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  1. Just got this in the mail! Heck/Ayers AVENGERS 9 first Wonder Man, and the moment when he has a change of heart so excited to finally have this!
  2. I was just thinking that FF 1 and 2 Hulk 1 and 2 etc, we’re probably stolen, so someone has them but they’re sitting in a closet or a vault somewhere and the person who’s got them can’t tell anyone about it. And then I asked myself if it would be worth it? Sure the question is hypothetical, and it implies that you must have millions of dollars in disposable income (surely a page from AF 15, FF 1, or Hulk 1 would fetch a million, yes?), but would you want to fork out that kind of money if you could never tell anyone about it, or share it with anyone? I think that’s 1/2 the fun isn’t it?
  3. Tales to Astonish #37 page by Kirby/Ayers from 1962. Drawn and published within the first year of the Marvel Universe!
  4. So if you had the money, and the chance to buy a page from Hulk #1 for example, but could never show it or tell anyone you had it. Would you rather it? Or a piece of OA that’s on the market (say Hulk 3), considerably cheaper, and something you could crow about here, on CAF, and to anyone who’d listen?
  5. Spider-Man pages, is there anything out there prior to issue #6? I’ve seen FF 3, 5, 9, and above. What about 4, 6, 7, 8? Hulk 1, 2? Avengers 4? x-men 3, 4? TOS 39, 57? Strange Tales other than 117? What about 135? Does anyone know any stories about the existence of any of the above?
  6. I have a question for HA consigners. Where do you expect your pages to be at this stage in the auction vs their number at the final hammer? At about 1/2 of what it will ultimately sell for? 2/3? Is there any kind of typical “ball park guesstimate” you can make based off of where things sit 3 days out?
  7. Don Heck pencils, Ayers inks TALES OF SUSPENSE 60 Dec 1964
  8. Nostalgic Investments has an insane array of awesome stuff! There are at least 5 items I have my eye on that I’m seriously trying to raise up funds for.
  9. I met George Perez at a convention. My 9 year old daughter and I stood in line to get a sketch from him. When we got to the front he realized he had used his last sheet of paper on the patron before us. He saw the sadness in my daughter!s eye and foraged around for anything. He found a comic book backing board and volunteered to draw on that. Great guy, and he made my daughter’s day
  10. Any interest? I’ll give it another day or two. If nobody bites I suppose I’ll just hold on to it. I do like it a lot, so no crime if I have to keep it😄
  11. What about this one? I love John Byrne as much as the next guy, and I like the Avengers, but this seems to me about $5k too optimistic!|parentrq%3Ae31585b216f0ad3058436ea7fffbabcc|iid%3A1
  12. I can do a payment plan too...
  13. I hate to sell it (I actually just got it) but I have a shot at a real grail piece for my collection PM me if interested