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  1. Some examples of keys I believe need reviews. I know the algorithm is based on rarity, issue, title. In today's market price is a big indicator of rarity on keys. Werewolf by Night #32 a 7.5 is worth 250 points and goes for about $900 She-Hulk #1 9.8 is worth 440 points and goes for $300 Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.2 675 points worth about $400 Daredevil #168 9.6 925 points worth about $400 Amazing Spiderman #194 9.6 380 points worth over $500
  2. So you buy nothing or do you have a 6th sense to determine whats pressed and what's not?
  3. went through this whole thread just to find out the book on page one was sold and not marked
  4. So was the story finished and never published or Byrne just stopped drawing it knowing epic was going out?
  5. I do also, don't really mind that too much, but a printer label should be a printer label. Maybe they have the special printer named Stan that just does custom.
  6. I"m guessing they will have a bunch left over.
  7. Until it tried to stick it on a separate invoice to charge me another processing fee and shipping on top of the $5. Sorry label not worth that much to me.
  8. I sent you a PM months ago you never answered, thought you had left
  9. IM in the process also. Once in the past they credited me fair market value for the destruction of the book.
  10. joeypost here on the boards. Not sure what type of luck you would have on brittle books, but he's the resource to ask.