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  1. This is my Iron Man #1 that I've had for 40-plus years and I can tell you the one that I received was not as nice as this. Even without this felt marker mark or whatever the mark is.
  2. Yeah, that's the listing. He notes such a high grade and then states that he's not a grader. If the seller is not a grader then don't put any kind of a grade. Especially a CGC type of grade.
  3. Here's one of the pictures. The seller seems to have taken angled pictures to avoid obvious exposure of the defect. I was viewing this on a mobile device so it was hard for me to see it.
  4. Yes, top left corner. That's how I feel, also. I'm going to return it. Thanks for your input.
  5. I just received this Iron man #1 that I bought on ebay. The seller failed to note the felt marker in the item description. It was visible upon very close inspection of the photos on ebay but hard to see on a mobile device. I can return this book for a refund if I want. I'm new to CGC and the whole grading business and I'm looking for advice from the veterans on the forum here. So, as the title states is it a matter of simple removal or is it a restoration to get rid of the marker?
  6. Hi, my name is Mark and recently signed up with CGC to send in some of my books for grading. I started collecting comics back in the mid seventies up until the early eighties. I've sat on my collection for the last 40 years or so. It consists of all Marvel comics, Iron man being my favorite character.