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  1. Nostalgic Investments has an insane array of awesome stuff! There are at least 5 items I have my eye on that I’m seriously trying to raise up funds for.
  2. I met George Perez at a convention. My 9 year old daughter and I stood in line to get a sketch from him. When we got to the front he realized he had used his last sheet of paper on the patron before us. He saw the sadness in my daughter!s eye and foraged around for anything. He found a comic book backing board and volunteered to draw on that. Great guy, and he made my daughter’s day
  3. Any interest? I’ll give it another day or two. If nobody bites I suppose I’ll just hold on to it. I do like it a lot, so no crime if I have to keep it😄
  4. What about this one? I love John Byrne as much as the next guy, and I like the Avengers, but this seems to me about $5k too optimistic!|parentrq%3Ae31585b216f0ad3058436ea7fffbabcc|iid%3A1
  5. I hate to sell it (I actually just got it) but I have a shot at a real grail piece for my collection. Selling it for what I paid for it $2,000 (plus shipping) PM me if interested
  6. I just saw that. Sweet Christmas indeed. how high does this go? Any guesses?
  7. I’m very excited about this. I am a huge Doctor Strange fan, but having recently modified my OA collection to consist of only first, early, or key Silver Age Marvel appearances, I assumed I was out of luck (what little Ditko stuff that’s out there is too rich for my blood!) So to stumble upon a Marvel Feature 1 page, the first appearance of my favorite 70’s squad, with Doctor Strange, was a dream come true. Anthony had it on his website and I think I snagged it within 2 hours of the posting. extra added bonus, it’s inked by Bill Everett, who I’ve very much wanted to add to my collection
  8. Tales of Suspense 60 pg 13 Heck/Ayers 2nd app Hawkeye, 4th app Black Widow
  9. I anticipate that plot point will be readjusted again in the future, so someone may or may not get 10k for it now, but won’t get 1/2 that 10 years from now
  10. Published Triton - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Mike Zeck
  11. Looking for any page from Strange Tales 105 or 106 with mr fantastic drawn in at least one panel. or this page from 103 will buy or trade
  12. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if pages from the 1st Hawkeye story still exist? I imagine someone has them or has seen them, but I can’t find anything on line?!?!