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  1. And maybe still are. As someone guilty of focusing on the spine, I would say my main reason is because I want that blood red shelf of Weird Tales and the crisp white row of early Astounding. I didn't care at first, but once you add a nice spine to a row, it really draws attention to the ones that aren't. I have issues that probably grade near Fine, but look like Good when on the shelf, and vice versa. I'm guessing most comics aren't really collected in that way.
  2. Wow those Strasser’s are incredible. Congratulations!
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. I've bought several pulps there over the years, and until about a year ago I would say they graded things "professionally conservative" - rather go a bit lower than risk buyer complaining later. Now it seems they've gone more towards "great for it's age"... There's another #1 Conan listed now, and it's a nice copy, but I doubt that anyone that collects Weird Tales would consider one with yellow spine and cover creasing to be "FN+".
  4. Is it just me or have HA pulp grading standards been slipping recently? It seems like they slap some kind of FN on just about everything these days. Just for example, that 1st Conan one you mentioned was graded "FN+", this one was a more appropriate "VG". I don't see any significant differences, certainly not enough to jump by a grade and a half...
  5. Wow, so much incredible stuff being posted here lately. Congrats on those hauls everyone! I wish I didn't live on the other end of the continent... Out of curiosity, anyone know what the bound set of Fantasy Fan went for?
  6. Awesome! This is probably my favourite Weird Tales cover.
  7. Anyone else checking HA today? That Doc Savage issue is sitting at over $13k with BP right now...
  8. I'm not a pro at this, but I think you basically have it. A fanzine is a type of amateur magazine with a more specialized subject. I don't think there's much difference in production, although in my experience fanzines tend to be less consistent (their market is established fans, not fiction readers in general). I've been unsuccessfully trying to find out more about circulation numbers myself. Wikipedia claims 60 for Fantasy Fan, which, given its prominence, may be fairly representative of the period. Curious if anyone else has more info on this though.
  9. Thank you, it was a really once in a lifetime luck. I've never seen one before or since, and I doubt there are more than a handful in existence. These early amateur magazines didn't have the greatest circulation. Still hunting for that Call of Cthulhu issue though..
  10. Almost in time for halloween, I finally managed to put together the first year (1919) of Der Orchideengarten. It's not really a pulp in the usual sense, but it was printed on pulp and is generally considered to be the first fantasy magazine. Bound "collectors editions" are easy enough to find, but the individual issues rarely come up.
  11. Nice! Been looking for that one myself, though more for the trippy H.L. Gold story. Cool Collier's find too. Quite a few good stories published in there over the years.
  12. Nice find. A bit earlier, but I always like to imagine that one of my copies of Astounding was sitting in the lunch room at Los Alamos in the 1940s. Good score on those Arkham Samplers too. Don't suppose there's any hint as to what was defective?
  13. Nice score, been looking for that myself. It's one of my favourite stories from the pulp era, and definitely my favourite Campbell one. I have the magazine version, but the book is a bit harder to get.. The '82 movie follows the book very closely, almost scene for scene, worth a read if you liked that.
  14. Congrats, I had the bid just below you How did it turn out? It actually looked pretty solid if you can overlook the water damage, with a nice overhang.