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  1. I don't particularly read Batman right now, but what about the Signal is going to keep him from being Batman? Here's my pick:
  2. Hold up. I can get myself on an SS?!? I was actually thinking of letting my seven year old draw Darth Vader and I'd go back in and do the background so the two would contrast greatly; making for a neat look.
  3. I'm seeing more of these blank covers where you're supposed to get an artist to draw it for you at a convention. What's the board's preference here? Do you try to get the guy who works on that comic to draw your cover? Do you get just anyone, maybe your favorite artist, to do their version of the character? What if you're a half-way decent artist (I'm not); would doing your own be a thing? For example: I had Steven Butler (Silver Sable, Archie, and Sonic comics in the 90's) do a quick Spider-Gwen for my daughter at a local con. It's the best art hanging in the house, by the way. Off the top of my head, I have blanks of Howard the Duck, Black Cat, and Darth Vader. What if I had him draw their covers in the style of Archie comics? Anyway, from a $$$ perspective, what would maximize a blank books value? Also, would having someone do your cover be considered a variant, or would all covers of that book be lumped into one entry?
  4. Didn't Deadpool's New Mutants 98 spike at the movie announcement, level off afterwards, and spike again at the sequel announcement? I think I recall reading the the second spike was smaller. I think there's always going to be a pop when news breaks followed by a plateau or steady decline. With so many movies hitting the big screens now-a-days, it's almost like sitting on a surf board riding out a wave while waiting for that perfect one. As far as Overstreet, I often hear from buyers and sellers who quote from it without regard for contemporary value markers like ebay and other auction sites. As the wise man always says, it's worth what someone's willing to pay for it!
  5. Nah, people who don't know any better thinking they know better. Another ad wants to sell Hulk 340 for $150- not NM. And Spider-Man 300 for $500- definitely not NM. And there's that lady who think her kid's mid/late 90's Spider-Man comics are worth their weight in gold.
  6. Amen! This weekend I responded to an add that had Strange Tale 146, 147, 157, and Shazam 1 along with a few "meh" books. I asked him to send pics of each cover for me and they were not the best representation of the books to say the least. We haggled a little and agreed to meet. When I saw the books in person, it was like someone took my beer goggles off the morning after. They were beat up pretty bad. Like 1.5 to 3.5 bad. I explained how important condition was and had to pass. Wasted an evening on that one. He took the time to explain to me his research. For example- he found an example of one of his books graded at a 9.8 for $750. So he had $750 written on that issue's bag. He said, " I know you have to pay a percentage to get it graded, but I think it would be worth it." I told him he should put the lot on ebay and hope for the best. Another guy this weekend had a She Hulk 1 and 25 (plus some obligatory 90's random junk that everyone likes to throw into a deal) for $70. I thought it might be worth a look. When I contacted him, he said he'd decided to pull the ad and sell them with the rest of his collection. "I'll take $450. I have 600-700 issues. I've been collecting for almost 20 years, so I know what I have. It's a steal. I just want them out of my living room." His one pic of the collection was two long boxes with a stack of 90's Batgirl on top. Looks like he had a full run of nothing for me.
  7. It's not water damage. It looks like spine wear from someone who doesn't know how to bag a comic. There's a rough spot on the spine higher up similar to current comics that come right off the shelf already looking worn. Don't know how to explain it, but you guys know what I mean? Anyways. Question is not what grade, but how much are these two defects specifically. Those of us looking for a little more experience would like to know what the forum thinks.
  8. Not so much PGM, but could you weigh in on how much of a penalty these two defects would cost me. One is an odd marker dot on the bottom corner of the front cover and the other is just a corner blemish on the spine of the back cover.
  9. This. So this guy thinks the one on the left is an X-Men book. And they're still in their plastic covers, guys! I swear, I live in the wilderness. There are two more posts that state, "still in original packaging" bc some guy before him bagged and boarded them!
  10. So they made Lightning Lad black and then got cold feet, or they only made him in black in one of the comics, so they had to scrub the whole idea? Being a huge LSH fan, I don't care what his race is as long as their ongoing title lasts longer that 20-something issues!
  11. Is building a shelf out of the question? I used some old 2x4's and plywood to make a shelf deep enough to hold long boxes, three rows of 5 boxes across with a top shelf for random hobby-related stuff. It still needs some work- the plywood is rough, so the bottom of the boxes are wearing. I'm thinking contact paper over the plywood. Before that, I was using two of the basic shelves from Lowes (pictured). I put one in front of the other so that a long box could slide into place, using both to support it's weight. They'll bend in the middle after some time, so I suggest a piece of plywood on each shelf so the weight is distributed evenly on the shelf. I had some older, wider shelves where I was running the long boxes long-ways two to a shelf, but to get to one box, I'd have to move the other box.
  12. Both my nearest LCS's said they did not receive their copies to destroy in the first place. They hope to have the replacements soon, but they had no word on when they'd be shipped out. I'm a Legion of Super-heroes nerd, so this fiasco has hit me in the feels. I wanna start a new volume of LSH! I can't get enough of a 4th, 5th, 6th reboot with only slight changes from volume to volume! I may have to resort to taking a cover from an old LSH and putting it on a random New Warriors issue from the 90's and just pretending.
  13. I had to turn it into a process for this very reason. If I buy a book for my collection, it goes into the to-be-read box. Once I read it, it goes into the long boxes. Before this, I would let them pile up before boxing them and every once in a while I'd have to spend an hour or two filing. The to-be-read box is a short box, so that if I don't have room to put a book in it, I have to "read it down" a little so I can buy more comics. The only exception is Legion of Super-heroes. It has become it's own collection. I decided a while back I was going to fill all the holes before reading. Those are probably the only comics in my long boxes that haven't been read. There are probably 50 comics unread out of the 3,500+ in my personal collection. You do the math. On the flipside, any book I buy with the intention of selling generally goes unread. I have about 1,000 grab bag comics and I know that I've only read a handful of them (hence their status as grab bag and not PC). Add in the spec books and gems in the wild and I'd say I have only read 1% of those. There are titles in there I wish I could read, but there's never going to be enough time to go through all of that in addition to what I bring in on the regular.
  14. I had that same thought this past weekend. If you can see the bend/crease, and a press flattens it to where it goes away, then you're golden. If you press and you can still see where the crease was (maybe holding it at a certain angle with respect to the light), then the points will be deducted, I guess?