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  1. I was about to submit this comic until I saw this weird vertical line on the side opposite of the spine. It covers most of the edge from top to bottom. Is this a production flaw? Thanks. Here are some pics. The last pic shows an inside page with the same issue. Most pages have this.
  2. Metal #3 Virgin Cover by Mattina 9.8. $250 plus $12 shipping. I tried selling this on eBay. The winning bidder cancelled order after winning it. Shipping to USA only. Returns are welcomed within a week upon purchasing. Thanks for looking!
  3. Closed. Comic no longer for sale. I just received these from CGC. Please message me or email if you have any questions. My email is dbelanger871@gmail.com. Payment should be made through PayPal and to sales@dtbcomics.com. You can return any purchased comic up to 30 days minus shipping costs. If these don’t sell in a week or so they will go to eBay. Thank you for looking! Shipping is $10 inside USA. Add $5 to each additional comic you buy. Venom 3 main cover SOLD Uncanny X-men 11 Williams $75 Uncanny X-men 11 Larosa Cover $50 Venom 1 Kirkham $50 Venom 6 Frankie’s $50 Venom #3 Dell’otto virgin $90 Spiderman 1 gold edition $85 Weapon H #1 Unknown $60 X-men Blue #22 Variant $70 Deadpool #5 $60 DKIII Master Race #3 Miller $70 DKIII Master Race #5 Miller $70
  4. This is my Dell’otto collection. He has so many good covers.