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  1. I have starlin on either my heroes for hope or the Heroes against hunger, can't remember. I made sure to get all my favorite bronze age guys on those two books. Don't need individuals Oh the days of 30x signed books. Now I mainly collect SS photo's. There is no comic creator out there I have to have anymore.
  2. Noobs, there is time to moderate and then there is time to shutup if you don't know the story.
  3. RMA is 100% on target.
  4. There were plenty of witnesses around at that time who did sketch cover opps that went off without a hitch who were real pros. Some still do them, some don't and some vanished. If one of the real pros fell off the face of the earth now, what would CGC do? Nothing.
  5. It's now 70 skylights, he forgot about the 28 in his secret pottery room.
  6. I was not attacking facilitators, I was saying someone who was involved pay Starlin. I did an assumption (yea umption ) that if it was CGC booth that it would have been corrected immediately which it wasn't, so I assumed it was a Facilitator.
  7. That was the customer service failure. If it was a booth witness, they should have told him they would check into it and privately get the issue corrected and make sure Jim got paid. Whether or not Starlin went off the deep end, was his fault or he was having a bad day, do something.
  8. I have no agenda in this anymore. I call it like I see it. I have known the majority of the facilitators for a long time, they are solid businessmen, so I'm not attacking. You seem to have a hard on for me, not sure why. Jim believes he got screwed. CGC should have handled it immediately when he first went to the booth. CGC employees who witness I hope have some leeway to help customers/creators, they did when I was doing it. If it wasn't a CGC witness, then it was a facilitator. Not really hard to deduce. This type of stuff has to stop.
  9. Never said this was an exclusive, just talking about where the service has gone. Just said whoever stiffed him should pay. CGC should have been running over there with a check and then charge the customer instead of telling Jim that due to privacy, we can't blah blah blah. If CGC is going to let insufficiently_thoughtful_persons run around using their name, then they need to step up immediately and solve problems. Jim is going to be big again when Infinity comes out and CGC just screwed the pooch.
  10. Then why was a deal needed to be made with Starlin for 3 books?
  11. Only use the CGC witnesses at the booth as you will now be getting PM's from facilitators happy to take your books and money for a Fee.
  12. This whole thing has gotten so out of hand with all the exclusivity. CGC got lazy and decided to put 3 or 4 companies in charge of 95% of the SS business and we see now the clusterbomb it has become. $100+ for a writer. Creators under the false impression that CGC is just for flippers and only want to sign free for the fans. Creators getting whispers in there ears that if they let company A control their market, they will get rich. etc etc. You can't blame the companies as CGC enabled them to do whatever they want price wise. Instead of capping pricing, CGC decided to do a stupid move like not allowing guaranteed 9.8's to be presold lol. WHOEVER STIFFED STARLIN, REACH OUT AND PAY THE GUY. IT HAD TO BE A FACILITATOR.
  13. WTB Decent Dreadstar Page by Starlin Looking for a decent Dreadstar page by Starlin. There used to be a dealer with tons of it, but I can't find it. Not sure where it all is. I'm not greedy, just want one nice example.
  14. I thought known production problems didn't affect grade.
  15. Here is a MTG guy who is going step by step on opening another retail location for himself. Good info. He's super successful.