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  1. It's a cool series- I got them all from dollar bins before anything 'popped' due to the Middleton covers. Still think it was a mistake Marvel retitled it "New X-Men" and gave it that generic art, the covers were basically its main selling point...
  2. My first username had my real name in it so I asked CGC to change it. I gave the rep about 12 variations to try and he replied with "your new username is tacodog7." I asked if he could change it back at least and no reply. I'm going to try again in a few days, but I refuse to believe there was no combination of 'daredevil' and a # available. If I were really wanting to make him do it, I would say there's kind of nasty racial connotation in this name he picked out for me (I am actually ethnic/mixed) and this could get CGC reported to the ACLU!
  3. That's a pretty weird insult, I would say loving late-stage Perez phoning it in is more the matter of "taste." In any event I clearly taste tacos and hot dogs! (apparently, as I didn't pick this goofy username)
  4. Just IMO the border covers were so hideously ugly compared to the 'character' covers for Final Crisis. It was the same with the Jim Lee covers for Infinite Crisis looking really nice, and the B covers being hideous. Marvel/DC liked to pull this a lot in the 2000s with the 50/50 ratio variants where one cover was so much more desirable than the other, but people who mail ordered and couldn't pick got screwed.
  5. In any event that's why I'd bet the farm on him being Calvin Ellis. They win over potential audience members on the fence who are okay with a "Miles Morales" Superman, plus the character is already built in and expected to be that. WB isn't going to make a headache for themselves by calling him Clark Kent and dooming the project from the start. No one would get it, they'd think he's replacing Cavill. I don't have too much interest in the project but I can at least admit I somewhat understand the idea "What If" instead of Kal-el being sent, a different black Kryptonian was. Hold on to those Fin
  6. The Hollywood Reporter article didn't quite say that, the writer was conjecturing. They said it'll be a black Kryptonian with the traditional origin, possibly a period piece. If anything I would bet money on DC making him Calvin Ellis just to have their cake and eat it too. If they give him a black Earth family and make the whole thing a racial parable, I'd better dollars to donuts he's not going to be "Clark Kent" so as to not upset the traditionalists.
  7. I felt scammed paying $100 for it in 2018 or whatever... My what a difference a few years make. Nobody bats 1000 all the time though... I also paid $250 for New Mutants 98 raw a couple years earlier than that. That was probably my worst purchase, could not believe how dumb I was for not getting it in the 2000s. I bet even with the bump it's roughly going for about the same raw now.
  8. I was able to get Invincible Iron Man 9 last summer for about $14 from them in VF I think. I know at the time everyone was focused on #7 as first Riri, but it was well after everyone knew she'd be coming to MCU I believe. (I'm never on top of these things)
  9. Funny enough I have actually seen a CGC signature "forged" once with a lax witness. This was back in the 2000s when they were outsourcing it to a comic book store to handle (who took a little commission fee on top of it). For all those reasons I can see why they do it themselves, I assume they've gotten far stricter about it now. I don't know if it would be totally poor form for me to tell the story or name the store, I mean they certainly weren't super helpful to me personally but it still is a crappy thing to name names, I guess...
  10. I found a couple good treasures in the dollar box. We all win some and lose some. I found a Rick & Morty #1 first print at a record store, I didn't even really know what it was but had a vague idea from the spec sites so I got it. Found one of the rarest comics in my collection at a comic store $1 sale about a decade ago, but I think saying what that is would just sound ostentatious and like bragging. They didn't do a double take because it was mixed in with the regular covers of that issue, which has popped on its own now. It's so funny to me to hear about Marvel Point One (Kamala) a
  11. X-men 94 is going for ungodly levels at any grade... for a book where, you know, nothing really happens besides it's grandfathered in as a 'key.'
  12. And I thought I overpaid at 1k for a 7.5... jesus. Thank my lucky stars I got the books I wanted most before all this FOMO nonsense started and I'd be priced out...
  13. JMS hates when you don't want him to personalize, I pissed him off badly one time. The reason was I learned my lesson from meeting him once before- his signature combined with my name made the cover look like a kindergartner went loose with the sharpies on the wall.
  14. God no! Even if it seems relatively "safe," like Paul Bettany or whoever signing Avengers 57, I wouldn't completely trust Bettany not to get cancelled or be Jimmy Saville or something. You don't want to end up like the guy with a Detective Comics 359 signed by Jenna Malone.