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  1. Neal Adams from 2018 and George Perez from 2014
  2. Yes, a good day for those of us with Kirby X-Men OA 😉
  3. The X-Men 2 Beast page that I got for 19.5k (in trades) earlier this year, and then I subsequently traded for a different page from the same book, ended up on Heritage and sold for 32,000 (38kwith BP)! I suppose I could be bummed about money left on the table, but I’m actually happy as I figure it raises the value of my page. for those keeping score it sold for 13k in 2017... that’s a crazy jump!
  4. “Yes, he has a template and lightboxes over it, so that it is still all original art. For characters not on file, Neal has said he used Google search. For the price those headshots are going (quality is still awesome), they are relatively affordable and should be considered more like a glorified signature, or an upgraded remarque. It really doesn't matter if it's lightboxed or Googled for me - it's still Neal's handwork. But your mileage may vary.” I didn’t know that. I was fortunate to meet Neal at a smaller comic-con with less foot traffic than average I suspect. He drew a Havok headshot for me for $250 that was by hand (no template) and (since he was bored I imagine) he added some extra stuff from the normal head bust. Still one of my favorite pieces, and hanging out with him for a while, and watching him work, was worth the $250 alone here’s an example of the template and the one he drew for me
  5. It says “lemme down” I have a page from Avengers 9 where Stan seems to be making a playful dig at Don Heck, but for the life of me I can’t quite decipher it!
  6. I sold all of my comics, a huge collection of marvel silver age keys and first appearances, so that I could buy art instead. Now I buy pages, then try to get a CGC copy of the book the page is from, a reader copy, and any reprint (ie Marve Collectors item Classics, Marvel Tales etc) the story might appear in
  7. X-Men 2 for sale $400 plus $15 for shipping PayPal, or check accepted. 30 day return
  8. My X-Men 2 page has a correction note that says Cyclops. I wasn’t sure what needed to be corrected, but on investigating it appears that the figure in the panel was drawn by Kirby as Angel, but Stan had it changed to Cyclops (which was the right call as a panel on the prior page makes it clear that Angel is on the other side of the room with Professor X). my guess is the inker Paul Reinman made the corrections (you can see an erased line where the wings used to be, and the shadow toward the bottom was modified from what I suspect was meant to be the bottom of Warren’s wings) pretty cool at any rate. I love seeing the behind the scenes action of how these stories came together
  9. Closest I have is the Son of Satan blasting a possessed Wyatt Wingfoot with soulfire! Marvel Team-up 32 drawn by our pal Sal
  10. I want a silver Age Marvel superhero page by Ditko, but what little is out there is cost prohibitive
  11. Silver Age twice up art featuring Mr Fantastic. Doesn’t have to be Kirby and doesn’t have to be an FF page
  12. Just arrived! As promised, here’s a picture X-Men 2 pg 10 1963 Kirby/Reinmann
  13. Just a quick heads up... I recently posted a new acquirement from X-Men 2 (pg.9 ) of which, I was very excited to get. Well, within a few weeks, I had an option to pass it along and get a DIFFERENT page from the exact same book (actually the next page in the sequence). I actually prefer this page as it features a bit more of the team, Professor X, and the Vanisher, while the other page was a bit more Beast centric (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). at any rate, I just didn’t want my old page to pop up somewhere and have people wonder why. And I didn’t want anyone to think I was just flipping the page, as I actually made a fairly straight across transaction for the new one. So with that, I’ll say goodbye and shed a tear for page 9, and I’ll post page 10 when I get it in hand (hopefully next week!) And should someone end up with page nine, congratulations, it’s even more stunning in person!
  14. Here’s the Bruce Timm Dr Strange headshot I got from Albert. So awesome. I’ll never afford a Ditko Strange, but this is a damn cool runner-up