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  1. This Week Back From CGC

    You might need glasses. If you wear glasses, then a stronger lens might be required.
  2. Enormous ! How big will it get ?

    I was never a fan so didn't get involved. It flamed hard
  3. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    and ruin my sweet sweet deal with some facilitators? No way Jose.
  4. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    I usually pop up in every DWC thread
  5. Who's the 4th sig at the bottom right that's not on label?
  6. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    I left $30 in my pocket when I found out Steranko charges that for an auto Saturday.
  7. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    Pot meet kettle. I can't believe what I just read.
  8. Lexington Toy & Comic Con 2018 Report

    I will more than likely be hovering around Barry Kitson's table on Saturday.
  9. This week in your collection?

    There should be a separate new in my hands until I sell it thread.
  10. Lexington Toy & Comic Con 2018 Report

    Mark from comicctytn. Always has everything is $5 also. He sells huge warehouse buyouts etc. Amazes me the number of numbnuts who buy mystery boxes at comic cons. we are talking $150 ones. Just buy what you want and pocket the extra cash.
  11. Lexington Toy & Comic Con 2018 Report

    My dealer of the day story. Think it was a guy Mike's Comics. Saw a Spidey 252 on the wall, front looked nice. Asked if I could see the back cover. Dealer said What?. I asked him again if I could see the back cover. He said he couldn't open the bag, if i touch it he couldn't resell it. I called him an insufficiently_thoughtful_person and left the booth. Overall Saturday was dumb crowded and they didn't have a good flow going, rows were too jammed. Rupp arena auto area was a cluster puck and I avoided that. Large area upstairs with dealers that i didn't know about until Sunday. There were deals to be had, just have to negotiate a little. Picked up nice copies of Marvel Spotlight 28, Spidey 361 2nd print, Iron Man 282, 2 copies of WW #1, NTT 44, xfactor 24, Firestorm 23, and some others I can't remember. Submitted some SS books to Dscott crew. Can't believe Steranko is $30 for CGC, I passed. He even had prints for sale that you add the $20 auto fee to the price. Beckett was authenticating show auto's if you brought the signed photo up to the table. How do they know it's legit? Bad Bad Bad I had a good time and off to Dayton in a couple weeks.
  12. comicsketchart, kevlar just about any of them will submit to CCS for you.
  13. I was being sarcastic, he will go on and on about how bad trades are and chastise you for not buying the floppies. It was kind of funny.
  14. What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    Except for Flash 92 twenty years ago, impulse has not had anything of value.
  15. How can you be a friend of Jesus with those horrible horror covers you are selling?