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  1. Wow thanks for the help! I'm humbled by the help!
  2. Hi everyone. Im thinking about buying a slabbed book and possibly pressing it. I have one concern though. There seems to be a tear near the top staple of this book. Im not sure if pressing would be ideal if this is a tear. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! UPDATE! I think pressing it would be a bad idea. The tear will most likely get worse.
  3. I guess I've been watching too many (marvel) movies. I thought a post thread vampi would secretly slide in.
  4. Chris is a great seller to deal with & more importantly a great.person! GLWTS Chris!
  5. I agree :-). But these days someone could easily spent a couple hundred dollars chasing every cover/ variant of a book not half as cool as ASM 300.
  6. Spider-man 300. Great entry level comic
  7. Hi everyone. Hope everyone is well. Could anyone please help me with grading this book? These are the only photos I have until tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
  8. Chris is a great person and seller! highly recommended!