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  1. I bet you still use scotch tape. Haha silly human!
  2. My boxes are superior to yours! Therefor I am superior. Wash my feet plus cat proof!
  3. Hmmm. You told me not to send that ff50 in. I was hoping for a 7.0. It came out ok no surprises. Basically it’s a good book but was read with fat thumbs! Now I have a problem... I need a copy of 48! I must finish the trilogy! Saving up now...
  4. Omaha comics has treated me well also. Nice books!
  5. I have a couple early ff with marvel chips. How bad do they affect grade. Worth slabbing? Are they worse than stains?
  6. A little bit. I had guessed 7 7 8 9 9 so I was not too far off. Remember they each cost around 140 with pressing and postage. I was hoping the 90’s books would get above 9.2. It is what it is
  7. I got my next 5 submission grades in. Kind of a waste of time and money. There is nothing special about these grades although decent. These were all inherited books and not bought already graded... ff24 7.0 ow wh #50 6.5 ow #63 9.0 wh not bad considering black cover #91 9.0 wh could probably have bought a 9.6 with less hassle #94 6.5 wh stain on back cover I missed sometimes it’s easier to just buy the book than grade your own... I show pics if anyone cares or wants
  8. Strange. 5 silver age standard. Ccs pressed in 2 weeks and given to CGC. Scheduled for grading one day after payment. YEEEEHAWWW!!!
  9. i want t to give a shout out to MyComicShop.com. I did not realize I was buying from them because it was an eBay purchase but their grading and shipping was superb. I will be back...
  10. my recent additions... mostly decent, number 40 is on its way Then im going to finish the 30's. I want 37 slabbed 9.0 plus though ouch ouch