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  1. Well not sure about "good" but I did get a page recently from The Hunt (Fables & Recollections) for $700. No main characters.
  2. If I have a comic that I had signed on the cover by the creator, how will the grader take this into account when grading the comic. I have no COA, since I got it directly from the artist years ago. How about if the signature is inside the comic book?
  3. Maybe I can market an NFT holder ...
  4. This was interesting. Great story about forgery.
  5. Same age bracket as yours and recently just got back into art. I have been asking myself if spending the money on new acquisitions makes sense. I vacillate, but generally I come down on yes it makes sense. Why? 1) I can afford it as a luxury now without taking away from other things; 2) The majority of what is now my "expensive" art was acquired 20+ years ago ... if I have another 20 years owning something, I will enjoy it. I am starting to get rid of some things, comics, some art, but, generally, if you bought it because you liked it, don't get rid of it just to have the cash (unless y
  6. It would be great if you could get stuff back on to spinners in stores. Build the audience
  7. Showing my complete ignorance, I would be curious how NFT's are stored. It might be interesting if they could be incorporated into the physical art (like an RFID tag or a UPC code). This way you could not separate them and it would act like a certificate of authenticity.
  8. In regards to the original topic of supply of material, there probably is a reduced supply of some stuff, but I keep coming back to how much stuff from the 80's and 90's I don't see. Let's take a non-esoteric example - Iron Man. The "original" Iron Man series ran from 1968-1996 in 332 issues. How many of those pages/covers (estimate ~7000) etc do you see in collections, auctions, or dealer sites. Even with loss to fire, shredder, etc, there are a lot of pages that are sitting in a stack somewhere.
  9. I think what surprises me (other than the obvious) is the speed of ratcheting up the value of a first appearance. I think it has usually taken decades for a piece of art to be lifted to this level based on a character's appearance.
  10. I am not an Aquaman collector but was turned on to Paul by a friend. I bought this pencils only cover because ... just ... wow. His site is well set up, service is great and timely, and the prices are incredibly reasonable given the quality of the art.
  11. No it can't all go up constantly, but the market can remain strong. There will be stratification.
  12. I've been a collector since the early 90's. I hope this is not wishful thinking, but I think the market will remain strong. Why? 1) There are still a lot of outlets for comic books, even if it isn't through the traditional comic book store. Trade paperbacks and resales on amazon and places like half price books continue to push product out. Also, school have actually added graphic novels and manga to their libraries. It might not be Conan, but the sequential art form is not discouraged or looked down on as it was before. 2) There is a lot of great story material in those books.
  13. A Hempel Sandman page was at auction recently; there are Shelton pages out there for sale, including the whole "Fineous Gets an Abortion" story. I think the Golden Micronauts is pretty rare. There was an interview on CAF Live recently about the new Artists edition.
  14. A little late to the game, but slowly building my walls of art in the office. This way I get to look up and enjoy while working.
  15. Love the Spectre pages. Actually have the cover to Spectre 26 and have been thinking about framing it