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  1. When I read the entire Fables run acouple of years ago, the Jack of Fables crossover was the most brutal part to get through. In hindsight it probably could have been skipped as it adds very little to the overall narative.
  2. Sadly because of budget constraits, upper mid grade is "where I live."
  3. Bought Heathcliff #11 at a Waldenbooks in the Sunrise mall on Long Island as an 8 year old back in 1986 with my own money! This is just an image from the web as I still have my original in a long box.
  4. Good luck with the shop! I definitely plan on stopping by once it opens as I live on Long Island. Just tell the teenage boys to keep the long boxes clear of their magic the gathering cr@p when I come to shop. j/k
  5. Hit up four local LCS's, all were super packed with kids which was good to see. One lcs had Peter David and John Romita Jr. making an appearance. Just finished reading my free Star Trek TNG: Mirror Broken preview. The mini series looks like it has potential. Picked up a nice copy of Tales of the Teens Titans #44 with a sweet discount. It was a fun day.
  6. Anyone out there who will post a photo with WWF Superstar Virgil for the win?
  7. I miss small shows like these on Long Island!
  8. Very cool, wish I were at this 1970's conventions an paying 70's prices.
  9. Gorgeous, easily a Gem Mint 10.0!
  10. Welcome to the boards and congratulations on getting to meet Stan Lee! In my opinion, I don't see the appeal of having Stan sign books he had nothing to do with. I'd probably rather have him sign something from his original silver age Spiderman run that he actually wrote.
  11. I would tell them the books are very nice and thank you for bringing them in. I'd recommend that they would get way more selling the books on eBay or auction then I could afford to pay being a small store. The worst you can do is insult them by telling them they have garbage.
  12. Always go for the best condition you can afford. In my experience, higher grade appreciates better then lower grade books in the long run. Spend the $200 on something at least 9.2 and up. For easier resell, make sure the book is slabbed. If I spend over $100 on a single book, I usually like it cgc'd. I'd probably spend the money on an ASM 361, NM 98, Tales of the Teen Titans 44, Ms. Marvel 1 etc. Good luck!