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  1. You nailed it . They say it's better to give than receive, so maybe I gave a couple of people a nice, under priced holiday gift. I should have been wearing my Santa cap when I put them up for auction.
  2. UPDATE: Final Auction Sales Prices Atom 1 CGC 4.0 - $135 Batman 189 CGC 4.0 - $117 Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 70 CGC 4.5 - $150 X-Men 10 CGC 6.0 - $195 Had hoped for a bit more, but could have been worse.
  3. And I had such awesome deals I was about to offer you . Maybe next year.
  4. And Atom #1 is making a comeback. Now 2nd place instead of last place $$$ wise. Will be a huge upset if it passes X-Men #10, but it's making a gallant last day attempt for relevance.
  5. I always thought Este was a guy No wonder the service has been so great. Us guys can be real jerks to deal with.
  6. Here is a (maybe?) funny story. I won an older slabbed book in the "Green Egg?" contest. Again, needed immediate cash, so later listed it on Ebay. Felt bad because I really wanted to keep it and it felt disrespectful to the person who donated it for the contest. But we all have to eat Ramen Noodles at some point. Anyway, book sells. I know Buddy Saunders is the owner of MCS. Purchase was from a Jakey Saunders. Deliver address was exact same as MCS. Payment via Paypal was from a Judy Saunders. Could Buddy have a multiple personality disorder? I say this in jest Buddy. And I've been afraid to go out to MCS and see what it's currently listed for. It was what I'd consider a "rare" slabbed book. I think that was the key. And @the blob makes an excellent point. If you send something in that they already have 10 copies of, especially if they've been for sale for a while, you aren't going to get much of an offer. And that's fair. Supply and demand. Overall, I really like MCS as a buyer and as a consignee. Especially enjoy working with Este on the consignment side.
  7. That's a bit of a leap since you don't know what the books were. I don't remember myself. However, I do remember looking several up on their site before sending them in and they were not going for nearly that low. I don't think they could have made any kind of real profit at $2-$4 if they bought them for $1.28 each. But it's all good. I needed quick cash and they provided it. And under the option I submitted, if you don't accept their offer they'll return them to you on their dime, so your only cost in getting an offer would be your original shipping cost.
  8. I think it's really cool that you admit that maybe you just had a bad experience(s) years ago. Instead of going on the defensive like most people would have done when challenged. And I agree that MCS's response was very detailed and informative. They also didn't automatically go on the defensive. Well handled by both parties. I'm such a peacekeeper I should get a job at the UN
  9. I know it's a lame answer, but I really don't remember. I just needed immediate quick cash and didn't have time to sell them myself thru Ebay. I sold via this method (see attached image). About 30% were in the $0.10 to $0.25 range. 60% in the $0.30 to $0.35 range and the remainder in the $0.30 to $0.35 range in "newish" condition. And almost all were in the categories they recommended. Action, Adventure, Superhero, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, and War titles are the most collected. Humor, Archie, Dell, Gold Key, Harvey, funny animal (Disney, Looney Toons, etc.) comics are in less demand, and are very common in lower grades. I hope no one takes that one comment out of context from my overall post, as my overall experience with them, as a buyer and selling on consignment, has been incredibly positive. Oh, and they did also cover my shipping cost. So the total payment was around $128.00
  10. I've mainly had experience with them via selling books. Either directly to them or via consignment. It's been mentioned previously that they grade harshly. That's been my experience as well. It works great if you are a buyer, but if a seller, expect that their grading will be lower than what you expected. Selling via consignment I've had nothing but positive experiences. From prices received, to their prompt and thorough responses to any inquires I made. Selling direct to them may be a disappointment. The first batch I ever sent them I requested a direct sales offer. It was very low. I thought. I initially accepted, but then changed my mind and requested they take them on consignment instead. All sold within 6 months at a total price of at least 3x what their direct buy price was. Recently I sent in a 100 book shipment of older, nice condition books, but most, if not all, not valuable enough for them to take on consignment. I was expecting a low offer, but nowhere that low. It was $100 for all 100 books. So my suggestion, as a seller, use them for consignment if possible. Otherwise consider selling them yourself thru Ebay, if you are willing to put out the extra time and effort. As a buyer, I've had less experience. But all shipments were received promptly, safely and well packaged. And most were, in my opinion, of a higher grade that what they had them listed as. EDIT: I'm not saying that the buy offer they give you directly will be less than other companies. For all I know, they could be the same or even higher. I have no comparison for that. Just trying to share my experience with them. Definitely, overall, a huge thumbs up from me.
  11. Well, I'm going against the grain here a bit and posting not an expensive acquisition, but one that I just personally thought was cool to acquire. I've always been a fan of the early Caliber Comics (Gary Reed, J O'Barr, V Locke). So, although not an expensive buy, I was happy to pickup this signed limited edition Vince Locke portfolio in 2019.
  12. Still over 6 days to go on the auctions, but so far the X-Men #10 is getting by far the most $$$ interest. Least $$$ interest is Atom #1. But a lot can (hopefully) change in 6 days. Usually the last 12 hours (or less) is when you make it or break it. And I finally have to ask. What the heck does the emoji mean?
  13. Unfortunately a lot of BIN listings on Ebay that seem like they aren't overpriced are when you actually look at the photos and realize their 9.0 grade is more like a 6.5. But you are correct, I've made a lot of BIN purchases on Ebay where I felt I got a good value. And later was able to sell for a profit. Just like times I really needed some $$$ and lowered my EBay BIN price to where someone got a really (really, really) good deal.
  14. You just killed my box wine buzz I had going . Joking. Appreciate sharing your experience. I'll post back here after the auction and share what they all ended up going for. Hopefully at least $53 each + 10% commission or I'll end up owing MCS money instead of getting a check.
  15. Lots of great feedback everyone! Thanks to all. And a lot of conflicting opinions which is usually the case here (and everywhere else in life). I agree with the comment of just doing BIN and if it sells it sells. I've done that. *If* I don't really feel the need to move the particular book anytime soon. I see that a lot on Ebay. People set prices that must be of the mindset of "I don't really wan't to sell this book, but if anyone is crazy enough to buy it for 3x it's value I'll sell it". That's why it always cracks me up when people have a book priced high and say that they are selling on Ebay for $500. When actually there might be one listed on Ebay for $500. Look at the past sales search and the last actual sale was for like $175. Anyway, since I really do need to sell these soon and can't afford for that one right person to come along 8 months from now, I'm going to keep them in the auction and hope for the best. My biggest potential mistake is I sent them all to MCS raw. Then afterwords requested they send them in for a C&P and slabbing. That's an additional $53 per book. I probably would have been better off just selling them raw. The grades didn't go up much (except one) and it literally took almost 6 months for them to come back. And just in case anyone was curious, MCS's grades (before C&P and then an official CGC grade) were as follows: Atom - 2.5 (came back 4.0) Batman - 3.0 (4.0) SGFLL - 4.0 (4.5) X-Men - 5.0 (6.0)