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  1. i want t to give a shout out to MyComicShop.com. I did not realize I was buying from them because it was an eBay purchase but their grading and shipping was superb. I will be back...
  2. my recent additions... mostly decent, number 40 is on its way Then im going to finish the 30's. I want 37 slabbed 9.0 plus though ouch ouch
  3. very very noice... this is not the hallmark of an amateur collector! I am calling you out! You have one of the top ten collections in the world!. What is the end game may I ask? I think the hunt makes you happy and I guess thats all that matters really.... I keep fleshing out my collection slowly but heck these books are expensive even raw! Happy Holidays
  4. thats fine. I am not arguing here. i have tried fast track and economy and standard. I am definitely not happy with economy because it was almost 7 months... Who has time for that?! The Dude will be happy with my latest acquisition... raw book, cheap and could use a press
  5. How do you choose wisely among grading options? Wait 7 months for your book? Dont use CCS? Tell me exactly how to save money on this. I will pay 375 for this book right now if it has been pressed by CCS
  6. I got 2 auctions ending soon for my lowball bids. Are they required to honor them?
  7. Im not sure you will be able to recover the slabbing and pressing fees with these grades. Unless you didn't slab them. im in the same boat...
  8. Sooo, I am familiar with the rubber stamp method but what about the spray paint whatever method along the top of a book? I am getting bad grades on graded books for stains along the top edge, are they downgrading for this?
  9. You dont need to take things personally. If you like reader copies thats fine. You attacked a bunch of folks here because they have high grade books and seek them out. Its like some kind of snobbery to you. I was simply lamenting the fact that none of my older books have gone above 9.2. Its not really surprising for second hand books bought from a shop. I also dont like the cost of slabbing and pressing. These cost me 138 bucks per book including postage for STANDARD. Seems steep. Moderns dont need pressing and cost 20 bucks to slab... not so with my books. Slabbing is horrible for t
  10. Nothing too crazy here but decent. Got my books today. Honestly, they all look the same to me because none have spine wear. One boardie was offended about me complaining about not having anything above 9.2 when all he has is 2.0. I think a 2.0 would cost less than a Starbucks on any of these books. I’m happy with how the books came out. One question for you non pressers... can a book spine that can’t even support its own weight be called plump anymore? Maybe mine have been packed too tight for too long.