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  1. I noticed looking through my 181 to verify the MVS. I noticed that the page has some poor double printing or ghosting... Photos for reference... What do you think?
  2. How about the new Spider-Man movie? From what I read it’s based on the elementals (FF232) Its been confirmed in the QA over the weekend.
  3. My great grandmother was the original Darla in the little rascals (our gang) it it makes me want to buy this. But, I have too much at the moment in my collection...
  4. Peter Palmers first Appearance is why it’s so valuable... LOL
  5. Just bought the sideshow exclusive fantastic four diorama too!
  6. If anyone has a dr doom sideshow figure for sale, let me know!
  7. One of my favorites I’ve had on display.
  8. Added this to the stable! Looking for some nice sideshow pieces to display with it.
  9. Haha yea I love it. I’ll never go with anything else. Too much technology. I feel like tony Stark driving it.