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  1. They should be asking for ID, that's ridiculous. Did you escalate to a supervisor? I'm especially worried about porch-pirating as my post-person sometimes puts my packages in my box, which is outside our security gate, even though they should have our gate code. Imagine a 13x19 sized package sticking out of a 9x12 box... just screaming for theft. The only saving grace is that I work from home and I keep an eye out when I'm expecting a package, easier now especially with my desk facing the window looking right at my mail box. Had I had a traditional job at the office, there's probably no way to have items delivered to my home.
  2. Not to stir the pot but is the general consensus the improved Polyglass sheets still not to be trusted on their own? I have both the Itoyas with the old thin plastic sheets and one portfolio with the Polyglass sheets and thought I was upgrading. Can someone post a link to the discussion about Itoyas not being the best for protection - apologies, I wasn't able to find it searching through.
  3. Oh my, I've been wondering where this DPS ended up. Absolutely love this and it looks amazing framed.
  4. I think he mentioned 400 in a facebook response. I'm not terribly worried, Spencer usually gets back, whether it be a confirmation or if the art is gone. My request is just a page that's been on the site for awhile and just taking advantage of the sale. But yes, looking forward to the new website whenever it rolls out.
  5. Tried this method this past weekend. They called me when the frame was ready, I went in the next day, and in 10 minutes while I walked around the store they were able to insert the art and I was on my way. Zero anxiety option. Thanks Bird!
  6. I agree, I wouldn't want to do business with this individual anytime down the line when art is concerned. Heck, when anything is concerned to be honest. I don't have my pitchfork out or anything and I wouldn't continue to go around blasting his name, but if he has the capacity for this kind of fraud, I'd like to be able to reference this incident if I were to forget who it was a few years later. There was a lot of pressure from the social community this time. What if he builds a little more credibility by starting to collect art and thinks, "hey, maybe it'll work this time"?
  7. oh man, I can't wait to hear this. Fingers crossed this is going to end well and we can laugh and learn from Guizar-gate (yes? no?) for years to come.
  8. Agreed, mail fraud is a federal offense. I hope they'd take it seriously. Sorry this is happening to you. I'm sure I speak for most of us as a group when I say this is our collective nightmare.
  9. We live in a 3-story patio home (standalone but no yard) so no man-cave or office unfortunately. It took me awhile to talk her into letting me hang my art in the hallway, which actually turned out to be perfect as it gets little to no sunlight and I get to see it many times a day. Basement man-cave has been a dream of mine for a long time as well haha. Good luck!
  10. Beautiful display! I went for a similar approach in my upstairs hallway. Lots of pencil markings and nail holes behind these frames haha.
  11. He also posted to his Instagram account too
  12. That would actually make me feel a ton better, thanks!
  13. Recently took advantage of a sale at Michaels custom framing and got my Chris Stevens oil painting framed. I was extremely paranoid and nervous leaving the art with them but because it was painted on a wood board, I didn't think I'd ever be able to frame it myself. Turned out great and all my worrying was for naught. Which brings up the topic, are you guys ever nervous leaving OA with the framers? Any tips?