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  1. I understand what everyone has said. What should they be called? 1. If they are called Whitmans seems highly contestable. 2. If they are refered to as "Direct Market Issues" then that seems to conflict with the "Newsstand UPC / Direct Edition Logo" versions that pop up later. That seems confusing to me. Most certainly will be confusing to upstart collectors and people trying to get into this hobby. 3. Can we just agree to call them "Diamond Editions"? It would appear that they are indeed books with a Diamond logo in the top left? Anyone have a problem with that moving forward? I realize people are already calling them what they call them but it seems like a few good reasons in this post reflect a need for clarity? Thanks again, Brian W <slpfi27>
  2. Is it okay to use your e.mail on a post or registry set? I don't want to get introuble so I thought i'd ask. Thanks folks! Sincerely, Brian W <slpfi27>
  3. I understand there is a debate of what to call these books, Whitman or Direct? I knew that it was a debate LONG before I started the thread. I probably chose the incorrect designations for these books. Which kicked us off on this debate once again all these years later. However, can't we call them "Diamond Editions" They have a Diamond on the cover, and this seperates them from the others does it not? It is my understanding there is variants of each Diamond as well? Some with month's and some without? We clearly have two sets of people that call them Direct Editions, and Whitman Editions. Is it possible that we can agree they have Diamonds on the Cover, and more informed Comic collectors could write a long and well thought out book on the subject? The Book would be titled, "Understanding Diamond Variants?" Just a thought. Keep it coming!
  4. Well... I appreciate you all! I just wanted to throw that out there. I am interested in this debate/discussion. I just hope everyone keeps it friendly. I am sure we'd all have a Beer together if we met up. Text and type is so hard to evaluate sometimes. So I'll presume you are all my friends and if not friends at lease we respect each other for our many differences. I am honored to be part of this Community. Thanks again folks for your awesome knowledge! Sincerely Brian W <slpfi27> P.S. CGC "Call them what they are." Please!
  5. Need this for my set. I'm willing to pay any reasonable price. Thank you! Brian W <slpfi27>
  6. I love the flexing of comic knowledge. The Whitman, Not Whitman, or Direct edition? We get it, you guys are comic smart. We can debate that on another post. Perhaps the intention of the post got lost in the title of it. My fault?! Let me clarify again.... Like I said at the start. I just want them to get classified to improve census data and give people the opportunity to expand collections and grow knowledge. I think people tripping over is/isn't is really irrelevant. Correct Book Classification is 100% a benefit to the CGC comic collecting community. As well as the "hucksters" out there. Who cares what your high and mighty opinion is. (not you specifically). Honestly, it's for the love of the sport! If I happen to make a few bucks on my hobby. So be it! Cry about your entitled morals elsewhere. (Not you specifically) Example: (for the slow ones) Amazing Spider-Man #XXX is out there Census Data says there is 661 Graded. Wouldn't it be cool? If the Census said, thus far CGC has recorded 100 Newsstand Variants, 500 Direct Editions, 1 Double Cover, 50 Mark Jewlers inserts, 10 Errors? Bet your Chicken Farm, if I'm a serious fan of Spider-Man I will be wanting that Double Cover! Please dont explain how all the grading that has already been done makes this impossible. It is very simple how this would work. Once CGC acknowledges the need to "Classify" the different examples. They would Charge a Re-slab Fee for already graded books, and correctly capture new books going forward. All the while updating the Census as they go. N if you dont care, then keep your "Debbie Downer" opinions to yourself. (Not you specifically) Call a book what it is.... Label it Properly! If it's a "Direct Edition" "Whitman" "Newsstand" "Error" or whatever. Just make it right, and record it. Use your higher intellect to solve the situation. Clearly there is some kind of benefit to correctly label a book. Let the games continue! Brian W <slpfi27> P.S you better be paying attention CGC! Let's put correct classification and Census Data on these books. I am just fine if you make more money doing it. That's my two cents. *COURT ADJOURNED*
  7. I still believe making classifications for variations of books is a solid benefit to everyone. Including CGC. I still think they should do it moving forward. As for the "Huckster" Comment.. So because I have collected comics my whole life, and want to make a financial benefit on one set I have collected. That makes me a "Huckster"? If that is so I guess it was ment as a compliment. I'll take it. I'm not sure what you consider yourself?
  8. I am grateful for your kind words and respect your opinion. I am not sure exactly where I get lumped with "hucksters" for simply suggesting that it makes a lot of sense to add specific classifications to the Census of Books, but okay? I am simply suggesting that the books with a logo in the top left corner showing a Diamond in a Square (Pre-Spidey Logo, Pre Slash through the Barcode) get no recognition. The books that were distributed and sold where they used BAR CODE Scanners should get love as well. I may not use the correct classification for each ... (Variant) different type, but the message and intent of my post is pretty obvious. I can leave the proper designations to the experts. I am simply the collector, and I like to know how rare my set is and if I am missing something. See the allure? We know collecting comics can be expensive and I am willing to pay to get my books properly classified. If that isn't you that is okay too, but I think it should at least be an option for me. CGC can make this happen. I could elaborate on all the reasons people collect books but let’s assume there is MANY reasons people collect comics to this day. I love comics but my set is 100% a financial experiment/endeavor for me. I want to make it as complete as possible. I could say a Raw book is NM, and people would say who are you? I could sell a NM/M CGC book and most people say ... Okay it's CGC. I may already have most of these different books (variants) but if CGC would recognize them as different ones in each respective #, there would be more value instantly. EXAMPLE: If sell a Spectacular Spider-Man #27 with the Bar Code on the Front (Pre-Spidey box on bottom left.) in CGC 9.8 it will fetch around $400. According to CGC there is 139 Examples of this issue. We know at this time CGC does not recognize the Black and Yellow Diamond in the top left. Of those 139 we do not know how many Yellow Diamond there are. But if I had a CGC 9.8 Diamond Copy, and CGC says... " Hey we are going to recognize this example moving forward" They will make a notation on the slab, update the Census and send it back to the owner. Owners of these books send the book back, Re-Slab, CGC makes $ for the re-slab. We get an EXTRA bonus our books get properly noted and graded. The book is now more valuble, and it is a win for the owner, win for CGC. Why is this bad? It simply becomes an option for people willing to pay for exclusive and desired books. My Two Cents...
  9. Splitting hairs much? So should I call them White Diamond Box Version (since whitman isn't apparently accurate), and Newsstand Version (Because Variant is not what the dictionary say it is?)? Is that better? As a collector I just want to know what is out there. Best way to do that is classify it. Here is an example, I currently have the entire Spectacular Spider-Man set. Should anyone have versions with White Diamonds with Black Boxes I would love to purchase them in high grade condition. Since i do care about the rarity of said versions. Goal to get the entire set + ALL different kinds in CGC 9.8 WP Condition. var·i·ant /ˈverēənt/ Learn to pronounce noun a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard. "clinically distinct variants of malaria"
  10. This is beautiful! I love the effort you put into finding the Variants. Don't forget Mexico made a run on the Spectacular Spidey series too! Since we are talking about going crazy.... OH and the DUTCH!
  11. Okay so "Direct Market Editions" Whatever they should be called. Clearly i'm not an "expert" but the clarity of what a book is should be noted. The way CGC makes this make sense is they make money on doing it. As you said, it benefits us and them in almost everyway possible. So I get it.... 20 Years later .... Here we are lets do this! Lets call a book what it is. Also software and technology is with us. Why keep the old ways when the new ways are so much more CRAZY!
  12. Great information friends! Thank you for all this great info. So my understanding is maybe CGC hasn't made classifications because..... Would you like the RED PILL or the BLUE PILL? It's a rabit hole that nobody knows really just how deep it goes? Hmmm....
  13. Haahahaha! "Fleer Inserts" too, you jerk! LoL cracking me up. OKAY FINE! My collection will NEVER BE COMPLETE! See all I do is bring up Whitmans and Newsstand and then you gotta go all crazy cowboy on me! you so funny! One thing to point out though, at least CGC mentions "Mark Jewelers" ,"Fleer Inserts", "Bubblicious" and a few others. How hard would it be to simply note "Newsstand" moving forward, and seperating it to its own census data as they return for reslab. Simple way to generate added re-slab money for CGC, and easy way for us to get the Rarity we covet. Except for you raw guys out there lol. On a side note, on the CGC Registry my set is listed under "Spectacular Spider-Man" Set Name: Nuff Said. I have the final three books off for grading, and then I wish to fix my 21 non 9.8's to make it a perfect set. Then i'll do a few more Canadian Variants as well as hunt down the 10p's you displayed so awesomely above. Now I guess i'll be hunting errors until i'm in my 90's thanks to you! LoL SERIOUSLY though, thank you. I didn't know about those. Look forward to more.... Sincerely, Brian W <slpfi27>
  14. Actually my friend... I have a few of these, but I am curious I don't see this one in the CGC noted Variants. To my knowledge once the bag is opened it looks EXACTLY like the Direct edition in everyway including Price spot. Do you think it could be noted as a Variant simply because of the Dirt Bag Polybag? I was thinking about mentioning this to CGC to see if it was a possibility for a Variant? Thoughts? Also thank you so much for showing me your great books. I love it! So grateful for your time! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone says. If they say anything that is lol. Thanks again! Brian W <slpfi27>