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  1. $1 at Entertainmart. The cashier said, "That shouldn't be a dollar. I didn't know we had these." I said, "Comicbooks? Yeah there's a load of them back there." Then we shared that, "you and I both know what I mean" look and I quietly paid for my stuff.
  2. Picked up Starslayer 10 yesterday, for a BUCK, and came across these two panels. Yeah right, a booby trap, I get it Mr. Comicbook Writer... OMG, what is that little monkey robot doing!?!
  3. Liberated this run from a non-bag and board household for $20. Yep, with the 880 tucked in there like it was just one of the boys! This lot will hit ebay tonight.
  4. So in this instance the direct market issue would be more scarce than the newsstand? Or would the tried-and-true "newsstands are harder to find in high grade" scenario still hold up?
  5. I'm sure someone can help clear this up: I was hunting yesterday now that some stores are open. I found the 35 cent Amethyst #1 from 1983 for $2. It was NM, so I was happy to find a deal. Riddle me this: the 35 cent cover was the test price and the regular price was 60 cents? I was under the impression that the test price was to see if buyers were willing to buy it at a higher price. For example: Star Wars #1 was 30 cents except for the test price of 35 cents, and the 35 cent variants are the rare ones. Anyone?
  6. Slim pickings in my neck of the woods lately. Did pick these up for what ended up being $1.42 each! ASM #4 has a finger pull dent on the top of the cover, but over all VF+ I guess. Met up with a guy selling comics on Facebook. I got there early and he was walking down the street with a short box of comics. I opened the back of my SUV so we'd have a place to set them down while I looked through them. When he set them down, the sides of the box splayed open and comics spilled everywhere. The lid was holding the box together! He had about 200 unbagged, unboarded 2013-2015 comics. I took what I thought I could flip since there were no titles that interested me and I already had a copy of the ASM Spider-Verse run. He told me the rest of his books were in another town and that he'd contact me once he had access to them.
  7. I really enjoyed the Spider-Verse story line. Spidey is best with his back against the wall. Plus, you get all those Spider-Verse Spider-Men/Women, many of which have a long future. Immortal Hulk started out strong, but has gone the New Marvel Way (spelled SJW) in this last arc. I'll save the rant. Still, the book is worth picking up for the action, mind-bending horror take on the Hulk(s), and the nostalgia. The last issue since the "break" had me reacting out loud and then trying to explain to my wife why I was cheering at a comic. The current Avengers series is fun. They've done a decent job of keeping a handful of arcs in the air all at once. Seems to be coming to a head soon. Can't wait! Only Modern DC I'm reading is Young Justice. Moderately entertaining. Fast paced. I'm closet reading Legion of Super-heroes from Bendis, but I'm just biding my time until he leaves and real stories can take place again. What a wreck.
  8. I've been scouring every Game Xchange in East Texas and have been pretty lucky so far. Also found JSA Classified 1 Adam Hughes variant, as well as several Batman 89s and 90s and YOTV Hell Arisen 3s (7 or 8 total). JSA was priced at $4.50 and the Batman issues were cover price. Some stores sell new comics and old and some stores just sell back issues. Their order system is crazy for new comics. They mostly carry core titles and multiple copies of them, but the orders come from corporate, not the stores themselves. Prices vary widely, too. Some have ALL their back issues at $.99 and some charge $1.99 for anything older than 1985. And some honor whatever price is on their bag (which can lead to a beat up 1.5 bronze age comic being $12.50). One store let me have several TPBs for $.99 each as though they were regular issues, but some stores have TPBs at cover price. I've noticed my local store is piling up. Partly bc they're ordering way too many non sellers and partly bc their large back issue stock has been picked through, so it's not moving anymore. Careful out there- these guys like to grasp the comics like they're slippery fish when scanning them! I've yet to meet a worker who appreciates maintaining condition. I've even taken the comics out of their hands a few times.
  9. Went way out of the way on a hunt today, but it was worth it!
  10. Thor and Ka-Zar I picked up together at a trade day in Canton, Texas. Didn't get a great deal, but thinking about getting the Thor graded. This is the 2nd Bloodstone #1 I've picked up in the past month. This one at an antique store with #2 and #3 all in one package for $2.00. I was shocked because the seller had racks of comics all over the store and had most of them priced a little crazy. As in beat up Bronze Age for $10 each. Also saw a Star Trek 1 with the title cut off for $50, so I was no expecting any good deals.
  11. Found this one in the wilds of south Dallas last weekend. For 99 cents.
  12. Okay, so maybe not a real dollar bin, but picked up the Detective and X-Men for 99 cents each and the three Batgirls in one bag for 99 cents. Ended up spending almost $100 at two Game Xchange locations in Dallas. Sorry guys, cleaned them out!
  13. Last weekend on a business trip to Dallas, I hit up a few of their Game X Change locations. Teen Titans 50 is written all over, but still a great history read. Really happy to find the True Believer collection. I didn't have any of those. The New Mutants is a beat up 5th print, but I've never had one. Also picked up 29 issues of Classic X-Men that I didn't have.
  14. NOPE! You cannot just leave those right there! I need details! You found all of this in one spot?!? Hunters hunt, my brother!
  15. Everyone is entitled to rant now and then. I'd be frustrated if I were in his position I guess. On the one hand, you get a rush of people into your store for that hot book. Maybe they buy some more while they're there, maybe not. On the other, a regular who is not necessarily looking for that issue until it becomes some viral McGuffin all of the sudden wants you to hold one back for him way after the deadline to order one... well... I understand wanting to cater to the regular, but if it's not on his pull list and he comes to you during that rush with his hand out... Were it me running the place, I'd follow suit with what a lot of you are thinking: accommodate if you can, but make the buck when you can make the buck. I also don't think less of my LCS for charging more than cover on those books because capitalism is a thing.