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  1. I did read the comment but I didn't want to to take one comment in isolation as the definitive answer when I could find nothing else online to confirm it - hence me asking here - If the creative team complimentary copies are all that exist then it'll be interesting to see what they fetch if some eventually come up for auction - still curious though whether the LCSD version is the original printing of the A cover or a second run.
  2. The 3 versions of this Variant mentioned on the facebook page below don't seem to have come out at the time - with the basic color version being released by DC later as their Local Comic Shop Day edition mentioning it as previously unpublished https://www.facebook.com/TransitiveComics/ https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/AUG178121 checking the CGC registry however they have a single copy listed of Paolo Pantalena cover variants A,B & C so does anyone know were they printed but not distributed? is the LCSD issue the A variant as originally printed and re-purposed? If they did print the original B & C variants ("Negative Color" & Virgin Art") are the CGC submitted copies from someone on the creative team?
  3. I mentioned this in a thread about Alpha Flight and it's curious Barcode usage - but as this is a DC and I have found the fourth version I thought I'd give it it's own thread so DC fans didn't miss it - although I know with a title like this it's a real niche curio but some people like this kind of trivia , me included There are 4 versions of Who's Who The Defiinitive Directory Of The DC Universe # 17 - I have recently got a copy of the Canadian newsstand edition so I can now present them all - Direct, US newsstand, Canadian newsstand and what appears to be an error edition with Direct Market triple currency pricing but also a barcode; I don't know of any other DC issue from the period of separate US/Can newsstands with this later configuration so I can only assume it's not deliberate
  4. Thanks Kimik - that is new to me - sales must have been terrible for it to be as scarce as it is. I have not been back to Rare comics since the initial launch of the canadian price guide so missed that article. I guess I'll have to put some of those other specials back on the research list now -
  5. If there is a Canadian newsstand of the Zatanna Special then where are all of the US newsstand copies which should be easier to find?- I have never seen one - does anybody have a picture of one they can post?
  6. The following Specials from the period don't exist as Newsstand editions as far as I know Angel Love Special 1 Atari Force Special 1 'Mazing Man Special 1 'Mazing Man Special 2 Sword of the Atom Special 3 Talos of the Wilderness Sea 1 Zatanna Special 1
  7. Doom Patrol 12 is the only Issue I haven't found a picture of yet from that run - so it is very scarce - Doom Patrol Annual 1 is too late for a Canadian newsstand variant - the picture below shows the newsstand edition - with both US and Canadian pricing
  8. Batman Adventures # 21 - Bat Symbol in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Wonder Woman # 90 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Superman: The Man Of Steel # 30 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Superboy # 8 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Robin # 9 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Flash # 91 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Damage # 0 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Aquaman # 1 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia
  9. These are magazine size issues - I have a copy of the direct edition somewhere - the first 4 issues of this title and the first 6 issues of "Looney Tunes Magazine" were published by DC before they passed them over to "Welsh Publishing Group"; as I recall they were listed in Direct Currents - direct and newsstand editions exist for all of the DC editions I don't know of any other 2nd. prints
  10. Tiny Toon Adventures Magazine # 1 - note the change to the text in the yellow circle and the change on the month from Oct. to Nov. I don't own a copy so I can't confirm what the Indicia shows - but note it's very close in time to the batman / Superman issues
  11. I knew it was unusual but not that it would turn out to be as scarce as it did - I posted about it on CPG because I'd not heard of newsstands going to 2nd printings - I don't think it made much impact to begin with because nobody else had one to confirm it and newsstand collecting wasn't a big thing - when it got incorporated into the list of Batman multi printings that list didn't bother with listing newsstands at all - so it just appeared as a note alongside the direct second printing. there is another DC Newsstand 2nd. printing by the way - but it will be dismissed as not a comic or not a DC by many
  12. It was a fun project at the time - filling in the missing printings - I remember when I spotted the wonder woman letters page that appeared halfway through on the Issue 414 printings - that odd accident really helped sort out the order
  13. I've had no luck with the way back machine in finding when I first posted the picture of Batman 457 on the CPG forum - there's about 4 years missing from the relevant thread but my MCS history shows I bought it in June 2006 tor 79c - it'd been incorporated into the batman multiple prints list by 2008 so sometime in the latter half of 2006 or 2007 is likely - if any collector knew about it before then they were keeping quiet about it - below is a link to the STL forum where Jerome Wenker still thought it might be a photoshop fake as late as 2010 http://web.archive.org/web/20120512220238/http://forum.stlcomics.com/viewtopic.php?t=4723&start=0&sid=af68f1fc9bd63676a1036f05bc62776b
  14. finally found a version of the list that was done on the CPG forum courtesy of the wayback machine - this is fairly complete but not the final version - good useful info. in there though https://web.archive.org/web/20081013042550/http://www.comicspriceguide.com/boards/Topic345-18-1.aspx
  15. As a Sidebar here: Color Striping - The 1979 copy is from a current MCS ebay listing