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  1. Karl Liebl

    Is It Worth CGCing the Byrne FF Run?

    I saved all those Byrne books too!! Well, up to 273 at least, when the collecting stopped...
  2. Karl Liebl

    FF 49 Jury is in...

    Yeah... I will pre screen next time I think, it should cut down on any surprises. I am still new to this. I have only sent in 6 books so far. A lot of my other books don't need pressing too, so that's a plus.
  3. Buying is a LOT easier than selling. You are not going to be selling a 1000 buck book to a pimply faced 14 year old... only old farts can afford it!
  4. Karl Liebl

    FF 49 Jury is in...

    I think its a great service for buyers and sellers of slabbed books, but its not so great getting your own books slabbed... so far at least hehe I keep getting dinged on darn chipping on top and bottom of books even though its very light. These were the best books a 12 year old kid could afford at the time, I shouldn't complain, It probably only cost about 5 bucks and now worth over 1000. Woe is me right?
  5. It seems buying is a lot easier than selling. Maybe I should tone down my rebuke of "dealers" a little bit and just enjoy the hobby... 'nuff said
  6. Yes. I wasted a lot of money doing things the wrong way. Live and learn. Did CGS cut me any slack? Heck no lol. All books I sent in have been disappointing. Its a great service for buyers but very disheartening for people with raw books to go through as your big money dreams will be slashed by 50 to 90 percent. What is better truth or delusion? That being said I did just buy a 1200 buck slabbed book, game on i guess lol...
  7. Karl Liebl

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    But how do I operate this mouse thingy???
  8. Karl Liebl

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    Is Paste Pot Pete in the Frightful Four?? I just bought a copy lol...
  9. I already bought a couple of those corrugated ones that fit slabs and mylar books. I don't plan on growing my collection massively and I am not currently buying new books, just a couple old ones here and there. I think they will do the trick... My books are in a Bankers Box now which is half as thick as a comic book box cardboard and basically garbage, anything would be better...
  10. Maybe I will slab that FF 50 later but I know I am going to get slammed on it, it is a decent copy. I am not interested in the whole business side of selling antiques and collectables. I wouldn't mind trading a few books that have no meaning to me for some more early FF 8.0 or above... New Teen Titans 1 (9.8) Marvel and DC Presents Teen Titans and X Men 1 (9.8) Conan 4,6,7 (hmmm 9 plus) X Men 99 (in 9.8) ASM 25, 39, 40 (hmmm 9.0 plus) Just my guesswork... next up for slabbing are the ASM
  11. Karl Liebl


    I like the fact that she read them... A LOT!! Good for her...
  12. Karl Liebl

    Subscription fold

    Yeah its only about halfway up the book too, I am not even sure if it is a true subscription crease. I am happy with the grade, I didn't expect much. I sure hope CCS got some of that dirt off, thats all I wanted.
  13. Everybody cares about money... You might be wrong about my intentions though because I just bought another book lol, that makes 2 books I bought now... the beast is growing...