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  1. I've completed a couple trades with Mike at Romitaman, with me sending in the pieces first and then him sending out after. Agreed with a previous poster, probably some real life things came up that kept him from responding. I echo others here in that you can have ease of mind when buying from him.
  2. Would love to finally get to one of these gatherings. Gonna keep an eye out once a date is set - early September sounds great!
  3. You're definitely not the only person. I most likely cannot afford it but I'd love to see the OA and find out where it's at... ... just in case. Hah.
  4. Picked up another Lee Weeks page at HeroesCon a couple weekends ago. Absolutely love Lee's work and was thrilled to see this available. I have two other pages from this World War Hulk Prologue issue filled with Lee Weeks flashbacks so getting this one was definitely the highlight of the show for me.
  5. Since I resurrected this thread, I wanted to give an update. Most of the discussion has been outside of my situation, thankfully (as mine was self-inflicted - using F&F on PayPal). I finally received my art today, after Visar said he shipped on April 30. As I mentioned, my main gripe was the 41 days in transit, wrong tracking provided - which could have been an honest mistake, but one that was never remedied - and going radio silent for over two weeks until I posted on this board. He's not a thief but this was not a pleasant transaction and I'll not likely do business with him in the future.
  6. Those AA War of the Realms covers look amazing. This definitely looks like the ultimate art show to attend.
  7. Damn, I should've done my due diligence before purchasing from him on CAF. I purchased four pages from him over a month ago, said he shipped and provided me with a bad tracking number, and now he's gone radio silent, though he posted new pages for sale a couple weeks ago. I naively assumed that since he's been a member of CAF for so many years and has a premium account, it would be a smooth(ish) transaction. I unfortunately made the mistake of using Friends and Family with PayPal as well. Anyone have suggestions?
  8. Absolutely love prelims. Echoing the common sentiment, for me, it helps paint a picture of the creative process and in some instances, the more finished pieces can act as replacements of covers I wouldn't be able to own. Here are a few Nick Bradshaw prelims I've picked up. The Spider-man/Kingpin one is especially nice since they're quite finished and lets us see what Nick's other idea was for the Deadpool cover option A eventually becomes.
  9. Just picked up my first World War Hulk page as well as first JR Jr page. Not sure what took me so long. Loved this battle between Hulk and Dr. Strange, and this page also includes a flashback to the end of Planet Hulk and Caiera's death. Enjoy! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1553413
  10. That's not necessarily true though. I've seen some artists submit commissions that they've done to be published covers (and it looks like that's what happened here). Jim does say another buyer was found.
  11. My collection is mostly Hulk-centric and though most of my OA is from one of the various Hulk books, I have some that aren't just because I love the art. There's always room to trade/sell "up" but if you like the art, I say go for it. I agree, because we're dealing with one of a kind art, it may come down to the only thing that ever becomes available (for a long time at least).
  12. Great story haha. Poor fella.. but I agree, it's hard to look at this image with fresh eyes as it's been pretty much everywhere since. $2,500 in 2001... sigh.
  13. I enjoy both and collect both but prefer the inks - it just has a more finished look for me. However, I have some pencil pieces that I love and would not get inked, even by the same artist.