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  1. Economy: Delivered to CGC: 4/17 SFG: 4/25 Reholder: Delivered to CGC: 4/17 SFG: 4/25
  2. Nice pickup! Loved this game as a kid. Axel and Thumper were my go to characters.
  3. Anyone have a Goon interior page by Eric Powell they want to unload?
  4. I assume you're talking about the labels? Last gen labels are definitely more washed out than current gen. I don't believe it's a light exposure fading issue since all the labels of that era seem to be this way.
  5. Sent off to CGC today. Will update when it gets back. I’m hoping for a 3.0, but wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back as a 2.5.
  6. .75" tear between the N and the O at the top of the cover.
  7. FWIW, none of the Walmarts near me carry any of these exclusive comics (the two I checked, anyway). All I wanted was one of the Swamp Thing exclusives, but I had to resort to the bay.
  8. I'm a big fan of this Kong of Skull Island #1 cover from Eric Powell:
  9. Very cool piece! Game development is another path she could take. Good concept artists are always needed but also some of the most competitive positions. There are a lot of aspects of game dev she could consider in art; animation, character artist, environment art and concept art just to name a few. Depending on the studio and the game, pay can be pretty good and will pay out bonuses if the game does well enough.
  10. Strange. I've had two books both shipped priority - one I shipped and the other coming to me. An Alert with expected delays were on both of them due to possible emergencies in Ohio and Oregon... But both seem to be on track. :Shrug:
  11. Picked up my first OA piece last month. Eric Powell's art from Action Comics #857 page 4. Loved his portrayal of the Bizarro characters and this piece had 'em all! Bizarro Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkgirl and Lex Luthor - and regular Superman throwing some classic Powell Punches!
  12. Is it? I don't know much about this book. But cover A seems to sell right around $500 (although maybe not close enough!)
  13. Ah yes, wasn't even thinking of those early Goon appearances. Good call! All New Marvel Now! Point One #1 is another one. 1st Kamala Khan.