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  1. Couldn't believe the prices for today, saturday is usually the lower end artwork. Early Garfields for $3K to $6K Avengers #50 all by Buscema for $7800
  2. Ya I wonder how much money Heritage is really getting in these signature auctions? Or is everyone paying to big ticket items with more art for later auctions.
  3. Its a really nice page but not in the top ten of the panel pages from the six issue story arc.
  4. Is $120K the most paid for a piece of comic art from an 80's independent publisher (not counting Crumb and underground art)?
  5. Most of the artwork going for high prices are major publishers Marvel and DC and. comic art related. I am amazing that a Spy vs Spy two part Antonio Prohias when for $9600. Most go for around $3K and this is a slightly later one 4 years after the first one was published.
  6. Only in an auction. A number of the pages sit in dealers sites for 1/3 what they then go for in HA.
  7. Two years ago on HA another X-Men #154 page went for 20% that price and it was a nice all Storm action page. Crazy.
  8. Crazy prices a Devil Dinosaur Kirby panel page went for $7500.
  9. Lobo #2 splash went for just under $16K with the price of the cover yesterday I expected more.
  10. 1. Strippers Sketchbook page 8x10 by Dave Stevens $2700 18 different poses. purchased directly from the Stevens estate. Size page 8x10 unsigned. 2. Murphy Anderson Buck Rogers daily strip 2-16 ('48 or '49) $2200 Murphy only worked on the strip for about two years. Very few of his originals exist. Artwork cut between 1st and 2nd panel doesn't touch the artwork. Taped together. 3. Buck Rogers daily strip 1945 (#89) by Calkins $2000 All three characters Buck, Wilma and Huer Published on September 28, 1945 D043
  11. Heritage has some cool Akira cels up for auction including Akira Kaneda Production Cel Sequence of 4 with Key Master Pan Background
  12. Scott and Jean by Bill Sienkiewicz New Teen Titans #39 by Eduardo Barreto and Romeo Tanghal Uncanny X-Men #308 by JRJR and Dan Green My Love #7 by John Buscema and Ayers