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  1. @Ducky13We got the same IKEA light for my mom for Christmas; she loves it! I dig the Death Star theme on yours. Well done & looks good!
  2. @lizards2Lol! It’s snacks; bite-size quiche, little meatballs with toothpicks, stuff like that. Nothing haute cuisine or overly weird. Not that I’d mind caviar & a seafood tower...
  3. Comicpalooza had bottled alcoholic beverages available at drink vendors on the show floor, but I didn’t see them doing a whole lot of business; while the Pecos Pete Root Beer & Soda kiosks were killing it! Helpful hint for those who attend, buy the convention year-themed souvenir mug the first day of the show before they sell out. It’s $25, but gets you free refills the rest of the weekend. As far as adult beverages & socialization goes during the show, it was a good time. The lobby bar at the Hilton was packed every night until the early morning hours, Papasitos Cantina was slam
  4. Hello All! Welcome to 2021! I hope everyone had a good time bringing in the new year, & took the opportunity to kick 2020 in the giblets one last time on its way out the door. *A quick technical note, I only looked up the convention schedules for USA & Canada, as those are the only countries I think I’ll be able to travel between this year due to the various quarantine travel restrictions. I also know this is an incomplete list; I only looked at the “big” shows. I highly encourage adding posts with local/smaller show info & international shows, for those who may be interested.
  5. Carnage: Mind Bomb & Carnage: Its A Wonderful Life are both on the upswing. I assume these books will reach peak when Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage is released. I normally won't pay a bunch of money for a celebrity to sign my books, preferring to keep it to the creative folk who worked on a book, but I will gladly embrace the hypocrisy to get Woody Harrelson's signature on those bad boys.
  6. I don’t know about Santa, but my wife bought me Comics for Christmas! Finished the (current) set of Vampire: The Masquerade foil covers signed by Tim Seeley, Uncanny X-Men 141, and a 9.8 Spider-Woman ASM 300 swipe! I got her the full set of Lilo & Stitch Funko Pop’s, and some customs. She loves the Rafiki w/ Stitch, not so hot on Venomized Stitch...but that was for me anyhow. 😁
  7. Merry Christmas all! Thank you very much @frozentundraguy! The books arrived early & my better half has reminded me at least once a day to "stay out of the presents!" I complied; I know what's good for me. Awesome books sir; thank you very much! I love the DHC Alien(s) artwork; and the Spider-Man comic is a great book. Thanks doesn't seem sufficient, but its what I've got. I haven't been around here (CGC forums) long, but ya'll have been great, and the holiday gift exchange is fast becoming one of my favorite parts of the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwaanza
  8. Protoss Announcer: "(Mail) Carrier has arrived!" So has the gift from "Santa"! Now the hard part; waiting a week to open it. I feel like Dr. Venkman already. "Its right here Ray. Its looking at me..."
  9. How thick do ya’ll think Baby Yoda’s plot armor is? If for no other reason than merchandise sales, I’d think Disney would have him in a Vibranium onesie with Beskar diapers. However, my ability to gauge plot armor is still traumatized from Game of Thrones. What do you all think? Is BY safe through season 3? What about Boba Fett? Same rules apply, or is he ROTJ disposable after a single season’s merchandise bump?
  10. Just returned from USPS; package is shipped. Should arrive 12/12/20; so its up to the recipient to determine if they have the self control to wait until Christmas.
  11. Hello all! Picked up a very nice looking copy of Avengers #5 while on vacation. Its nothing super special, yellow pages & enough wear/tear that its not going to grade out with impressive numbers, but it displays nicely.
  12. Hello all! Took a week of vacation to disconnect from the world, yet managed to find my way into a couple of comic shops in the process. Picked up some additional Funko goodness; got a Blade, Magneto, & Frost Giant Loki to add to the collection. Also had a pair of custom Pop's done by the extremely talented Kyle Willis. My wife's favorite Disney character is Stitch, so I reached out to Kyle & he did a fantastic job with a pair of custom jobs. First is a custom "Rafiki with Stitch" conversion of the Rafiki with Simba Pop; which is a direct rip from the Lilo & Stitch movie trai
  13. The final piece has arrived, been added, boxed, wrapped, and ready to go! It'll be sent out via North Pole Express on Tuesday. I haven't been around for very long, but the holiday gift exchange is one of the high points of the year. Considering 2020, I think we could all use as much peace, love, an' cheer as we can get. My opinion; I could be wrong.
  14. @wombat Hello! I like the oversized prints, and kudos to your better half for coming up with a storage solution. I don't know how much room you have to work with, but if you're greatly expanding your collection of oversized prints, you may want to consider a drafting/blueprint flat file cabinet. Used, they aren't terribly expensive; though you'll probably need a truck and a friend to help move them as they can be quite heavy. Just a thought. Hope you're having a good one!