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  1. I agree. Definitely one of the very best 70's Kirby. The sky's the limit.
  2. Put yourself in the artist's shoes. How would you feel knowing someone made an unauthorized print of your hard work without any kind of payment?
  3. I used to own this many years ago. It was done for a paint-by-numbers themed art show. Artists were given a thrift store paint by numbers piece and then they added to it. I used to have the James Jean one as well.
  4. I'll play.... 1. Winsor McCay 2. George Herriman 3. Frank King 4. Carl Barks 5. Alex Raymond 6. Noel Sickles 7. Milt Caniff 8. Charles Schulz 9. Will Eisner 10. Jack Kirby 11. Steve Ditko 12. Alex Toth 13. Joe Kubert 14. R. Crumb 15. Art Spiegelman