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  1. Only certain stores have them. I don’t believe you can find them online. You have to check the front isles of the store by the cash registers where the sports and gamers cards are. V.
  2. I hope so man. Seems like forever until you come to this thread and realize just how long some others have had to wait! V.
  3. 11 Books Modern(Non-Fast Track) Rec’d 11/21 SFG 1/2 V.
  4. Nice! That’s really cool! Love this thread:) V.
  5. This one was little odd... Actually has the “sticker” on it. First one I’ve ever seen myself. V.
  6. Many Thanks to my Secret Santa!!! Nice to have these collected versions I’ve had my eye on for a while!! V.
  7. Glad you like them my friend!! Was hoping you had not picked these ones up yet! Had to stalk you back a few months to see what you were collecting.🧐 V.