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  1. Whats up with FF annual 6. I picked a nm unslabbed copy for 30 bucks 6 months ago...
  2. The best part was this was a total surprise! It was the oldest FF I had and a little dirty, came back a 5.5. I just sent it in for sentiment. Looks great after a press... I think i posted it like 5 times now haha, sorry... The signature note is on the label.
  3. What's up with FF annual 6? I got a very nice copy about 6 months ago for 30 bucks, because KirbyJack told me to do it! Could be a 9.0 plus...
  4. i agree. But Tell me, do you own any slabbed books or would you buy one?
  5. Wont they Keys value beat the 9.8 in a run book?
  6. those are both collectable books Like Minor Keys. since you got everything already would you rather 70 to 100 ff in over 9.0?
  7. It seems like the common theme... grading is too tight right now . Its like the sirens song for 5 years now... Its expensive to send in with a press, like 100 per book. But you know they aren't making any more. 60 year old newsprint. Lets say I keep the books ten more years, any opinions? Strawman....
  8. Your honesty stings but is probably correct... Thanks
  9. Worth sending in? The books are nice but not great condition. Would you do it? What do you guys think?
  10. Big High Roller i would usually fast track my stuff through CCS and CGC. Thats 2 months. Economy submission is 6 loooooong months. Who has time for that? Not me!
  11. I did read the thread. Press and slab it it if you want. It will cost about 140 buck for a single silver age book including postage and take up to 6 months. Go for it... Fedex ground...45 buck Pressing at CCS ... 60 buck Grading at CGC... 40 buck Postage back???? Do what you want. Just DO NOT pick pick economy submission!
  12. Whats up with FF13? It seems popular now... I got that Kirby signed one.
  13. Do not display valuable books in the sunlight. I learned the hard way. They fade kind of fast (5 years lol). Marvel legends are just reprints so do what you want with them! I was looking at a Frazetta site and saw they have canvas prints available cheap... best of both worlds.