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  1. So I just bought a collection for the first time and the seller threw in this really odd copy of Hulk 134 and he pointed this price out but I thought nothing of it at the time. Now I am having a hard time finding any info on this book. 1/- is so odd but cool looking lol. I also just asked on my Instagram (same @ if you wish to follow me). If anyone has any info regarding the rarity of this LMK! I will consider submitting this as well after getting it pressed/cleaned if possible. Thanks for checking this out!
  2. Good morning early birds, I have recently added a bunch of books and will be continuing to add from the PC what I want to get rid of, including a couple small runs, minor keys, and variants. Both BIN and auction. I ship secure always and respond back on there pretty quickly. Take a look! Good luck!
  3. Hey everyone, I just listed a rare copy of Eternals 12 - the first appearance of the Uni-Mind 35 cent price variant for auction. It's lower grade so take a careful look at the pics/description before bidding. Ask me any questions on eBay as I'm rarely ever on here. Link below. Good luck!
  4. Alright so it's finally back from grading! Pretty happy with the outcome. Thanks for everyone's input, most of you guessed around a fine range! This one is gonna be for sale so if anyone's interested, lmk.
  5. I appreciate everyone's input. The book is currently with the presser and i'll submit it to CGC once it's back in my hands. I'll update then.
  6. Debating whether or not to submit this. It's got a good amount of interior wiring with ink, but none on the cover. Edit: It will be pressed and cleaned!
  7. Just got these in yesterday, firs time I've seen those Marvel Comics Index books from the 70s.