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  1. Thanks for everyone's feedback! I'm going to think about it some more and decide on my proper course of action.
  2. Books can be damaged in the slab? Sigh.. I have much to learn...
  3. Thanks for responding. Why do you think it's a reprint?
  4. Hello! I recently purchased a CGC 10.0 comic. However, I noted the back bottom corner had a blemish/nick (unsure of what term to use here). Is this possible on a 10.0 book? The book wasn't shipped in the best way and it definitely could have bent a bit during shipping (which might be the cause of this crack in my second picture), but I'm more worried about if the label was switched as I can always just get the case reholdered. Do these "frosting" on top indicate just wear or potentially a switch? Many thanks in advance for your help!
  5. It's hard to say if those last 3 sales were real or not. I read through all the forum posts about the shilling and while it has artificially propped up the pricing of the comic for now, we have a pretty long lull before the new episodes come out and I think there's plenty of time for the comic to fall. With that said, due to the old population/rarity of the comic (steadily rising to 103+ now listed on CGC and unknown number on CBCS), that artificial price point may not hold in the near future. In fact, prices have been dropping since Spring. Does anyone have a good guess on how many 1:50 Roiland Variants were actually printed? When it first came out, people were guessing under 20, then it was 50, then 100, and now it's under 300 (even then I can see there being a lot more in the wings or at the publisher/printing). So I'm thinking whether this current pricing holds or not will depend a lot on the population of the comic. Any insightful guesses?
  6. I know this is an old post, but I've been waiting to acquire a Rick & Morty 1:50 Roiland Variant for sometime now. Any idea if the shilling has stopped? I recently saw a 9.6 sell for $836 (link below). Is this as good as it gets? Was hoping for a 9.8 at that pricing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rick-And-Morty-1-1st-print-1-50-Variant-D-Justin-Roiland-CGC-9-6/223101475581?hash=item33f1e25afd:g:RlUAAOSwUqJbcYDB