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  1. Most times traditional pencils are erased so you don't end up seeing them anyways. I do like it when the inker doesn't erase the pencils especially if its blue pencils. I am big on seeing the process behind the page.
  2. A few years ago I got this artwork at SSDC. I asked Mark about it and he isn't sure what it was for, possibly an ad. Don't think its a con drawing or commission, since he signed it "M Schultz" but also signed it "Mark Schultz 10/10/88". Probably when he sold the artwork. Anyone recognize it?
  3. Mark Nelson Aliens Poster - $9300 The one piece I was going after in the auction, but it went for much more than I expected. Loved the Aliens series and have been looking for a nice example and this poster was one of the nicest. Loved the Dou-shade!! Oh well, keep looking for another Aliens piece by Nelson.
  4. I disagree with you when it comes to John Buscema inking himself. The style is different than most and he didn't ink that much at Marvel, usually ink interiors or one or two books a year and he penciled and inked a number of Conan The Barbarian covers. I didn't care for Colletta on Big John on early Avengers lines were too thin for my taste. I worse inker over John Buscema was Bill Sienkiewicz, not because Bill was a bad inker. Sienkiewicz style is just so over powering that John's pencils get lost. When I worked on my book "John Buscema The Michelangelo of Comics" I got to see scans of original art featuring so many different inkers over Big John. I really came to appreciate what the inker brings to the finished work. If John inked more often at Marvel I think he would have been great. Here is an example of him inking Indian Chief from Dell 1958. He later left for commercial work and didn't hey back to comics for 8 years. Love the inks on Indian Chief.
  5. Here is the published art and prelim for Comics Journal #150 cover which had a great interview with Mark Schultz. I got the prelim in 2005, and just missed getting the published cover. Fast forward to last year and I got a 2nd chnace and was able to add it to me collection. One of my favorite pieces by Mark. Love the whimsical feel to the artwork. In the process of getting the published cover framed. This one's a bit tricky can't do it the sual way. Will post a pic when its framed
  6. Sweet! Don't see many single panels. Any of the other shave Cutter John? I want a good Trek spoof.
  7. Have you heard the story about Caulkins quitting the Buck Rogers strip? Supposedly the someone at National Newspaper Service syndicate told Caulkins he was a terrible artist no where as good as Alex Raymond, Hal Foster or Burne Hogarth. So quit the strip, went home and burned all the strips he had done for Buck Rogers. Never could confirm that story but does explain why most of his art isn't out there. The syndicate had some of his early stuff but considering how many years he drew it, wonder where the rest of the artwork is.
  8. I was very surprised about the Buck Rogers strip. I have seen a number of early Caulkins Buck Rogers but most go for under $2K. He did work on the series until the late 40s and his art did improve but was never a great strip artist. Buck Rogers itself never did become that popular. Flash Gordon who was created by Alex Raymond to compete with Buck Rogers and has become much more popular. Only Murphy Anderson's work from '47-'49 and '58-'59 is the only artwork that people are really interested in. Buck Roger these days doesn't compare with Flash Gordon, no one is interested in it.
  9. You are one of the reasons I don't own a Peanuts strip. Stop being so greedy!!!!
  10. What does everyone think of the final price on Amazing Spider-Man #293 Splash Page 1? $9K Alot for just a gravestone and a rat. yes its from the classic Kraven's Last Hunt just surprised it went as high as it did.
  11. Most strips like Bloom County, its the gag that attracts people the most. Bill isn't even fleshed out yet.
  12. Bloom County strips don't go for alot compared to Peanuts. It is the first appearance but very few would remember the content. Not like first appearance of Wolverine, people know that. This Sunday isn't that famous.
  13. I have to disagree with your disagree. There is about 45 Dailys and 6 Sundays in CAF galleries plus two dozen for sale by dealers (all Donnelleys). But he drew the series for almost 10 years even taking of some time and having reprints he did around 500 Sundays and 3000 dailies. I know some are in black holes but Breathed still has to have more. I have been looking for a good Cutter John but see very few out there.
  14. $18K for Bloom County Sunday "Bill the Cat" First Appearance Really shocked it met reserve, that 5-6x what a Bloom County strip goes for. Not alot of the originals out there, though Berke Breathed did recently sell a bunch.