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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what this piece might be or who drew it. There is a signature and the year 83 in the middle over the Klingon's shoulder. I have no other history. Its on 11x17 comic board and certainly looks like a finished piece for print. Thanks in advance. James G
  2. I have been away a long time but would like to be in on this again, I have to show up better then I did last year. Thanks James G
  3. What is nuts today maybe cheap just a year from now. So many books are moving so fast I just don't know when it will stop or if it will crash James G
  4. Well lets do it this way then 33-ms marvel 43-30 cash 17 mystery box 21- mystery box Hopefully one of those hit
  5. The last one on CC didnt even hit 10k so i think more in the 10-15k range. That being said the buy in for any complete copy does seem to be around the 40-50k range regardless of condition or restoration. James G
  6. Ages ago before the book blew up I sold a 1.0 married cover for like 7600, I had been trying for a number of years to get a keeper copy and I am happy with this one. James G
  7. Book is listed as being graded on 7/12/13 two months after the tape rule change, so perhaps not. I just don't know if that would have gotten through had the book been sent to CCS for the spine roll issue James G
  8. Problem is IMO that the tape on this book likely reattached the centerfold and or the cover... I didn't check the grade date but that is my gut. So not a true 3.5 today ... James G
  9. Hi all I am trying to id a copy of ACE comics I belive the Phantom story is part of the Prisoner of the Himalayas story, but GCDB doesn't have much info on these issues. I think it is between issue 38 and 76 but likely on the earlier side. Contents Phantom 8 pages with Count Bart taking over the Palace of Barogar Princess Karene and Gar the young Rajah. Phantom fress the princess. Doc Winner's Daffy Doodles 3/4 page Just Kids 1 page Jungle Jim 4 pages starts Awakened by voices Jim Runs to the Shore of the island on which he and Kitty are Marooned a
  10. Paypal payments/Check/ MO all fine, I may consider trades for other keys Batman 2 Coverless Complete C-OW $1000 Captain America 54 Coverless Off White Missing Centerfold $200 Captain America Comics #61 CGC 7.0 OW Red Skull $2500 Young Allies 4 CGC 6.5 Cr-OW $2500 Classic Red Skull cover story continued from Cap 16 Whiz Comics 20 CGC 7.0 $600 Zip Comics 3 Coverless OW-W $150 No returns on these unless there is a major issue or something I missed. Shipping in the US is included, outside the US contact me First gets it. Ebay id is jgallo and I c
  11. Actually insurance is generally above market value on most things, especially one of a kind items.