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  1. The look on the animal's face in front of Alf doesn't seem to be a seal of approval!
  2. I heard the original cover had the seal bouncing balls off his nose!
  3. Ditko's first mention as plotter was issue #25 but it was in a blurb on the first page and not in the credits box. Stan is just listed as the writer. In issue #26 there is a formal dual credit of plotter and artist for Ditko. Stan is just listed as the writer. By issue #27 Stan has a dual tit for tat credit of being the writer and editor. Discuss/disgust?!
  4. My first comic off the stands, along with Incredible Hulk #253! I wish John Romita Jr. still drew that way! I guess he, or the public, thought his style was too much like his old man so he developed his own! I'd rather he aped his pappy! Also, Denny O'Neil's (RIP) run wasn't well received by me, or many others at the time, but I can be nostalgic about it now! He came on the book as EIC Jim Shooter was doing away with the last vestiges of the writer/editor system from the 70's! In hindsight, a necessary change from the freewheeling 70's to the corporate 80's, but I sure didn't take it well at the time! At least Norman Osborn was still dead and Peter had never been married so I guess it wasn't all bad! Four bits for a book filled with precious dreams! Truly the bargain of a lifetime!
  5. One of the only two comics that ever brought me to tears, both by Alan Moore. The sacrifice of Krypto, and his homage to Walt Kelly's Pogo in Swamp Thing called Pog. Giddy up!
  6. I loved Moore's farewell to Silver/Bronze Age Superman, but I didn't care for Seinfeld's finale! Certainly you're welcome not to have liked the story, but it did precede the last episode of Seinfeld by a dozen years. Reminds me of when I played Led Zeppelin for a Gen Z'er and they thought they were too derivative of Greta Van Fleet!
  7. Now he can write a Wolverine/Squirrel Girl series!
  8. The book may well have been mint, especially when contrasted to the cover that had been ripped off of it!
  9. I'm a relative novice on these boards but weren't there times in their history when CGC had a reputation for being more or less lenient when it came to grading?! People always want to know to know the wisest way to submit books to get the best grade possible. Should they submit multiple copies of the same book at the same time, etc.? If people knew of a more lenient professional grader wouldn't they want that person to grade their submissions?! Name any system and users will attempt to game it as best they can to their own advantage! I'm not defending the con but maybe he's a glass half full kind of person with rose colored glasses to boot!
  10. This is in no way a defense of the practices of the buyer/seller whose behavior was the reason this thread was started! If you buy a slabbed 9.0 or submit a raw book that comes back with that grade then proceed to crack it open and resubmit it, without pressing or any other accepted improvement practices, and it comes back 9.2 or 9.4, what then?! The professionals who do it for a living obviously had a difference of opinion. I hear it even happens from time to time with highly educated medical professionals too! There's whole threads on here dedicated to finds at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. about finding gold and paying a pittance for it! The buyer need not inform the seller that they're exchanging Manhattan for beads. The buyer knows something the seller doesn't and that's just fine with the buyer. I guess the removal of the assertions that the books are originally from the wife's father would make the sales acceptable. If paid professional graders can arrive at different grades for the same book, then it can't be wrong for a seller. Can it?!
  11. Here's a little info on the movie that wasn't!