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  1. I stopped my pull-list last year as well and switched to pre-ordering from MCS for that 35% discount. The publishers finally priced me right out of my LCS. Those $4.99, $7.99, and now $9.99 books just got to be too much. These days I just drop by the LCS when they have a 50% off sale on back issues and to pick up supplies.
  2. Thanks for all your responses. I went ahead and pulled the trigger and I should have the book in about a week.
  3. Hello everyone, I do not own this book, but I am considering purchasing it. It has a 1" to 1.25" crease on the bottom right by the red helmet that looks color breaking. I originally thought it might be a tear, but the seller has told me it is a crease. It also has a minor crease at the top right of the book and what appears to be at least 4 moderate spine ticks on the spine. Thanks in Advance!
  4. Do you know if the book still has the tattoos? That tear at the staple leads me to think the entire tattoo page was torn out.
  5. I would recommend I buy from them regularly (20 to 30 books a month) and they are strict at grading, masters at packaging, and fast at shipping. is another. Just be aware that shipping is slow as it is a part time business, but the grading was spot on. The site has a limited selection of back issues, but you can probably find some gems if you willing to dig. If your are looking to just fill a run fast and cheap then you can also try, but just be aware that grading is not as strict as you will find
  6. Currently my monthly budget runs about $300 a month. I spend about $75 of that on new books and the rest on back issues and supplies as I am rebagging my 36 year old comic collection slowly and painfully; who knew re-bagging a collection could be so expensive and time consuming. I plan to pair down my new modern books to maybe 6-8 books a month or less since I find it hard to justify spending $4 or $5 for a modern book when I can find a nice bronze age book for the same price or less.
  7. I want to thank everyone that has responded so far. I plan to get the book graded so once I do that I will post the results. It will probably be early next year before I do that.
  8. Does it still have the tattoos attached? If not, does the book have damage as a result of how they were removed?
  9. I have a low grade Iron Man 55 that I got back in 1985 for a quarter that I am thinking of sending in for both pressing and grading. Before I do that, I wanted to see how this would grade in its current condition to see if it was worth the time and cost to do both.. Thanks in advance. Close up of Bottom Staple
  10. Hello, I have an very low grade heavy water stained Amazing Spiderman 121 that I got for a quarter in 1984. I had put this book away for 25+ years and I never looked at it until I started collecting again about 6 months ago. That said, I know the bottom staple is destroying the book and I am considering just removing it myself to preserve what value this low grade book has left. I had also considered getting it pressed to make it look nicer and maybe CGC graded and then maybe sitting on it for another 4-5 years before I sell it after I buy a higher grade book to replace it. M