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  1. Black hole versus dumpster versus an active wing in a collection. I didn’t think that a business action applied to a nostalgic hobby would be vilified. And Burkey seems quite successful with the method. Currently the most important part of the hobby is not plainly money. Networking and relationships - being first in line are highly important. Burkey has a label of being approachable and will give an option. He’s on everyone’s list - and I know I will go to him if a trade gets complicated. he took a line with a deal that no individual collector would. Made a business decision that would benefit him in the long run not just the short term. A lot of those pieces are still on his site while i have a piece I love. Burkey also just sees market value. I haven’t come across someone that had said he rejected a piece because Conan’s bew-ttocks weren’t plum enough (someone above would) it seems with the most antagonistic In this thread seem to find it more important to ensure a strong wifi signal and uninterrupted power supply to the dehumidifier in their quarters under the bridge. Make some new friends, see how much easier it is to find the pieces you love at a reasonable price. if you’re only dealing with auctions and dealers - you are missing out on such an enjoyable part of the hobby. at the end of the day this is only one of a handful of ways to get art in your hand. And if the price was out of line. It would sit.
  2. Curiously enough - do you have a lot of newspaper strips not posted? If so let me know! And don’t defend your market valuations - I notice that you’re only attacked on old art - would love to hear an educated thought on whats overpaying on anything past 1985. Market has passed them by....
  3. I have a piece that was supposed to use this effect - but it was abandoned to avoid sacrifice additional detail- but Peach Momoko is doing some awesome things with Black Light Ink! How’s that for Psychadelic!
  4. You also marathon through the con and don’t disappear in the back room. Con commissions mean you have to fine respite away from the masses. And you get a lot of attention just from people that want to meet you. I got in your line 3 times just to repeat the experience - even if you did recognize me in disguise.
  5. Tell me about it. You turn down my requests all the time, and I’m just trying to commission a party!
  6. Gerardo Zaffino Scott Williams Stephane Roux Adam Gorham Josh Hixson All likely regret the decision to join the evening events they joined....but then again we didn’t warn them. Marc Silvestri - the nicest guy, worth all the compliments shared and more Phil Jimenez - genuine interest in who is talking to him and funny as all fudge Jim Lee - a smart, sincere, great dude that has thus far dodged the bullets the artists above have lodged in their livers
  7. My sweet merman - this is awesome. Thanks!
  8. I am sure Jusko will be very disappointed to hear that his image does not meet your standards of male attractiveness.
  9. I believe the term is “donation” - although this thread seems to be a bit a void of charitable intentions.
  10. Hey Mike, I gotta say I really appreciate the site and the effort you put into your marketing and business. This hobby can get scary when you are dealing in the high figures and not everyone has a network to go hunt pieces - you are a de facto escrow service that is a huge relief when things are moving around, I check your site EVERY day - and you’ve been very approachable to any kind of deal or offer. Things can get so stale, but you keep the hobby moving. You got my vote and recommendation. If people don’t want to pay, don’t pay, I think your market valuing is very good.
  11. You’d be the only one able to vote on your own art! Is that allowed?
  12. My lord this is incredible!! And I agree - get this man on so more sequentials!!
  13. Definitely my two favourite commissions. One is the second piece of art I ever bought, the other was a trade in one of the most fun transactions ever.