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  1. Thanks. Not really sure how I estimated a 6.0 to begin with. Just modified my Ebay listing as I had it graded way to high.
  2. One last one for the evening. VG range?
  3. CGC 9.0 sold in June on Ebay for less than $80. So 9.6 be happy - 9.4 be OK with it - less than that be bummed.
  4. Agree that if it gets a 9.6 it might eventually be worth $250. Might have to wait a while for it, but... And if it was me and I thought I could get a 9.6+ I'd totally go for the slab. Just saw the $1550 you mentioned earlier and it kind of knocked me off guard.
  5. *And* that's on a consignment item. Which are often grossly overpriced.
  6. Not sure where you got that. a 9.6 is available on MCS for $379. And usually you can get a better deal than MCS on Ebay if you wait around for it.
  7. My guess is closer to a 9.4. But at that high a grade interior pages are very important. And we don't see any of those. And my disclaimer: sometimes I tend to under grade.
  8. Posted an inquiry on another DD #18 earlier. That one I just sold. Have another copy. I'm thinking this one is a bit lower due to the stamp on the front cover. FN+ maybe?
  9. This is getting funnier. "insufficiently_thoughtful_person" was supposed to say i*d*i*o*t. I'm so confused.
  10. Wow. Apparently the word "insufficiently_thoughtful_person" gets automatically "corrected" to insufficiently_thoughtful_person. I can't even call myself an insufficiently_thoughtful_person I guess. That's OK. I have a wife for that.
  11. Lots of differing opinions on this. Perhaps depending on whether you are more of a buyer or a seller? And the seller did offer to accept the return, but not cover the shipping cost. So I could have returned it. And probably a lot of people will say I'm an insufficiently_thoughtful_person for not doing so. But as I stated before, I'd prefer to offer it back up via auction and hope someone feels like they received a good deal than get $6 back after return shipping. I mean, regardless of whether I got a fair price at the actual grade, that's not the grade I wanted. But, as they say, opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one. That said, I did still feel guilty about the negative feedback. So I sent this to the seller earlier this evening: =============== I personally still feel your listing was misleading. At best. But I posted this question on a comic forum and opinions were split. Much like my comic book spine. Anyway, I've never left negative feedback before and I don't want to be the one responsible for ruining your 100% positive feedback. "When a buyer posts negative Feedback accidentally, you can ask them to change it using the Request Feedback Revision page. If there is no response from the buyer, you can go to the Report Feedback page and explain the situation directly to eBay so they can handle the negative Feedback removal." If you'd like to do the above I'll remove the negative feedback. =============== So...
  12. Beautiful copy. Just going by cover alone, 8.5? But CGC has surprised me before. Usually in the negative.
  13. Nice copy. VF/8.0 is also my guess. No idea on "whiteness".