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  1. I would contact Josh at CLink and see if he can ask if the buyer is willing to make a quick flip.
  2. Congrats on the happy ending. Gotta love the USPS. Reminds me of a story back in the 1980s when I was completing my EC run of books. Tracked down a copy of Tales of Terror Annual 1 and the guy shipped it to me using "ME" as the abbreviation of Massachusetts instead of "MA". Package was lost for TWO years. It did eventually get delivered to me in a very weathered package. Unreal.
  3. Take a look at the final results. It says sold for 50K. Yet when I was watching the auction live it was closer to 80K. WTF??
  4. Yowza!! You don't see that everyday! Congrats!
  5. Yeah, not having Tom Orzechowski's signature was a deal-breaker for me.
  6. Th "old timer" being interviewed is 52. I hear he is selling much of his collection to support his Geritol addition. Very sad.
  7. I'm going to date myself with this post but I believe All Star Auctions sold the cover to FF 56 nearly 20 years ago in one of their sales (ahh, the good ol' days)
  8. Since it was published only once, I feel that it doesn't have the emotional pull that other classic (i.e. widely published) images have (EQ, Death Dealer, Snow Giants, etc). That might hurt the final sales price.
  9. Now THAT is an interesting painting!! After being used as the cover to Child of the Sun, it was never reprinted in any other Frazetta book that I can think of. As the description states it was sold to the consignor in the early 1970s. I was told that this piece popped up at the Windy City Pulp show a few years back with a price tag of 200-250K (can't remember) with no takers. Going for sale in the Illustration auction and not the Comic Art auction. Will be fun to watch.
  10. I just talked to a collector who consigned page 21 to Heritage!!! Be on the lookout!