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  1. Warren Vampirella #15 cover prelim by Sanjulian
  2. Victorian Undead II #3 by Ryan Sook I love the design of this cover.
  3. X-Men Prime #1 splash by Bryan Hitch and P Craig Russell written around the edges:
  4. I supported Bill Willingham for a while but he has a very short attention span. I stopped using Patreon all together. Then he started doing some great videos on working in comics. it did about 14 or 15 them his attention wondered and has been back.
  5. Tales of the Zombie #6 Pin-Up My favorite piece of original artwork by Pablo Marcos
  6. Deadworld (1988) #19 - Emergency Only by Vincent Locke
  7. Swamp Thing: In Twilight page 62 by Mile Perkins Done in pencil. Mike posted this on his Facebook a little while back and was mazed by the composition and detail. He posted two other splashed from the issue but this was the best. Trilled to own it.
  8. These are artist I do not have an example yet. Most are due to being very scarce or expensive. Charles Adams - His art is even more rare I especially want an Adams family piece. Edward Gorey - Another great artist who's art is super rare. Joe Shuster - A good Superman figure drawing Jack Cole - Plastic Man almost none of his Plastic Man art exists Vargas - Signed color piece
  9. John Romita Jr I prefere his Spider-Man and X-Men over his recent works
  10. I ordered one of their catalogues and it took 3 years to get it. I lived 20 minutes from their store and remember paying for the catalogue and waiting and waiting. I had been to their store in San Mateo a number of times. One day I was there and they had brought their original comic art collection to the store. Piled up on long boxes of comic books throughout the stores. I spent the afternoon looking thru the collection.
  11. Many artist I have never met, so why should it?
  12. I collect artwork for the art, I do not care about the personality of the artist. If he or she is a nice person, complete a s s h o l e or sexual harasser. I don't buy just nice guy art, I separate the artist from the art.
  13. Nigel Mansell driving Williams-Honda #5 by Gary Cody Gary worked with John Byrne on some of his creator owned series Babe, Next Men and Danger Unlimited covers. No idea what this was for
  14. I ment I missed most of the episode live and I wasn't able to ask questions. I always watch the posted videos.