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  1. Sorry, this is my first time looking into something like this. I wasn’t too sure about who charges what as far as signing fees, facilitator fees or return shipping apart from Desert Winds. I did get a recommendation from a board member that will work out though!
  2. Looks like Desert Wind is facilitating at NYCC. I'll look into costs (its more their return shipping that hits Canada pretty hard). Thanks for the heads up!
  3. That sounds like it was an awesome experience! Here's hoping I get a chance to meet him at some point. I'm just looking to get a blank Amazing Spidey signed. I have a few of my favorite artists who've worked on the series sign on blanks & really want to add his to the list.
  4. Cool! I'll check it out. Thanks! I just trying to keep my options open, I live in Canada, & the return shipping from Desert Winds is close to $50 USD. If I could get a board member to get my book signed I'd cover all costs plus a little extra for the help!
  5. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone will be attending the LA Comic Con this year; I'd like to get something signed by JR jr! **NON-CGC*** just a regular ol raw book. If this is inappropriate or in the wrong section please let me know! Thanks guys!
  6. Tony Sklepic is the man! He did the live action Spidey I posted earlier!!
  7. Sweet live action Spidey a good buddy of mine did recently!
  8. Great!! Thanks for the update Kevin!!
  9. Nice! Any plans for a ticketed creator event? Thanks!!
  10. Hi! In the market for an Amazing Spidey #2. Any chance you are still making these? Thank you!
  11. geez, hope its not too public if its outside of the package!
  12. Sweet! Thanks for the reply Kevin. Is JSC planning on any public signing outside of the package?
  13. Hey all! Coming down from Edmonton for my first visit to the CCEE. Super excited! Just wondering if there are any more comic guests expected. Thanks!