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  1. My lord this is incredible!! And I agree - get this man on so more sequentials!!
  2. Definitely my two favourite commissions. One is the second piece of art I ever bought, the other was a trade in one of the most fun transactions ever.
  3. Late to the party! Avengers Halloween Special #1 Gerardo Zaffino How many characters do you count?
  4. Oh I know what number I typed And I only said that negative meatheads need not apply....sounds like the label was self imposed All good. I’m moving my second Jim Lee commission! Woohoo!
  5. You're right! There should be a new thread - negative meatheads need not apply! Enjoy your 35 shares of MO!
  6. It would be the last piece I would sell out of my collection. So it’d have to be financial armageddon! funny thing - lots of collectors that balked at this when it came out, have recently told me they are actually strongly considering this commission experience across all price levels. I no longer feel we are the few
  7. Willy Wonka effect. Rare opportunity - and priced so it’s not a grind house of $500 commissions to people that would receive mediocre pieces. Jim offered this to connect with collectors on a personal level - not to get a random 4 or 15k every 3-4 weeks. Trust me, this is not even a drop in the bucket compared to what deep pocket collectors drop on him for pieces privately. Limited opportunity from an industry darling and star. Would I go to the same lengths to get backstage at a Rolling Stones concert? No. But I understand why people would shell out enormous dollars to share a hash pipe with Keith. Art is individual and affects everyone differently and obviously Jim & Albert have priced appropriately because people are signing up and joining in. Don’t like Jim? Save your dollars. Don’t like the price? Find something else. I don’t see anyone starting a thread on Dale Eaglesham commission rates because you can probably guess the interest it would garner - regardless if he’s beloved and has a lengthy record of supply at the end of the day. Nevertheless - naysayers - consider your vote counted - because I don’t think anyone that has gone through this experience really gives a warm damn what you think.
  8. Great call. Beautiful choice and execution buddy. Love your piece!
  9. My humble (perhaps incorrect) thought that while you will likely have an honoured agreement - I do not believe if I would receive something in my collecting lifetime I could usher in below 15k from him. But just my thoughts! Another point of reflection was that this was the first opportunity in 15 years to get a commission from Jim Lee (Albert has stated as much) and who knows how long he will want to do them. Being in the position of someone being declined with a bag of money for a commissions from artists I love - I didn’t want to miss a chance of a lifetime!
  10. Yup, probably did. But AA and his schedule is very fluid. How long have you been on the list?
  11. I have engaged artists for $15,000 after Jim, in discussion with another for a 5 figure piece, and I know that to get Arthur Adams to do a piece is at least 15-20K. What do you think an Alex Ross commission would cost? My guess is even more.
  12. Coincidentally - the enquires, views, comments and adoration that I get out of everything in my gallery is the Jim Lee Commission I had done. And it is no where near the most money I've paid for a piece.