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  1. Tales of Suspense 60 pg 13 Heck/Ayers 2nd app Hawkeye, 4th app Black Widow
  2. I anticipate that plot point will be readjusted again in the future, so someone may or may not get 10k for it now, but won’t get 1/2 that 10 years from now
  3. Published Triton - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Mike Zeck
  4. Looking for any page from Strange Tales 105 or 106 with mr fantastic drawn in at least one panel. or this page from 103 will buy or trade
  5. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if pages from the 1st Hawkeye story still exist? I imagine someone has them or has seen them, but I can’t find anything on line?!?!
  6. Crazy that the Wally Wood DD pages went for 18k and 22k and then then the Wood inks over Heck Avengers 21 pg today went for 18k. And that was the Sunday page, the Two Saturday pages from the same book went for 6.6k and 9k respectively. Just when you think you have this figured out...
  7. I think you’re right. Two years ago WW DD pages were going for 30-40k. Now that the market is getting saturated, prices seemed to have settled down
  8. I thought the two Wally Wood Daredevil pages were going to go for more than 18k and 22.8k.
  9. Jack Kirby FF page with Mr Fantastic (if anyone wants to help me fill this hole I’d love to talk with you!)
  10. Based on early bids, which items do you think will increase the most, exponentially? I predict the Wally Wood Daredevil pages (currently 3.6k and 2.9k). They’ll go for 10x that!
  11. 90%. My collection has dwindled considerably, but is also far more focused now. Only grails in my collection. Only piece missing is a Ditko, Marvel silver age, twice-up, but that ship might have sailed...
  12. Here it is, the Grail piece I was after (and what I was putting my x-men 10 page up for sale for). never dreamt I’d get my hands on a yellow suited Daredevil page. Add in the Purple Man’s first appearance (and his origin on this page) and I’m over the moon Daredevil 4 (1964) pg 18 by Orlando/Colletta (I can still sell you the x-men page if someone is interested- I haven’t sent it off to the auction house yet...)