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  1. Wow Joe, that is definitely scary. I did at least think to take pictures of my books sitting on the CGC table, then of the guy taking my books. I was really, really surprised at how casual and dismissive they were about my concerns as to what was happening with my books.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this comment, but I hesitate to create a new stream as I've little experience here. I just dropped off my most expensive comics for grading at the CGC booth at the Motor City Comic Con. I had gone thru the online process to submit them. I was shocked at how they gave me nothing physical to confirm that they had my books in their possession. In fact, they acted very condescending about the whole thing, like I was silly to want something. They kept telling me not to worry, and explained their process behind the curtains. Anything can happen: books can get misplaced, something can get taken or just confused. It left me feeling very scared that I'd just left my prized books there with no verification from CGC that they had them.
  3. Thank you all very much for the information. I have many CGC books, some I submitted myself years ago, and many bought from ebay in the time since. I have never seen this happen; I guess I've been lucky. I only have a couple of magazines slabbed, that may be why I haven't seen it. The four corners all seem very solid. And like someone else mentioned, I've never actually seen a case cracked open. I had problems with the seller, who sent it out many days late, and it could have been packed better. So I got paranoid a bit and likely magnified in my mind the flaws I could see. I would have sent pictures but it was hard to hold the camera and hold the case so the thin slit on the side was visible. Again, much appreciated.
  4. Hi, First-time poster here. I'm wondering if a CGC book I bought on ebay could have been tampered with. I bought a magazine, Marvel Super Special #1 (KISS), and the edges of the case on the left and the right seem to be partially separated - very thin. if I try to pull them apart I can slightly. The corners of the case seem solidly sealed. I don't know how to open a case so I can't be sure whether they've somehow replaced the book with another copy. I've never seen this with a CGC case before, and I'm concerned that I've been cheated. The book was a 9.6 and I would grade it slightly less myself, but I'm always surprised by grades these days. I'm wondering whether I should return it. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic. I couldn't find an answer in the FAQs. Thanks.