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  1. How can we get in line for 2019? I've heard Todd will not sign the Venom 1:1000 variant, yet I see them on eBay with his signature. I'd like to get it as well as a pristine ASM 298 and a very nice ASM 300 signed by the Toddfather.
  2. I got this the day before Venom came out. Had many Venom comics in the 90's as a teenager and while in the military, but had to sell for rent money once I got out. Went to SDCC 95-97, and was a good time. I've been looking for this one for a long time. Had many feelers out and finally snagged one. I think it needs pressed to help out some minor creases that don't change the color. Looks fairly clean to me, but I'd like some unbiased opinions. What do you guys think?