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  1. I got the grail! And while I still will need to sell piece, I had the money I needed to cover. but, as I say, I would like to move this piece so I can replenish my bank account. I’ll try here, with one last price reduction and if I don’t get a hit I’ll move it to an auction. so, last call, Kirby x-men page from their 10th issue going for $6,850. let me know by Sunday night, otherwise I’ll take it down and move it elsewhere. best, Grant
  2. I plan on taking this down if it’s not sold by Friday night. I’m accepting offers too, so let me know if you’re interested
  3. Lowering price to 7k. Trying to make some money to get a grail/dream page. Someone help a brother out!
  4. Really hoping to sell this here and not going to eBay or an auction house. I’ll keep it up here for the next few days but then I might need to move it. I’ll entertain any offer! grant
  5. I hate to do it, but a grail piece has become available so I want to try and make a swing for it, so I’m offering my Kirby X-men page. The moment when the entrance to the savage land is found... asking 7.5k NOW ASKING $6,850!
  6. For sale on eBay $950 starting price
  7. I’ll post my 2 Kirby OA pages from TALES TO ASTONISH 37 & X-MEN 10s
  8. Anyone else? Show me what you’ve got!
  9. Son of Satan is one of my absolute favorites. OA from key appearances are exceedingly hard to come by so I was happy to pick this up. SOS #1 pg 22 by Jim Mooney
  10. He told me that his father bought it on eBay in 2010, so he can’t even keep his story straight...
  11. Hank Pym (Tales to Astonish 37 pg, Avengers 28 pg, and commission from MC Wyman)
  12. Also, prior to it being pulled,I wrote him an intentionally ambiguous e-mail to get more information from him. After it was pulled he sent me this... Sir,Thanks so much for your intrest in our item"The Avengers page 14 of book 4 1954" this page is 100% authentic,this page was purchased from ebay in 2010 by my fahter he was a collector, and after his death i'm selling the collection.For some reasons ebay removed my listing so if you are intrested in buying this item pls do let me know your offer and we cand do this through ebay, Drawing comes with 100% refund gurantee.Thanks! so he’s still trying to pawn it off