating on a minor fight then I'm gonna put all my money into Batman 93 for the Punchline vs Harley fight.
  5. Booster Gold is awesome. I really hope DC do something worthwhile with him again.
  6. I personally love error and recalled versions of books but I keep it within financial reason and I'd like the label to denote the error/recall. For me it just adds a bit more exclusivity to my collection. If the label says nothing about it or there isn't multiple sources to say its an error then I wouldn't bother as color variations happen more often than people think.
  7. Depends on the character I think. Superman, Batman and Peter Parker are the cornerstones of Marvel and DC but you never had the TV/Movie/Game industry you have now when they had their first appearance. Any character can take off. Mile Morales, who Sony are fully behind now could garner the same value in quicker time than the 50 year time frame you posted. Same with Venom now that he's actually being used more and more in both comics and film. Grading has helped too as people will be much more willing to pay the premium for a 9.8 over anything less and raw. However, Superman, Batman and the other big hitters won't die so their first appearances will just keep going up. They'll always rule the roost.
  8. For Nightwing? I doubt it as these were released in early-mid March I think. They would have already been printed and shipped to stores before Covid shut things down.
  9. I agree. I brought a Nightwing on release day, read it and it was boring. I look on ebay a week ago and see what they are going for and couldn't believe it. Sold mine for £30 last week.
  10. I think it'll hold it's value as it's limited to 200. Also with the Usagi TV show that's bee mooted I think there'll be demand for this down the line. If I were you, I'd get it slabbed.
  11. Thanks for the replies - didn't mean to open a can or worms with cursed images. The Darkest Knight in DM#2 is a one page appearance but it's still more than a random hand or someone lurking in the shadows. Be interesting to see how this plays out.
  12. I love Frison and I'm a huge Artherm fan (got some graded books with his sketches on) but I think Peach's work is slightly different as her art style is different from what's on books at the moment. They actually look a bit like actual watercolor art. Plus, she does a lot of indie titles that have a low print run which sell out fast. I think there's a FOMO aspect but also I believe she has a big fanbase. This is also the same with some of of Frison variants for Something is Killing the Children (aside from the fact this is also a great read). Everything has it's time but I think it's the art style that helps keep this train on the tracks.