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  1. Looking to buy an Iron Fist 14 or Tales of Suspense 49 around the 6.0 Fine range, Lower preferred to Higher. CGC or raw. Paying with Paypal, Shipping to Texas.
  2. Bought a x-men 12 & 14 from Terry. He shipped fast, and helped with all my questions. Thanks again
  3. Go for the books that you want, that you wouldn't be upset if you were stuck with. Prioritize the ones that you think will increase in value in the future following that rule.
  4. Hey thank you for posting this for me. I was out watching endgame and just got home, checked and saw this. Ive been wanting one of these for a while.
  5. Hello group members, I am looking to purchase a X-men 94 in CGC 4.0-6.0 range. I would possibly consider raw as well, if I do not find a graded one. United States sellers, and I will be paying with paypal. If you have one let me know, and thanks for looking. Pricing is negotiable. CGC 4.0 $160 CGC 4.5 $180 CGC 5.0 $210 CGC 5.5 $230 CGC 6.0 $265
  6. Hi, thank you. Would you mind sending a picture.
  7. Hi, I am looking to pick up some Star Wars Comics. I am looking for the 1st prints, unrestored and in the 6.0-8.5 range. Looking for raw copies, but would not be opposed to graded copies at the right price. I will be paying with paypal, and buying from United States sellers. Prices are a range and are obo. Star Wars Marvel 1977 1st Printing #1 around $20 depending on condition #2 around $10 depending on condition #42 around $10 depending on condition I may be interested in other Star Wars comics to purchase only if the above are included. Thanks for looking.