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  1. Nothing too crazy here but decent. Got my books today. Honestly, they all look the same to me because none have spine wear. One boardie was offended about me complaining about not having anything above 9.2 when all he has is 2.0. I think a 2.0 would cost less than a Starbucks on any of these books. I’m happy with how the books came out. One question for you non pressers... can a book spine that can’t even support its own weight be called plump anymore? Maybe mine have been packed too tight for too long.
  2. Yeah but if you saw a collection of 8.0 you would probably snatch that up! I should be happy with my 2 9.0. Best I’ve done is a 9.2 on number 29. Overall best is Star Wars 1 at 9.6. It’s actually a miracle any of these books survived. My brother hated baggage but now they bring me pleasure and I like owning some of his things. I’m not dissing on you greggy. I just find it interesting the difference between 60s books and 70s books. Have a great day
  3. Let’s see greggy pull his tricks on pre 1965 books instead of stacks of ms marvel and she hulk. Challenge offered
  4. Nice book. It’s hard to get that grade from books bought from a store used. Much easier for news stand copies read only once. Two things I find interesting. One is that so many people post here that don’t like slabs. Second is that a shop is going to offer pennies on the dollar for your “precious” collection. Remember this as you pump money into this “hobby”. I still want more books but no way I’m buying ungraded ones. Lessons learned. Have a great day!
  5. I want to see if they are worth more than 500 bucks in store credit! Need a second opinion! Also it’s interesting. All of the books come back lower than I thought but none of them have been truly bad. Yeahh it’s kind of dumb at this point since all the high dollar books are done. Now about this issue 94.... ive bought about 3 ungraded books online and wow were they over graded by about 3 points. I have yet to see an honest grade but then not everyone agrees with CGC. It is what it is. Honestly what’s more incredible than the cost is the time involved but then I could have just sent in 30 at a time and had my answers sooner. Expensive
  6. Yeah you are missing something... It cost 45 bucks to send the books in GROUND FedEx. Took about 3 and a half weeks. BIG RIP OFF! About 60 bucks to have pressed each at STANDARD rate... About 70 bucks each to have graded at STANDARD rate Turn around about 3 months... ECONOMY mode will take about 7 months! I vowed never to do that again! The grading was strict. Mind you I sent these in expecting high grades because they all look new. The notes are all prefixed with the words very and small. When i see some of these other graded books with 100 spine ticks get the same grade as mine i am puzzled. Its great for the buyer but terrible for the seller unless i add a 100 percent premium. I guess im just curious. I like the cases at least but at 138 buck per book hmmmm. These are 60 year old books... a 9.8 is easy for modern but not so much for FF 1 to 100... I post some pics when they arrive. Be well
  7. More mediocrity... Maybe broke even on submission fees but not likely. I think real sharp corners are needed for 9 plus. Learn to grade!! Lol...
  8. Very interdasting. I think I start a doom love fest. Who here thinks that doom was the model for darth Vader? I’m sure of it
  9. No spine ticks just slightly rounded corners. Maybe a 9.2 or 9.4. Got to have sharp corners for better. I got 6 dr doom books coming back soon. Scheduled for grading now. 60 to press each plus another 60 to grade blah blah postage I’m into these for around 140 each. I don’t think I’ll get my money back unless some 9.6 or 9.8. Not likely but I wanted some dr doom slabs. Now I got them. Have a great Saturday!
  10. Ohhhh. Then kudos and good find! I think I got that in better but who knows! You have the best books straw man but I see some competition! Do you have a stank copy of ff 5 for my ff13 Kirby sig?
  11. Wait lol you took a lower graded book because of the pedigree?? Aha I see what you did! You have another 9.8 copy!! I guess I’m lucky I still have many to add. I don’t even have the covers memorized yet. Still waiting for my 6 books to get graded. Btw ccs and CGC both charge upfront for services now. I’m going to lose my shirt on these 50’s and 60’s books. It’s at 138 buck per book for pressing and grading STANDARD. Cost more than the book methinks. Also hey kids don’t use FedEx they took 29 days to ship for a mere 45 bucks. Ridiculous!
  12. I'm going to miss Bob. He took the time to teach me a lot about graded books. I did actually buy one of his books. I don't think he wanted to sell anything. He loved comics and collecting. He told me he had sold his collection one time and regretted it ever since, Be at peace my friend...