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  1. Upgraded my 9.4 WP to a 9.6 WP. I would love to have a 9.8 but it is $$$. Is it normal to be able to easily see through the front and back cover to the interior pages? The covers seem awful thin where I can see the print on the inside pages. Especially through the title letters. I have owned a couple copies of this book and never noticed till today.
  2. Sweet Jesus! I somehow always forget how hot she is. Then something like this pops up. She checks all the boxes.
  3. I was aware of the Alf cover but not the Rifleman.......Then I went to google images and I laughed til my face hurt. I have to own this. How did this slip by me?!?!
  4. I would like to be in this club. Love this book.
  5. When I say quality over quantity I am not judging anyone for what they love and what they collect. I mean “quality” as in quality of choices made not just hoarding tons of books so you can have a massive collection. That is of course just how I do it. And by the way your quantity of TOS and Cap is definitely quality.
  6. I give a vote for quality over quantity. I have purged once a year the last four years and I’m down to 4 short boxes and 2 CGC boxes for slabs. I have also gained an appreciation for Omnibuses in the past couple years. I probably had 2500-3000 at my peak. Now maybe 300-400 at the most and 25 Omnis.
  7. Chen was always one of my favorites for drawing X-O. Great colors on that book too. It would be so sweet if it didn’t have all that writing on the cover. Very distracting
  8. Given the choices I would take light saber. But over all, definitely Narsil. My local comic shop had a fully functional Narsil and Anduril set around Christmas time. The swords originally came out out around 2000. They were both in their boxes. I picked up the Narsil. I also got a sword plaque to mount it but haven’t gotten around to it.
  9. Picked up a couple Thor’s this week to complete my run up to date. Here’s a group shot.
  10. Picked up some sweet Daredevil this week. I have had these raw before but never graded. Love em!
  11. 1) X-men 1 CGC 6.0 2) Avengers 4 CGC 9.0 3) Hulk 181 CGC 9.0 (I know it’s bronze but it always throws a wrench into my silver age dreams). I will probably get the Avengers 4 first. Every time I have enough funny money saved up to get it, something else pops up.
  12. Excellent work! I have been searching for the right one for awhile. Yours has a good wrap and is well centered in the newest case just like I want. The book is a classic and hard to come by for the good price.
  13. Agreed. Not only is it my favorite Lee cover, it is in my top 5 all time. I would really like to have the OA.
  14. New Thor series + ratio variant + over priced/likely to drastically decrease in value soon = I’ll TAKE IT!
  15. For me it’s either Batman 608 2nd print or X-Men 268. Can’t beat a Cap and wolverine cover. Cool story too.