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  1. Collecting Goals for 2018

    Finish my cast signed Firefly CGC Photo (Where are you Morena and Gina?) Buy a Batgirl Special OA page if one pops up.
  2. Sherlock Frankenstein, Ninjak and Quantum retailers at 20% off surface shipping.
  3. I get 10 emails a day for my keywords, but didn't get those lol.
  4. so much for comic art tracker lol. Never saw this available. Great cover.
  5. Get it Chris, you know you want it.
  6. Celebrity Signed Books

    Luckily you weren't part of his qualified submission, you wouldn't be making jokes
  7. Celebrity Signed Books

    CGC is still letting that clown touch books? WOW. Nice book though.
  8. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    They will be diva 10.0's on ebay.
  9. You must be a hit at halloween time.
  10. What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    The signature is extra
  11. Enormous ! How big will it get ?

    It wasn't nearly as good as some people thought.