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  1. Great article. I've been interested in video game collecting for a while and have a small library of Sega Genesis games. I constantly fight the urge to expand the collection to other consoles. People have been collecting video games for a long time and it seems like it really started to take off into the mainstream over the last few years. The parallels between comics, toys and video game collecting are definitely there. If you had a rare sealed Star Wars action figure would you open it? Would you crack out a high grade X-Men #1 to read? No, you wouldn't. Same thing with video games. If you wanted to play the game you'd find a cheap loose cart to play (a "reader" copy, if you will). Haters gonna hate.
  2. The article doesn't really mention how the cards were altered/re-touched. Only a mention of the Stan Musial card that had a black print mark, then didn't. But they go onto to say types of cleaning are allowed on cards. Were they trimmed? Chemically cleaned?
  3. That was my impression of the first issue. It's also using the latest trend of a medieval/GoT style setting. Maybe it will switch things up in future issues.
  4. Story was fun but certainly wasn't groundbreaking, by any means. Group of unlikely heroes/anti-heroes, each with a different skill set are forced to go on a suicide mission. I'll check out the rest in trade.
  5. I believe that was me in the TAT thread! It's a pretty egregious error IMO and hopefully doesn't happen that often. As long as they open the book I bet you'll be fine
  6. Thanks, dude! They only graded the outside cover initially. So it came back a 9.0 with no mention of a double cover. No clue how or when it was actually missed on their end. I emailed them about it and they regraded/shipped at no charge.
  7. Finally got my submission back, along with the Goon Color Special 'mechanical error' that they missed the double cover on . Did about as expected; HoS 92 I was expecting at 3.0 at most, so I'm happy with the 4.0. Batman 232 I thought for sure was at least a 5.5, so that one stung a little. Can't win them all!