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  1. Go ahead and send them all in and press em'! Can't be more than 1500 buck!
  2. If they are on different purchase orders they will be shipped back in different boxes.
  3. The books look great to me, if anything why did you get lower page quality on them? Were they stored in an attic or garage or basement? They are technically newer books...
  4. Crime SuspenseStories Dog Food. Extra bonus you get 4 complete stories every book!
  5. Of course everyone would PREFER white pages and no one wants one turning to dust! I think my FF52 should have come in at 8.5 but at least it has white pages hehe...
  6. This is actually an interesting question that I have not asked yet too. Does the page quality affect the grade and if so how much? Between the two 8.5 OP suggested will the off white to white book have less color breaking creases and such? We are talking about older books here like pre 1970 and they are 50 year old newsprint...
  7. Its a CatWolf! Better watch that snake too, they could be conspirators! 5.0-5.5
  8. There is good and there is good enough. With so many good storage options available now these books are going to outlast us all by 100 years! My books were just in a good quality short box in poly bags and supposedly acid free cardboard. Stored in a closet in an air conditioned space they seem to have survived 40 years just fine. I always liked those 4 mil mylars since I was a kid so I put all of my books in them with boards. I also bought 2 corrugated plastic boxes that will fit both slabs and golden age mylars fine. I am not really sure about the open top mylars and how they will work over time because they have air flow. I doubt I got another 40 years in me but you never know... I am not really sure if the wrinkly poly bags damaged my books but I think they didn't because my newsstand books still look new. Its just all my back issues that look like oatmeal, no idea why... Do you realize I have spent more on storage now than the cost of all the books? That's crazy...
  9. Its a great condition book but has spine wear and heavily rounded corners my guess is 5.0...
  10. i think a bag around the slab is smart because after all its still just plastic and will scratch. I like my corrugated boxes that fit books and slabs. How far down this rabbit hole can we go? Smithsonian Level?
  11. Too many posts I didn't read them all... From experience I believe the sun is the worst enemy so as much as you want its probably not a good idea to display books ever but then again what is the worst that can happen? You will be a 70 year old dude with some faded books? Who cares right? Why the hate on Silver Age books? I have an FF8 coming soon... No this post is not about you Twopiece but I wanted you to read it. Beso
  12. High grade is not over rated. However that axe cover is sublime. There is no gore but there is impending doom...
  13. I know im not helping you out man but my skills at grading books below 5 are like nil so I should probably just shut up and move on. TwoPiece was right you should have left it in the slab...
  14. I dont get it. I mean I do but I dont at the same time. It is a rag book. I dont like them but a lot of people here do. Money is money i guess. I hope you didnt pay much for it. Whatever floats your boat... Ohh hi TwoPiece!