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  1. The guys on here who make people who make mistakes feel like dogsh!t. Theres people on here who are arrogant as hell and talk to people like they are above them. Newsflash, we all started somewhere. We all had questions even if dumb. So take it easy and actually help someone without the attuitude. Youre no better than anyone else.
  2. LMFAO SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE people_without_enough_empathy
  3. here it is the book is supposed to be black and white but the error is that some of the pages were mistakenly inked in color.
  4. Spawn 293 black and white variant is a new error
  5. Ive always had a good expirence with usps. Never used ups but fed ex for me has always been trash.
  6. They recoeved my 2 books on the 6th and were graded on the 8th. Fast track is more than worth it.
  7. I like modern i just HATE the money grab this is variants.
  8. Well so much for that. I put it up and sold it. Thanks guys