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  1. I agree the editors added way too much trade dress. I do like having the corner box and logo either mounted or on an overlay. Yes it does take up realistate that could be used for artwork but I love having the originals with the extras that are very close to what was published. Even better when the logo is incorporated into the artwork.
  2. Here are a couple of nice sequential art pages Excalibur #3 pages 12-13 Fantastic Four #286 pages 27, 28, 29
  3. I am 85% satisfied with my collection. I have been collecting for over 30 years and have acquired most of what I want. Remaining 15% is down to artists I do not yet have a good exmple from, certain nostalgic pieces I am still looking for and some areas I would still like to expand into namely more DC and Golden age art. DC and Golden age art is tougher to come by, I was mostly a Marvel fans growing up but still collected DC, found I have leaned towards collecting mostly Marvel over DC as more was out there from earlier issues.
  4. The books are rarer than the originals for the covers. While the specialty comic book covers they print less of. The number of original art covers for the issue could be up to 50, for those special issues like Batman 1000. Used to be there was one original art cover for an issue and maybe a rejected cover. Now there are so many variant covers its hard to remember what issues had what covers.
  5. Cons Modern Covers: Many are nothing more than pinups of single or multiple characters Lack of background or minimal background No logo corner box artwork or other word balloons or other text found on published cover Have no connection to the story published inside, older covers would give a sneak peek of what's inside the comic book. Covers are used by publishers to sell the comic book not the story inside. Too many times popular artists are hired to draw the cover but interiors are done by lesser known artists paid at a cheaper rate.
  6. I would take the $100K, so long as I can get pieces on my wantlist.
  7. Probably happened in the original negative used to produce the printing plate.
  8. DId Frank Thorne sign the Marvel Features #1 cover?
  9. I WANT!!!!!!!! Best page from Rick and Al's run on the series.
  10. Two favorites from my collection.... Tales of the Zombie #6 Pin-Up by Pablo Marcos Pablo is THE Tales of the Zombie artist. Love his lush brushwork, with The Zombie (Simon Garth) facing off against Layla. One of the best example from Pablo's run on the series. Uncanny X-Men #153 page 2-3 by Dave Cockrum and Joe Rubinstein The best page from one of my all-time favorite Kitty's Fairy Tale". It has everything, all the X-Men, what character they play in the tale and a fantastic swashbuckling page (I am a sucker for them). Dave at the top of his game!
  11. Con drawings or commissions is something I am personally requesting from an artist. Many times it isn't just character A but that character doing something like listening to an iPod. Art I request from an artist I do not sell ever. I do not have any issue buying art that is already personalized in fact sometimes it works in my favor. I bought this piece a little while back, helps to have a somewhat common name.
  12. Tom has stopped repping artists and selling artwork.
  13. At least that page isn't from any porn material.
  14. If you are referring to sending art to US no VAT is charged that is for import into UK. US customs does not charge import fees on items shipped to the US thru USPS mail.