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  1. Congrats! It's been fun to see all the additions you've gotten so far. This has to feel like you made it to the top of Mt. Everest. Love the detail on this page. Just perfect!
  2. I love his short run on Detective Comics issues 569 to 575 so much. Davis and Neary were so perfect together. I'd love to find any pages or covers if anyone has any leads. Willing to buy or trade. Please feel free to reach out here if you have anything or via my CAF gallery, which I've linked below. Thanks so much for any help!
  3. That particular strip holds a special place in my heart. I directed the last Peanuts animated special which has a focus on Linus and his blanket. The strips it's based on are beautiful and show Linus' humanity in an interesting way. I'm so glad to see this strip emerge and very, very happy to see it land in your collection. This thread is filled with your appreciation for Peanuts and it's always nice to see Sparky's art in the hands of folks that love it. Huge congrats to you!
  4. Here's one I recently uploaded to CAF. I believe this was done for a San Diego program but I have never seen the printed version. If someone knows different, please let me know.
  5. Thank you! I love the final painting of this cover a lot, but I will admit that I like this prelim more. I'm a big fan of Timm's ink work. He is a wizard with color but I feel like the animator in him shines the most when he is inking.
  6. Thanks for posting those Barreto Shadow pages. I really loved his run on that book. Just beautiful art that had wonderful nods to the past but also felt very present and modern. Beautiful work all around.
  7. Oh man, that is some vintage 80's goodness! So cool to see! Thanks for sharing. It took me back in time!
  8. I will admit that Timm is my jam. His comic work is my favorite. If anyone has Timm art they want to sell, please reach out. I'm still in the process of posting all of my collection on CAF, so here's one piece from CAF and one not.
  9. Very sad news. I really loved his drawing style and his stories were always quite fun. Macabre in a good way.
  10. Interested in any comic pages, covers or prelims by Bruce Timm. Willing to pay above market value. In particular, hoping to find pages from the Batman Adventures Annual 2, the Demon special, but looking for any pages at all. Also open to trades and happy to share my CAF link. Please send me a PM if you have something.
  11. In the spirit of Black Friday, now with a lower asking price of $1200.
  12. I hate to let this go but I need to fund a new purchase. Up for sale is a set of pages from Parker: The Score by Darwyn Cooke, master artist of Catwoman, New Frontier and more. These are pages 110 and 111. There is additional art on the back where Cooke was thumbnailing out other Parker pages. I'm asking $1500 or best offer. Make me an offer and we can talk it through. Buyer to pay via PayPal and must cover all shipping costs. I will pack it up tight and safe!
  13. I've always loved that Timm cover. So nice to see it. Cover work by Timm is rare, especially in color like this. Congrats on an amazing cover!
  14. Man, I love Scalera's work so much. Space Bandits has been a very fun series. Congrats on snagging a great cover!