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  1. Wayyyy too many holes in my craptastic collection to bother with registry. Maybe I’m too harsh on it. All I can say is “kids don’t expect great grades!” FF 52 still the price leader even with an FF 8 in same grade. Kirby signed FF 13 was an unexpected hoot. I’m planning on dumping my Byrne issues to focus only on Kirby books. They never went anywhere. Beyond that who knows? I prefer EC books more than super hero...
  2. Hmmm. Finally getting through slabbing my inherited collection. Just sent what I think are the last 4 worthwhile books in. I even went with budget rates this time. Pressing and slabbing ain’t cheap for silver age books! I feel some sense of satisfaction in finishing and learning the grading standards from these boards. I’m not sure where to next...
  3. Thanks for the info! I will add those books to my list too. Straw Man is too humble haha. It really is a fantastic collection! Top ten I’m sure!
  4. Ok sooo... Straw Man certainly has one of the if not the finest collection of early FF in the world. What is your secret? Time and money? It looks like you have done a lot of grooming and cherry picking to reach this stage. All of your books are Uber! Any advice? To me an 8.0 collection is hard enough but your bar is much higher. It’s breathtaking! What do you collect? Is it more than FF? Did you go beyond issue 100? Do you have any duplicates you can dump on us luddites? Inquiring minds want to know! Lastly, post a pic of your number 1 so I can go clean my shorts! Thanks!
  5. Just sent in 22 26 55 and 72. I’ll keep the thread posted and give pics when I get them. Even at economy settings it’s still over 100 a book to press and grade. That’s a lot of scratch! Plus over 3 month turn around!!! I have posted pics of the raw books here before. Should all be in the 6 to 8 range. Maybe I get lucky who knows?
  6. Wanted books always sell if you are not too greedy... Other stuff not so much hehe!
  7. You don't need a shipping label, shipping place can do that.
  8. Try here on the boards. Most here are serious collectors and won't rip you off but if you are charging too much dont expect many responses. check is fine just deposit it first!
  9. I think you should read them at least once. I have a valuable book with a tare like that too. How does it happen? Yours removes some story so grading it will probably get zinged not sure how much. Good luck!
  10. Is the bleed through from inside back cover? I think you get a pass on a lot of that. However the book is not perfect regardless. It doesn't have sharp corners and looks like a 9.2. It is still a nice copy...
  11. Centering is kind of like page color. It is not really dinged bad by CGC but both are important in their own way. Revat just called it "presentation" so he was on the mark too. Everybody wants both but there are a lot of books out there that don't have both. Only you can decide what is more important to you. I think I would get the 9.2 unless the centering is way off.
  12. The books are expensive. If you don't focus on them the price may become prohibitive for most. I don't really like 6.5 grade books but it is funny how close 6.5 can come to 8 in these cases. I bet straw man has spent a decade dumping his 6.5 for 8 and then 9 plus. He might be a pet groomer IRL. I am happy to have gained a FF46 in trade for some stuff that was worth more but I didn't care about. I still think the Blackbolt cover was weak... Twins...
  13. Almost certain a press would bump to 8.5!