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  1. It's one of my favourite symbiote covers. This and my 9.8 Artgerm Virgin for Absolute Carnage #1 are incredible.
  2. Thanks for all your advice guys. Kav, you have incredible eyes!!!!! I honestly didn't see this before of after it was slabbed. I'll keep it as is. I love this cover so it'll stay in my collection. I was hoping for a higher grade but it was not meant to be. Ah well, thanks again.
  3. So, yes this is one of those 'I'm not sure I agree on the grade' posts so apologies for that but I'm just looking for an opinion if you guys can see something I cant. Wanted to get this slabbed as I thought it would get a pretty high grade, 9.6 at the least. Inspected it before I dropped it off. All seemed good. Picked it up and it's come back as a 9.4 and the Graders notes say that there is a 'bend right bottom front cover' For the life of me I cant see it and didn't see it when it was raw and in my hands. What do you guys think? Worth querying?
  4. I snipe the hell out of auctions because of shill bidding. I've had it too many times in the past where I've bid and the seller has clearly got they're friend/family member/girlfriend/boyfriend to outbid me and drive the price up. That said I always stick to my the limit I set myself and never spend more than I need to win or lose. Last second bids are the way forward.
  5. I'd also like to know how much leeway is given to vertical spine colour breaks too. I want to get some of my HOX, POX and Absolute Carnage books graded but the color breaks seem to be getting worse with hardly books from these that don't have some kind of break in them. Would this be considered a manufacturing defect if most of the run had them and thus likely to get a more lenient grade?
  6. Jitstark

    UK CGC?

    I dropped off some books with them last month and the experience was good. It's so much better than just mailing them in myself and I got to ask questions which will help me in the future. I will add that the place is a little difficult to find but once there it's a breeze.
  7. Hahaha. I wish I was paid by them because I pick up a fair few books and some CGC's from them, I know how it sounds but I'm just trying to give people my experience of them. You can take it any way you want to
  8. Sadlemon is a solid comic retailer for us in the UK. They've never let me down and I've always got my books in great shape (and no, I do not work or them or are related to any of them ).
  9. True, but I'd say there's a parallel with it in the fact it never got second print run, the collected edition coming out will be censored and all digital copies then were censored.
  10. HOX and POX issue 2 has got me super excited for where these are going. I dropped out of reading X-men a while back and didn't read much Marvel when Rebirth started over at DC. However, these, Venom and the Immortal Hulk are way better than the DC stuff at the minute. I pre-ordered the HOX2 Larraz Virgin variant as I liked the cover and it was something like £20. I'm so glad I did now! Hickman has turned one of the most annoying (for me at least) characters in X-men lore into one of the most important. POX 2 has got me super excited to see what they do with - Hickman and Cates are killing it at Marvel. Redefining characters and sticking true to what's gone before. Unlike Bendis at DC.
  11. Recalls are always hard to gauge. Some keep their value whilst others, like the Luthor cover tank. I think these might do well as they have Superman and Supergirl on the cover (I'm a big Supergirl fan so I know I'd pony up for a recalled Supergirl issue). Batman Damned has held a pretty decent value so I can see this doing the same. I managed to get these at a decent price before they shot up so I'm hoping they come in decent enough shape to get slabbed and go in the collection.
  12. Hardly any cover reflect the story inside, so like you say it seems like a crazy reason to pull them. I'm not sure what the the hell is going on with DC right now. It's like they cannot get their mess together. Endless delays to storylines, the whole Batman Damned issue and who knows when we're getting Doomsday Clock again. Rebirth started off great but for a year now it's like they're just putting out anything to kill time until Superman vs Dr. Manhattan.
  13. I've tried eBay but both sellers I attempted to get this from cancelled on me.