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  1. Here's what I'm getting! Warning: simplexml_load_file( in /home2/lyriacom/public_html/EbayModule.php on line 306Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity " in /home2/lyriacom/public_html/EbayModule.php on line 306Error retrieving the results!
  2. Does anyone have any information on it? How about Whetteon? Isn't he the website founder? He's posted here previously!
  3. Since a signature has to be witnessed by CGC to be deemed authentic by them then how on Earth can a book be determined a pedigree comic unless they took the books directly from Edgar Church's trunk and immediately slabbed them?! I know the Church books have markings, but some pedigrees have no distinguishing marks so how do they authenticate a Silver Age 9.2/9.4 versus a pedigree 9.2/9.4? Certificates of authenticity wouldn't wash with a signed book.
  4. I heard Tony Danza was there! Taxi, anyone?!
  5. Amen! Osborn's "death" existed longer than the Parker marriage!
  6. I guess the variant explosion speaks to the "health" of the market! I'm all for rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! "Put that one over there!"
  7. It's my understanding that Kirby was only brought in to do the one issue. I know the Surfer series, with Stan's origin and Buscema's art ,was one of the final, straws on the camel's back, for Kirby's run at Marvel. It's also my understanding that Goodman thought the low selling Surfer series was not only too highbrow, but that the protagonist was also too much a pacifist, and that it was his influence that brought about the, 'Savage Silver Surfer.'
  8. I think the "Savage Silver Surfer" was never referenced again because the whole reason Stan went in that direction in the first place was out of desperation about Goodman cancelling the book. Once the plug was pulled there was no reason to continue with a storyline he probably never wanted to do anyway.
  9. I'm glad Green Lantern is bucking the modern paradigm! Do they utilize thought bubbles too?
  10. First in an 'ongoing' limited series!