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  1. How can you tell if these are from the original or a reprint. I was just looking at a 1974 reprint and it was folded and stapled on the spine. These pages don't look like that, because of the little holes in the side of the page. Is it because of the oversize pages?
  2. Thank you for that information Pontoon. I think I'll pass on the $0.25 and just hang them on the wall TwoPiece.
  3. I purchased 2 framed pages that appear to be from Action Comics #1. I was thinking that I should have them authenticated or graded, if that is even applicable to pages that are out of the book. When I bought them I thought they were cool and I would just keep them it they aren't worth much. I just don't have any idea what they would be worth, how to find out what they are worth, or if it is worth it to have them authenticated. The pages do look like old paper, they are 13-5/8" tall and about 10" wide, the page that was torn has a rough uneven edge where it was torn out, and there are small holes about every 3/4" that look like it is for the type of binding that they used. The first page has frames 65-70 on one side and 71-78 on the other side, and the other page has frames 92 through 98 on one side and "Chuck Dawson" on the other side. I took pictures of each side and tried to handle them as little as possible but the pages aren't brittle, so that seems good. I don't know if frames is the correct terminology for the individual pictures on the page. I have had a few comics before but I have no experience as a collector.