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  1. Love Paul's art and agreed, he's criminally underrated (and an extremely nice gentleman as previously mentioned). Here's a commission he completed for me from 2020 - absolute master of montage story-telling.
  2. Published Incredible Hulk 611, pg 6 - Paul Pelletier I originally purchased in 2010, unfortunately sold in 2012 and finally re-acquired it and received Christmas Eve 2020
  3. Unpublished Maestro [featuring Galactus] - Michael Jason Paz
  4. Published Silver Surfer Parable Cover [Turkish Edition] - Yildiray Cinar
  5. To save you future grief, I don't think you can be held responsible for selling complete issues and the buyer turns around and breaks them up sometime down the line. Not necessarily speaking about this instance of course. With that said, I think you've priced pages well enough that people who are looking for a quick buck will quickly have a rude awakening. Unless we're talking about Silver Surfer Black that is, hah.
  6. Absolutely agree. Although it's a little less appealing (tiny bit) with modern pages since they don't have all the narration/dialogue but still nice to be able to have a whole book intact. Yes, total win for the artists and Felix.
  7. Sal's Hulk (obviously biased) and Finch's Batman
  8. That's awesome - nice touch with the Itoya portfolio for the complete SS story. Cam's the man.
  9. Huge Gator and Hulk fan. When ESPN previewed these, I hunted as many down as was still available. Homage covers that featured my Gators (in place of Hulk which was a nice bonus)! Pencils by Jose Luis: Pencils by Yvel Guichet - this was a "rejected" cover that Yvel decided to finish anyways. ESPN didn't want Albert to appear larger and more overpowering than Sebastian, but it made me like it more for obvious reasons.
  10. This looks great, following for your review as well!
  11. Michaels has some 11x17 matted frames that display well. If you're worried about UV protection, you can go to the framers and ask them to custom cut a piece of museum glass that fits the frame so that will be a cheaper alternative.
  12. I've completed a couple trades with Mike at Romitaman, with me sending in the pieces first and then him sending out after. Agreed with a previous poster, probably some real life things came up that kept him from responding. I echo others here in that you can have ease of mind when buying from him.