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    i should have been a chemical engineer.
  2. Stan Lee Exclusive boxes from POW?

    yea you and the other 500k who think they will be gazillionaires once he reaches the pearly gates.
  3. Sketchbook stolen

    You should never have to purchase back what was stolen from you Kris. Put that sketchbook under your mattress for safekeeping. No more sheds!

    That $.75 in ebay bucks is appealing
  5. Looking for covers and splashes from basically any series of his. Not looking for pencils only. Also looking for interiors to Batgirl Special #1.
  6. Celebrity Signed Books

    A big thanks to Kevlar for getting Nathan Fillion. Just need 3 to complete this photo
  7. If you come across any Barry Kitson splashes, covers or pages to Batgirl Special #1, please let me know.
  8. so rush to Franks table, secure you a sketch, pay for your sketch out of pocket, pickup sketch from Frank and then the guy with 6 posts will send you the money via paypal Ok Im in . NOT
  9. I try to start threads when possible at the beginning
  10. Great thread. Curious to how you calculate profit. Were all your books free?
  11. Sketchbook stolen

    Why is your most prized possession in your shed?
  12. Buffalo ComicCon Fall 2017 Report

    I want pictures of the generators
  13. haha you knew he would eventually disappoint Sean. It's JB.
  14. Infinite Signature Thread

    Got this back today. Thanks to kevlar for finishing it