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  1. I know, right? I've had a little of both this season. I had two lots arrive just two days after dropping them off at the post office. Super quick! On the flipside, I had one bound for NJ, I'm in TX, sit in NJ's hub for maybe two weeks before finally going out for delivery. Also had one bound for Louisiana go to Memphis and then back to Dallas before going to Louisiana. Right now I'm dealing with grief from buyers! One bought two lots within a day of each other. He paid for the first one right away, but has yet to pay for the second. I'd like to ship them together since I offer free shipp
  2. Someone said that the Captain Marvel packs may have a Spider-Man 24 sketch variant in the middle. I looked today and the packs do have a white comic in the middle, but it doesn't match up with what the edge should look like. Has anyone else heard this?
  3. Good one. When posting BIN on Ebay, I usually try to line up with whatever it's going for in the condition it's in, expecting someone to offer less. If a buyer offered me $35 like your example, I'd counter with $40, but wouldn't accept lower unless it's been posted for a few weeks (I like to keep things moving). However, I think profit margin plays a role as well. I usually buy for a dollar and flip in the $30's, so if a comic is going for $49 on the regular, but mine has been sitting for a while, I'm more likely inclined to drop my price and/or take a lesser offer. Monstro mention
  4. Uninsulated garage or attic up north? Or Mr. Freeze's closet? Or the Fortress of Solitude? You've been selected to serve in/at/on Antarctica at the scientific outpost there. You scientist you!
  5. Hey folks, I'll be in the Kissimmee/Orlando area this week and was hoping for some good hunting suggestions. I'm sure I'll visit Coliseum and whatever else hits on a google search, but anyone know of some good dollar bins or old used book places that carry back issues? Also we have Entertainmarts, Half Price Books, etc. where I live. Anything like that around there? Appreciate any help in advance!
  6. I usually pull up the Sold list for what I'm selling and write down all the information other sellers think is important. Then I make a Frankenstein title made up of all the good bits! This thread did make me realize that I don't go looking to see what others are listing once I've posted mine. For all I know, others have copied mine. Who cares, I guess.
  7. Your previous post completely answered my question, thanks! I guess I skimmed over it and didn't pick up enough key words! 🤭
  8. The seller showed me the damage on the spot. He's a reliable flea market guy who has sold me at least a hundred comics in the past year or two. Showing my rookie-ness here: what's the reholder fee? Sounds like I may keep this one to display. The books I bought this with make it a throw-in at this point.
  9. I bought my first slab today. I'll start sending my own in to slab one of these days, but this one was a good one to start with. I've read a reprint somewhere and thought this was a nice piece of history. Only thing is, there is a big chip/cracked corner. What does that do to the value overall? I paid little enough that I could just eat the cost and keep the slab to display, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on what this kind of damage does to it?
  10. Found some good stuff today. I bought #2-8 of Secret Invasion because I thought I had #1 at home. I'll know when I get around to it one of these days. My first slab! It has a chip off the top right corner, so there was a steep discount. Most of the rest I'm flipping. Bought at 3 of the 5 booths I stopped at. Nice Sunday afternoon.
  11. Apologize if this type of post already exists. I bought this today. Simple page protector folded over, but with an electric tape twist this time. No real way to unbag without completely ripping/stretching out the tape. Post your creative bagging photos or stories here.
  12. I own the bonehead on that one, for sure. It didn't cross my mind that someone might want this and hope to get it graded. I assured a green label. I'll never do that again.
  13. Yeah... now it's hanging over my head like a bad haircut. 🙄
  14. Now that you mention it, I bought one when it came out back in the day and remember thinking Deadpool was just another guy with guns and alot of pockets. Now it's a little surreal to read since Domino was the big appearance of the book and that's totally flipped around. I think it turned out that wasn't even her anyway.
  15. Yeah, slabbing never crossed my mind. I was just asking orginally what the clipping would do to the grade. Someone posted a 0.5 drop, but I expected more than that.