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  1. Vfactor1

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    If I’m correct that SDCC is first appearance of Hellboy, correct? Nice Find!
  2. Nice & Congrats on the grade!! Nice Book!
  3. Seems tome this is basically what happened last time.
  4. I’ve been a big fan for a while but never have bought the “premium”(signed) stuff. I appreciate the time and effort you guys have put into this and explaining the process to understand. Sorry this has affected some of the joy you get from collecting...
  5. Vfactor1

    Dark Horse to publish my comic: House of Fear!

    Congratulations sir!! that must be tremendously exciting and love seeing that 1st comic!
  6. I thought Robert Downey Jr, created Iron Man...? Now I’m all confused...
  7. Nice find SpeedCake! Congrats!