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  1. Outstanding cover Ron! Congrats!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Looking for Hellboy covers and art from the 1990's, especially Seed of Destruction. Thanks to those that already reached out to me with some great gems for sale!
  3. Interested in published work. PM me and let me know what you have!
  4. Thanks Twanj!! Not easy getting old. Memory ain't what it used to be!!
  5. I think the next Heritage has a nice cover.
  6. In the pre-COVID days it might have been cheaper to hand deliver and fly to Ireland. Aer Lingus has/had cheap flights to most of Ireland from many major eastern cities.
  7. I guess we know what will be in the next Heritage sale...
  8. I believe it was listed as a splash page.
  9. Consider calling Josh at ComicLink and see if he would be willing to approach the buyer on your behalf.
  10. Ron, you are a TRUE friend!!! I know you will always have my back!
  11. Easy answer, the two Frazetta paintings Frank did of my two kids.
  12. I was told by another collector that it had been "offered for sale" previously but had no takers. I'll have to dig out the old Sothebys and Christies catalogs and try and refresh my memory.
  13. Yowza!! https://profilesinhistory.com/auctions/the-alex-raymond-flash-gordon-auction/
  14. I was told Banksy contributed to the background art
  15. I don’t believe so. The cover was acquired in trade from another dealer. There were no interior pages involved in the trade.
  16. A heck of a lot more than I would be willing to pay. Could see this hit 75-100k if not more. Clearly the Sal Buscema contribution may push it over the top. There are collectors who LOVE first appearances......
  17. Thanks for jogging the memory Mitch. It did look familiar. Now I remember seeing it at SDCC.
  18. Would pay over guide if folks can sell me multiples of the same issue. Not really looking for folks to sell me single issues. Hoping boardies can help me out with bulk purchases. Thanks in advance!!
  19. Haven't figured that out yet but ideally would put them in and let them sway (maybe a backing board if too much strain).
  20. Ok folks, I just bought a comic book spinner rack and looking to fill it with raw books from my childhood. Ideally want multiples of each issues to fill each slot. Issues I am looking for (again multiple copies preferred, ideally raw VF or better) ASM 141-200 X-men 132-138 FF 198-200, 208-214 Thanks in advance. Hope to share the final product with you all once complete!!