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  1. Apologies for the poor snap (although I have added a further picture found online which is much better) - I thought this might be of interest - if people want to see a decent scan of this cover I will sort it out next week - this was an exclusive cover done by Bolland for a free magazine from a uk bank to accompany a two page interview and a competition to win one of 12 art prints of the cover sans text
  2. Based on Mike's amazing World site, the on sale date for the initial issue in your CPV range are as follows; It suggests that Charlton CPV start with the issues on sale from 9th June - eliminating the four issues that would bring the totals to 6 on those titles. 26th May Ghost Manor # 70 Gunfighters # 80 2nd. June Fightin' Marines #170 Haunted # 69 9th. June Attack # 42 Scary Tales # 40 21st. June Beyond The Grave # 11 War # 41 5th. July Fightin' Navy # 127 Ghostly Tales # 163 12th July Battle Field Action # 83 Fightin' Army # 166
  3. Gunfighters 84 & War 43 found online at Hill City Comics
  4. I did read the comment but I didn't want to to take one comment in isolation as the definitive answer when I could find nothing else online to confirm it - hence me asking here - If the creative team complimentary copies are all that exist then it'll be interesting to see what they fetch if some eventually come up for auction - still curious though whether the LCSD version is the original printing of the A cover or a second run.
  5. The 3 versions of this Variant mentioned on the facebook page below don't seem to have come out at the time - with the basic color version being released by DC later as their Local Comic Shop Day edition mentioning it as previously unpublished https://www.facebook.com/TransitiveComics/ https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/AUG178121 checking the CGC registry however they have a single copy listed of Paolo Pantalena cover variants A,B & C so does anyone know were they printed but not distributed? is the LCSD issue the A variant as originally printed and re-purposed? If they did print the original B & C variants ("Negative Color" & Virgin Art") are the CGC submitted copies from someone on the creative team?
  6. I mentioned this in a thread about Alpha Flight and it's curious Barcode usage - but as this is a DC and I have found the fourth version I thought I'd give it it's own thread so DC fans didn't miss it - although I know with a title like this it's a real niche curio but some people like this kind of trivia , me included There are 4 versions of Who's Who The Defiinitive Directory Of The DC Universe # 17 - I have recently got a copy of the Canadian newsstand edition so I can now present them all - Direct, US newsstand, Canadian newsstand and what appears to be an error edition with Direct Market triple currency pricing but also a barcode; I don't know of any other DC issue from the period of separate US/Can newsstands with this later configuration so I can only assume it's not deliberate
  7. Thanks Kimik - that is new to me - sales must have been terrible for it to be as scarce as it is. I have not been back to Rare comics since the initial launch of the canadian price guide so missed that article. I guess I'll have to put some of those other specials back on the research list now -
  8. If there is a Canadian newsstand of the Zatanna Special then where are all of the US newsstand copies which should be easier to find?- I have never seen one - does anybody have a picture of one they can post?
  9. The following Specials from the period don't exist as Newsstand editions as far as I know Angel Love Special 1 Atari Force Special 1 'Mazing Man Special 1 'Mazing Man Special 2 Sword of the Atom Special 3 Talos of the Wilderness Sea 1 Zatanna Special 1
  10. Doom Patrol 12 is the only Issue I haven't found a picture of yet from that run - so it is very scarce - Doom Patrol Annual 1 is too late for a Canadian newsstand variant - the picture below shows the newsstand edition - with both US and Canadian pricing
  11. Batman Adventures # 21 - Bat Symbol in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Wonder Woman # 90 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Superman: The Man Of Steel # 30 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Superboy # 8 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Robin # 9 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Flash # 91 - DC Universe in UPC box, Collector Pack First Printing in indicia Damage # 0 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia Aquaman # 1 - DC Universe in UPC box, no note in indicia
  12. These are magazine size issues - I have a copy of the direct edition somewhere - the first 4 issues of this title and the first 6 issues of "Looney Tunes Magazine" were published by DC before they passed them over to "Welsh Publishing Group"; as I recall they were listed in Direct Currents - direct and newsstand editions exist for all of the DC editions I don't know of any other 2nd. prints
  13. Tiny Toon Adventures Magazine # 1 - note the change to the text in the yellow circle and the change on the month from Oct. to Nov. I don't own a copy so I can't confirm what the Indicia shows - but note it's very close in time to the batman / Superman issues
  14. I knew it was unusual but not that it would turn out to be as scarce as it did - I posted about it on CPG because I'd not heard of newsstands going to 2nd printings - I don't think it made much impact to begin with because nobody else had one to confirm it and newsstand collecting wasn't a big thing - when it got incorporated into the list of Batman multi printings that list didn't bother with listing newsstands at all - so it just appeared as a note alongside the direct second printing. there is another DC Newsstand 2nd. printing by the way - but it will be dismissed as not a comic or not a DC by many