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  1. Agreed! Now is not the time. The book is a beauty regardless, and still one of the best centered and cut copies I have seen. Keep us updated!
  2. Greetings, Joosh I was hunting for Spectacular Spider-Man as usual, and I ran across this post. I would like to add my two-cents. Your copy is beautiful! Cut and Centering is magnificent! I have actually been looking for a perfectly centered 9.8 WP+ Copy to go with my set (~slpfi27~ Spectacular Spider-Man #001-#263 + Annuals and Variants. Set Name: "Nuff Said..." Located on the CGC Census). I think your book is beautiful, and I would agree that the grading in this issue is very interesting!?! Its always subjective, and I would have to agree with you. it looks to be a solid 9.8 Candidate. Centering and cut may not be part of CGC's Criteria when grading, but it should be with this book. I think you would see 95% of the 9.8's become 9.6 if this were part of the criteria. The Comics Logo is always cut off or super close to the edge, and the header bar and spine is always slanted and not squared. I know it is just "Spectacular Spider-Man #1" who cares... but when people do care the perfect chop and center will be the gold standard of this book. I agree with the fellow board members that it probably isn't a great idea to resub just because of the investment cost you have in regrading. I think your book is a GEM and I would hold onto it, like you said when the value of this book shoots up someday you'll have a super star. I challenge anyone to find a already graded CGC 9.8 WP Candidate that is centered and cut better than Joosh, because they aren't out there. If you got the centering, you got the bad cut... and if you got the Cut, you got the bad centering. To have both solid cut and centering is damn near impossible. I know because I have been looking. Keep that puppy safe Joosh! Sincerely, Brian W <slpfi27>
  3. Greetings, Looking for Whitman Variants in any issue, that would be a candidate for a CGC 9.6 / 9.8 Grade. Listed below are other issues I am hunting. 236 and 257 Newsstand Edition also the final issue of the set - #263. I am still hunting better copies of the 35 Cent Variants that are better than the ones I currently own. At the moment I have 21 Books that have been sent off to CGC for grading, once those books come back I will be missing 2 Issues. Thank you, Brian W <slpfi27>
  4. Alwaysbronze! That is a beautiful example, Of a Sal Buscema very impressive! That helped me to discover a new one! Can't wait to see what is out there! Keep'm Coming Folks! Thank you!
  5. ~UPDATE~ Well my friends, after some serious thought, and consideration from you great folks, I have decided to shoot for the Moon! I will be submitting the "White Whale" for a final Signature from Gerry Conway. I am still very worried about losing the 9.8 Grade but if I am successful it will have all 5 Signatures from the great makers of the book. (Too Bad I can't get Dave Hunt. RIP Dave). I just got the book back from CGC and here is an updated Photo of it in the new Slab. It looks wonderful so I thought I would share it with you! Also please look at my other Post I did regarding the Cert Hunt for the SS Copies of #1 out there. I could use your help my friends. Thank you! Sincerely, Brian W. <slpfi27>
  6. ~ Update ~ I still can use help from the awesome CGC Community .... I know of 60 of the 72 Graded Certifications out there. I'd love to find the final 12 Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) CGC 9.8 Graded. Any help would be appreciated. I have sourced pretty much all avenues of data, to get the 60 I am aware of. That means websites, past sales, GPA Data, Some Clever thinking, and so on.... Since my original post I have gone completely BONKErS! I would love to see any grade of this title that has been Signed and graded by CGC! I have started to hunt down the entire run of SS copies of Spectacular Spider-Man #1's out there. I am hunting for any grade any Cert would be appreciated. I simply would love to know who signed them all! Also, if somebody has a copy signed by Stan Lee, John Romita Sr and Mike Esposito in CGC 9.8, they are willing to part with please let me know! I would love to add it to my set. Probably gonna need some people to look in the Boxes at this point to help me. Thanks in advance for the help my friends! Post them for me please if you got one! Attached is a beautiful Copy that has been re-cased and Signed by some of the Greats! Sincerely, Brian W. <slpfi27>
  7. Yep! My Slabbed Comics has a few. Sp far I know of 41 of the 72. I'd love to see if anyone has one I don't know about yet!
  8. Greetings, Folks I am looking to find all 71 Signature Series CGC 9.8 Examples, There is only 71 Examples on EARTH! I would love to hear, or see if anyone has one in their collections! Please post it here and show it off. Even if it's not a 9.8 Copy I would love to see it! Looking for anything Signed! Stan Lee, John Romita Sr, Dave Hunt, Mike Esposito, Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema? Did I forget anyone? Sincerely, Brian W <slpfi27>
  9. Greetings, dkummerow13 There is currently a Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #101 CGC 9.8 Direct Edition issue for auction on eBay. Current Bid is $42. The Auction ends on Monday June 3rd 6:32PM PST. Good luck sir! auction #: 173915550828
  10. Greetings, CGC community I'm hunting for Spectacular Spider-Man issues in CGC 9.8 WP Grade. The following issues I am still hunting, and if anyone could help I would appreciate it. I am happy to purchase un-graded copies that you feel may achieve a 9.8 Grade. Multiples if they are raw would be desired. Thank you in advance everyone, and have a blessed day! Sincerely, SLPFI27 #019, #127, #130, #139, #145 (JC PENNY RE-PRINT), #148, #156 (JC PENNY RE-PRINT), #165, #170, #178, #181, #183, #185, #213 (GAME PRO MAGAZINE EDITION) #217, #227, #236, #240, #257 <News Stand Edition>, #263 ANNUAL #04 CGC 9.8 | MISSING ANNUAL #10 CGC 9.8 | MISSING ANNUAL #13 CGC 9.8 | MISSING ANNUAL #14 CGC 9.8 | MISSING Spectacular Scarlet Spider #2 CGC 9.8 | MISSING Also, I am looking for all Whitman issues, and 35 Cent Variants in High Grade condition.
  11. Thank you for the feedback my friends, I submitted this copy to be re-slabbed since it had the older case, and it was a little on the "iffy" side so upon it's return, I believe I will get it signed by Gerry Conway as well. I'll take the chance on the 9.8 to 9.6 Downgrade. Either way it will be on of the rarest Spectacular Spider-Man #1's on record. As it stands it will be the Crown Jewel of my Spectacular Spider-Man run, if all goes well. I will be sure to update the Photo's upon it's return from the great CGC! Thank you again! Sincerely, Brian W (slpfi27)
  12. Greetings Folks! I currently have in my collection Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (1976) SS CGC 9.8 WP - Signatures from Stan Lee, Mike Esposito, John Romita Sr, and Sal Buscema. I am trying to decide if I should get it signed by Gerry Conway to complete the Signatures of this Title? It is already incredibly rare because of the Lee, and Esposito Signatures. There are 71 SS #1 Issues. So far I know of 34 of the 71 and only 2 of those have Esposito, and Stan. Neither have a complete run of Signatures. My concern is if I submit it for the Conway Signature, what is the chance it doesn't return a 9.8? I've see lots of 9.8 Books, but this one looks suspect to me already, mainly because it has a little bit of a rounded edge on the lower left, and the book itself isn't the best fold or cut of the book I have seen. I would love to hear peoples thoughts. I already inquired with a respected member and they suggested to not take the chance. I'm inclined to agree, BUT DARN IT! Sure would be nice to get the ENTIRE original cast to sign it! Talk some sense into me Community! What would you do? Thanks! Brian W (slpfi27)
  13. Greetings, Here it is ... the White Whale! I was happy to locate it, and I have acquired it. I continue to track the Spectacular Spider-Man #1's in CGC 9.8 Condition so far I know of 33 of the 71 Signature Series examples. I hope to get Gerry Conway to sign this book. I am sure it is a HUGE risk, to the 9.8 grade but I hope I am successful getting the full run of signatures for it. That would be great! I wanted to show you that the Whale was hard to locate but it finally surfaced and is now placed into this beautiful collection. I still need help to finish the Series my friends! If anyone has any of these beautiful books please let me know! This Spectacular Spider-Man set is listed on the CGC Census, and it is currently ranked #1. With a little help from you folks, I am sure I can finish it. Thank you again! Sincerely, Brian W (SLPFI27)
  14. I agree with you 100% I think this pretty much sum's it up. No laying the Golden Goose idea's here. Anything we say I am sure they are thinking about. Can I get a Cheese Burger with my Fries revat?
  15. Wow, Thanks for the information folks! I have a question couple questions, so if I have desert wind get Sal's autograph on my Spectacular Spider-Man CGC 9.8 Stan Lee Autographed copies, do they usually come back in the same grade as they left me in? Or have you seen a large amount of them return in lesser grades? I noticed they are about to have a Signing by John Romita coming up as well. I would need to get them there by March 1st, I'd love to get his Signature on them too, but i'm a little afraid to lose my 9.8 Grade on 2 Stan Lee Copies. What is your thoughts on this? Thank you again for your time and replies! Sincerely, Brian W (slpfi27)