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  1. This weekend will be the big toy show and collectibles con at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium Maryland. About 90 vendors setup. A smattering of comics amongst the toy and other dealers. Mainly toys and other old collectibles to give you a heads up. I will have some nice slabs including an Avengers 1 (along with a raw copy) plus a bunch of key issues from 60’s to present day. Won’t have room to put everything out so just ask what you are looking for and I will dig through my boxes underneath for you. If you google Dave Hart toy show you can get more detailed info. Address of the fairgrounds is 2200 York road in Timonium. First exit off of I83 when heading north from 695. Saturday hours are 9 to 3. Same with Sunday but I know in the past that he opens up a hour early as they add on a Mega flea market in one of the other buildings. Admission on Saturday is a few dollars and Sunday is FREE. If you come on Saturday then only the exhibition hall will be open which is where I will be along with the other collectible type vendors. On Sunday only they open up the 4H building to house the flea market type dealers so both big buildings to go through. Parking is free both days.
  2. Who’s to say that the scumbag hasn’t done this before? Maybe he has done it on a smaller scale and his con worked then tried it on a bigger fish like the 181
  3. Do the receipts still show the weight of the packages? When selling years ago on the bay I had a similar situation but not comic related. EBay sided with the buyer when they returned less then what was purchased from me as all they were looking for was a tracking number that said a box made it back to me. I then told the eBay rep to look at the weight on each receipt. Obviously a slabbed book is heavier then some dollar comic in a bag and board.
  4. Neal Adams or Marshall Rogers Batman work.
  5. This Sunday this three times a year show returns to the Clarion hotel in Frederick Maryland. Best to use the Francis Scott Key mall as a landmark as the hotel sits behind it atop a small hill. Convenient to both route 70 and also route 270. Show hours 10 to 4 and admission is $8 per person. Even though being held in a hotel it is to me quite a BIG show as I count at least 35 dealers I know who will have comics for sale. Plus looks like over 10 guests setup also. For the exact street address if using gps then go to Shoff If you click on the dealer tab it lists most of the dealers who will be there this Sunday. Even though the show draws hundreds don’t worry about parking as they have a huge parking lot. Overflow parking can use the mall parking and a short walk up the hill. Pretty certain the room is sold out. If looking for a table or other info then best to contact the promoter through his website. Looking over the vendor list I know there will be some Great Wall books in the room (plus long boxes to go diving in). Will have a Fantastic Four 1 slab for sale plus other cool slabs like Wwbn 32 etc.
  6. This Saturday the 9th will be the Southern Maryland Comic Con in Waldorf,MD. Being held at the Capitol Clubhouse which is an event center with a couple hockey rinks inside. The show will be held in one of the rinks. Hours are 10 to 5. For more and better info the website is Floor plan is on the site. Click on both the guests tab and exhibitor tab to get a better feel of who and what will be there. I don’t think it is completely up to date as I am not on the list but will have two booths there. If you are local to Annapolis, Waldorf or Essex then stop on by. If you are coming from a distance and looking for only comic books then I can suggest not to as not too many comic only dealers setup there. Myself and a few others will be. Huge local store Third Eye will have mainly newer stock. Fan data will have a huge amount of bargain boxes plus a few slabs and other wall books. I think a couple local stores setup and local collectors. More of a family/cosplay type of show I will have a couple boxes of slabs and some nice wall books. Plus Pokemon if bringing along any young ones. There is also a Kid Zone to keep them occupied.
  7. My bad. Thought you were price dropping from 640 to 610 and did a typo.
  8. 110? Guess you mean 610 as last sale was 750.
  9. At Keystone in August modern was $35 and I think the value tier was $60 if memory serves me.