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  1. I had a good experience with him too.
  2. Crazy that the Wally Wood DD pages went for 18k and 22k and then then the Wood inks over Heck Avengers 21 pg today went for 18k. And that was the Sunday page, the Two Saturday pages from the same book went for 6.6k and 9k respectively. Just when you think you have this figured out...
  3. I think you’re right. Two years ago WW DD pages were going for 30-40k. Now that the market is getting saturated, prices seemed to have settled down
  4. I thought the two Wally Wood Daredevil pages were going to go for more than 18k and 22.8k.
  5. Jack Kirby FF page with Mr Fantastic (if anyone wants to help me fill this hole I’d love to talk with you!)
  6. Based on early bids, which items do you think will increase the most, exponentially? I predict the Wally Wood Daredevil pages (currently 3.6k and 2.9k). They’ll go for 10x that!
  7. 90%. My collection has dwindled considerably, but is also far more focused now. Only grails in my collection. Only piece missing is a Ditko, Marvel silver age, twice-up, but that ship might have sailed...
  8. Here it is, the Grail piece I was after (and what I was putting my x-men 10 page up for sale for). never dreamt I’d get my hands on a yellow suited Daredevil page. Add in the Purple Man’s first appearance (and his origin on this page) and I’m over the moon Daredevil 4 (1964) pg 18 by Orlando/Colletta (I can still sell you the x-men page if someone is interested- I haven’t sent it off to the auction house yet...)
  9. Awesome, thanks! Yeah, I thought it was a strangely placed “flagpole”...
  10. I bought it on eBay from a guy who lives in Canada. It should be legit, right? 🤣
  11. I recently noticed on my Strange Tales 118 page that the page I have is different from the final printed page. In the 5th panel shot of the Baxter Building, there appears to be a flag pole or something in the printed page (and every subsequent re-print) that is not in the original. Any idea at what stage in the process, and how it might’ve been added in?
  12. I got the grail! And while I still will need to sell piece, I had the money I needed to cover. but, as I say, I would like to move this piece so I can replenish my bank account. I’ll try here, with one last price reduction and if I don’t get a hit I’ll move it to an auction. so, last call, Kirby x-men page from their 10th issue going for $6,850. let me know by Sunday night, otherwise I’ll take it down and move it elsewhere. best, Grant
  13. I plan on taking this down if it’s not sold by Friday night. I’m accepting offers too, so let me know if you’re interested
  14. Lowering price to 7k. Trying to make some money to get a grail/dream page. Someone help a brother out!
  15. Really hoping to sell this here and not going to eBay or an auction house. I’ll keep it up here for the next few days but then I might need to move it. I’ll entertain any offer! grant
  16. I hate to do it, but a grail piece has become available so I want to try and make a swing for it, so I’m offering my Kirby X-men page. The moment when the entrance to the savage land is found... asking 7.5k NOW ASKING $6,850!
  17. For sale on eBay $950 starting price
  18. I’ll post my 2 Kirby OA pages from TALES TO ASTONISH 37 & X-MEN 10s
  19. Anyone else? Show me what you’ve got!
  20. Son of Satan is one of my absolute favorites. OA from key appearances are exceedingly hard to come by so I was happy to pick this up. SOS #1 pg 22 by Jim Mooney