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  1. The store can reopen elsewhere where the owner deems the rent more reasonable! Some have moved more than once under such circumstances!
  2. Agreed! It's not like an appearance of a character in a comic where a movie has been announced!
  3. I, for one, feel better knowing the item has been authenticated by ebay! There's too many counterfeit Secret Wars #7's floating around for my money!
  4. Yes, the bubble was expanding to near bursting levels around that time! Does anyone remember Superman #75 was released the same day as Bloodshot #1, which was the first ever Chromium cover?! Also, I appreciate those who decry the greed of retailers regarding practices around that time! They weren't thinking long term the way people that sell, 'movie of the minute', books at fever pitch highs to people before those bubbles burst and it's on to the next white hot, must have book! ;-)
  5. I know Marvel stopped their newsstand distribution about five years ago. I love the quote from this article. "We’re currently working with Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million on a stronger, more mutually beneficial distribution model." I wonder if they're still working on that "stronger, more mutually beneficial distribution model", some five years later?! Just like the article writer is still waiting to hear back from Toys Were Us!
  6. Foolkiller also wound up in Amazing Spider-man during the early Roger Stern issues, around #225!
  7. No doubt! Issues #8 through #12 are as rare as they come!
  8. I didn't think Iron Man 3 could've stunk any worse, but the inclusion of Maher's scene would've assured just that!
  9. They should write a song about this store called, "Fade To White!"
  10. How about this one?|parentrq%3Aafe628a51650aaa3298c2408fffff66d|iid%3A1 Imagine the grader's notes! "I had a BLT for lunch. Looks like it might rain later."