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  1. I'll play.... 1. Winsor McCay 2. George Herriman 3. Frank King 4. Carl Barks 5. Alex Raymond 6. Noel Sickles 7. Milt Caniff 8. Charles Schulz 9. Will Eisner 10. Jack Kirby 11. Steve Ditko 12. Alex Toth 13. Joe Kubert 14. R. Crumb 15. Art Spiegelman
  2. I believe the large figure has always been thought to be Marie Severin's work
  3. What I'd wish you'd do is pinpoint some key pieces prior to the auction commencing and post your thoughts prior, and then see how close your estimates are afterwards. I'm sure your blog is not influential enough to move the needle in any great way and it would be an education for newer collectors to actually see how difficult it is to nail down hammer prices. I'm afraid I'm slightly skeptical of all your pre-auction estimates.
  4. No, you wouldn't have won it for 5k, because Mike wasn't willing to sell it for 5k. You were willing to pay 10k, and Mike was willing to sell it at 9.1k, so you paid $900 less than you were willing to pay. What's the problem? (And Mike is taking a risk -- if shill bidders push the bidding to 9k and there is NOT a higher legitimate bid, he's stuck with the piece and whatever fees accrue.) If you don't want to pay 10k, don't bid 10k. If you don't want to get bid up, don't enter a max bid that others (whether shills or not) can bid against. Of course, you may not win the piece, but at least you won't feel somehow victimized. .