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  1. Proof! Sorry about the bad picture. Found at Convention today! Just randomly came across it. i didn’t buy cause it was way too beat up but was funny to come across right after subject came up😃
  2. Nice Brandon! Always love seeing your new acquisitions!! Sorry about the case damage!
  3. Always at front counter isle with baseball cards etc... If they are not there I have never seen them anywhere else
  4. Not all Walmart’s carry them. Just from my experience it’s less than 50% But the ones I’ve found them at, still have them....
  5. There was almost a month between the last post on this subject and your “thought-provoking” question. That can hardly be considered a “closing down of a discussion”. You’re new here. Great! Welcome to the forum. That being said, give it some time or add more thought to your question. Elaborate, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to carve yourself out as some type of Thread-Martyr.
  6. FYI... CLZ is updating app next month with bunch of cool new features, but also changes to subscription service for new users. Current users are “grandfathered”...
  7. Found on Ebay last week. Had been looking for one in this shape for a whole. Paid a fair price for it, ecstatic with the condition.
  8. Been looking for this one longtime... One of my all time favorite covers ever.
  9. Used to do it all the time before I got the CLZ app. Now if I’m at all unsure I just pull out my phone and check the inventory. I can even just scan a barcode and will tell me if I already have the book...
  10. Wow, same here for me. It doesn’t make the cover any better, but maybe not as atrociously bad...
  11. The 7/10 package is 2 3-packs packaged with the All New Wolverine 19 Looks like all the sets may be the same?