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  1. Brian Peck

    When you decide to cash out, how will you sell?

    You are missing an option: O Pack on a Viking Ship and set it ablaze!
  2. Brian Peck

    HA February Auction

    His anatomy improved so much from his 70s to 80s work.
  3. Brian Peck

    HA February Auction

    Charm is not how I describe his Conan work, another C comes to mind
  4. Brian Peck

    HA February Auction

    Neat article on the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #7 cover. "Spider-Man cover, matted and framed, adorn the wall of my childhood bedroom from 1981 until my parents sold the house in 2015,” 40-year-old Andrew Aronstein
  5. Brian Peck

    HA February Auction

    But that is one fugly head. I was shocked it reached that much
  6. Low hammer because of some people questioning who the artists are. I think its Buscema but some say Joe Sinnott, and by Ed Hannigan and John Romita Sr.
  7. Brian Peck

    HA February Auction

    $45,600 for the Matt Baker Seven Seas Comics #5 cover. Don't see many covers by Matt pop up.
  8. Brian Peck

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    No he was a thief and a bad artist period!
  9. Brian Peck

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    But inferior artist to the original he is copying.
  10. That doesn't make any sense since the SS #4 was put up for auction a decade before AF #15 was donated to the Library of Congress. Plus Stan was always the showman I can't see him not wanting to promote AF #15 going to the Library.
  11. Interiors. Its the story for me.
  12. Brian Peck

    San Diego Comic-Con: The Untold History

    Why was this moved? If I wanted to put it in comics general I would, but I chose to put it in Original Comic Art section.
  13. Nice article talking about the inception of San Diego Comic-Con and the people behind it. But the writer needs to do a better job in his research, San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con are owned by two different groups.
  14. I had a chance to visit and look at the art for Amazing Fantasy #15. Its very easy and they have other artwork in their collection which you can also view. Along with AF #15 I got to see a dozen Burne Hogarth Tarzan Sundays. Definitely should be on everyone's bucket list to visit Library of Congress and view the art for Amazing Fantasy #15.
  15. My typo ment Big WOW! Comicfest