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  1. He scammed a bunch of people with signature series. He started good and then trainwrecked.
  2. I prefer the 8x10 photo, cheaper and still slabbed.
  3. nice just short of two years to ink!
  4. Aah the great DWC call out followed by the first of many CGC protect the cash flow locks. I should be called piratedomas.
  5. $25 to US address
  6. I was probably right next to you Jade
  7. Who has all the Batgirl Special pages by Kitson. I have seen 1 for sale outside of my 3 since I started looking.
  8. Anything in the last 10 years by JRJR. Hard to enjoy books like Lazarus as I can barely see them now due to the earlier eye gourging
  9. They do make errors, sent in my first sub in about 3 years and 3 of the 4 books were mislabled. It took longer for the reholdering than the original grading lol, but they took care of it quick and painless. I'll go with the fastest. I like both companies but CGC is 6 weeks faster right now.
  10. Saw Barry Saturday, had some nice stuff. Picked up a gorgeous pinup from the upcoming Brave and Bold Deluxe Edition. No Spencer needed.
  11. WTB Barry Kitson Covers / 2000 AD art Looking for Kitson covers, batgirl special pages, judge dredd/anderson kitson art, commissions etc. Also looking for 2000AD art, I know it's a reach. (can't afford the bolland stuff)
  12. a 9.8 would top it
  13. It's not the screen size, it's the whole aspect of reading a comic on the computer. I prefer paper, call me old school. Can't read books on computer either. I have a very nice kindle I use as a boat anchor.
  14. I can't read comics on the computer. I wish I could, but the thought of it makes me cringe. Guess I'm old school. I buy about $100 a month of stuff now including trades. Marvel is Old Man Logan, Steve Rogers, DC Batman, Clean Room. Rest is indy which has the best stories right now. I really wish I could get do the digital aspect, but I can't even read books on kindle, I have to have the copy in my hands.