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  1. I thought this was the perfect end to the thread
  2. Yes - all has been returned. I’m very lucky - big lesson learned for sure as a seller - and I’m not sure if Luis will ever be able to scrub this off his record with the community - but I’m moving forward Definitely going to focus on my strength of buying everything in sight with wanton abandon!
  3. Posted on CLink for the Winter Feature are 6 pieces which include some of the all time great Penciller-Inker Combos! Quesada-Miki - Wolverine Origins #6 Cover $4,001 Silvestri-Williams - Cyberforce #4 DPS $2,049 JRJR-Janson - Avengers #7 Cover $2,600 JRJR-Green - Uncanny X-Men 311 DPS $1,350 John Byrne - Wolverine #17 Panel $700 Chris Samnee - Captain America #699 DPS $550 Some amazing images of all of your favourite Marvel characters and villains, and a very iconic image of Silvestri’s Ripclaw! Thanks for looking!
  4. Lol Oh there were some interesting exchanges with the police...and memories in this community are quite long!
  5. Definitely didn’t expect to see the art coming home. I really do count myself pretty lucky.
  6. But why would he want a portrait of his enemies?? But yes - that was the impression I was given.
  7. Oh I saw a lot of fire in you Malvin on this one - you’re immortal!
  8. Hey John! You’re very correct - the tether between those two points is quite thin. He didn’t give much detail, other than the general theme that someone else close to him wronged him in this scenario - and I also didn’t ask for much detail. Once I was informed that he was in possession of the art and wanted to send it back - that was just the focus for me. I do want to give the benefit of the doubt, as I can never fully understand someone else’s situation - and I think that there is some immense sadness in his world. While it doesn’t justify his actions, I feel like it can be offered my compassion. The whirlwind of buying and selling are tough waters - and you’re so right - when you’re dealing with emotional currency and lots of money - everything can change in a few hours! As far as the grail...CAF should see an update soon and we can go back to the wonderful world of this wicked hobby!
  9. You are correct, and as this appeared in a public forum and solved with this public forum - You all deserve to know and decide for yourselves. @king_collectables is the company, Luis Guizar is the name. Everyone has a right to decide for themselves on where the guilt lies and are free to contact him for his side of the story, and I’ll take any queries you have if you need more, I do trust that the community will conduct themselves respectfully - I just really don’t want anyone bullied. Awareness is the key concept for me, continued torture isn’t
  10. Hey guys, Fair enough! I cannot speak to the validity of his story of how he ‘found’ the art - personally I think we can all guess correctly what actually happened - but it was dealt with privately outside law enforcement or any PayPal intervention. No ransom or anything nefarious - just a claim joined with a story that he now had the art and would like to send it back. He reached out to me. I can only guess as to if it was a) his story was true b) the pressure via social media inhibiting any chance to continue to be involved in the community, c) the understanding that the art would never ever be able to sold - or d) just a crisis of conscience There was ultimately no admission of guilt, but just desire to move forward and try to undo what was done. I will tell you that the entertainment value on the story was quite high, however. I am pretty exhausted with the ordeal at this point - so I’m not sure where it will lead - but I do know it’s a great testimony that this community are junk-yard dogs when they are wronged! Is that enough? Or is there more detail required? Thanks again everyone.