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  1. "...And on the fifth day..." Baba saw the Funko Pop's, and they were good! Hello all! Its been a while; I hope everyone is doing well, rested, and recovered from the holidays. I've been in comic/toy purgatory due to wedding/honeymoon related expenses. However, a bunch of Marvel Funko Pop's came up for sale at quite reasonable prices, and I just couldn't help myself. Deadpool: First Appearance (metallic), Red thumb's up, Terror, Slapstick, Stingray, Solo, Madcap, Madcap (metallic), X-Force, Amazon Exclusive, FYE Exclusive, Black & White Convention thumb's up, Black & White GITD, Orange/Freddy Funko, Lady Deadpool, X-Men, Pandapool, Deadpool the Duck. Fantastic Four; almost a full set, but I couldn't find the Chase Thing. Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Captain America (Age of Ultron), Captain America (ECCC), Cosmic Ghost Rider, Corrupted Venom, Walgreens Spider-Man Series 2 (Octo-Spidey, Future Foundation, Kaine Scarlet Spider, Bag-Man, Kraven, Sandman). Disney: Sully, Mike Wazowski, Boo (Randall Costume), Roz. (My mom's favorite Disney characters; she loves these.), Lilo, Stitch, Aloha Lilo, Aloha Stitch, The Big Red One (Stitch w/ vehicle), Elvis Stitch, Experiment 626, Hula Lilo, Hula Stitch, Tiki Stitch, Valentines Stitch, FYE Halloween Stitch, Diamond Stitch, Scrump (Lilo & Stitch is my fiancee's favorite Disney movie.), Wall-E, Eve, Tron (Chase), Sark (Chase) (Wall-E & Tron are my favorite Disney movies). 10" Stay Puft. That's it! The only Deadpool I'm missing that I genuinely want is the Negative Deadpool; the 10" set might look cool, but they take up a lot of real-estate, and I only have so much wall space to dedicate to pop's. I like the Stay Puft because he contrasts nicely with the standard size Ghostbusters; but I think giant Deadpool would be offsetting. I wish Funko had done Galactus in 10" instead of the standard format though; that would have looked cool. *shrug* Maybe we'll luck out and get a 10" Sentinel as part of the X-Men line instead.
  2. Thank you so much! I didn't have time to snap pictures before leaving for work, but I did open my Secret Santa package this morning. I *love* the Venom coffee mug, and the comics are absolutely great. I'll grab some pictures when I get home, but this was just perfect. Thanks again for making Christmas morning awesome!
  3. Goals for 2020: Complete my inventory (stretch goal). Expand my Marvel Funko Pop collection & find a patina Widowmaker from the Overwatch set. Send a bunch of books to CGC.
  4. Secret Santa package has arrived! Thank you so much! This is the first thing going under the tree; it’s got the rest of the house talking. I’m super excited for next week; between Star Wars IX, our family Christmas party, & Christmas itself, it’s going to be a good time and then some. I’ll try to restrain myself & place the gifts under the tree, waiting until the 25th. However, there is bubble wrap involved, so my cat may not be nearly as patient. He loves attacking bubble wrap. Thank you again & from our family to yours, Merry Christmas!
  5. Very excited to see all of your results! I had a stack of books I wanted to send in, but as I tallied it up, it started getting pricy. I had to balance my desire to get books signed against pending wedding & honeymoon expenses. As such, I'll have to do my damnedest to catch Mr. McFarlane at a convention some point in the future. Happy wife, happy life; or so I'm told. Looking forward to seeing what comes back for you guys!
  6. Its in the mail! I know its early, but I work a crazy schedule, and I don't want it to get bogged down in the holiday mail crunch. So now its a matter of self control; do they wait until Christmas, or does it get opened immediately?
  7. @MGsimba77 I don't promote the value of OA because the value of art is subjective, and the monetary value isn't really the point. The only time I plan on hanging art on the wall with a price tag attached is when I open my LCS.
  8. I think I trend along with most of you; most people don't care enough to ask, so I don't solicit opinions. I get the occasional positive comment for the original art I have framed up on the wall, but nobody really cares about the comics themselves, aside from asking, "is this/that valuable and/or how much is it worth?" When people look around my hobby room, they generally focus on two things; my computer (hand-built, water cooled custom job w/ enough chrome fittings to give Jay Leno's garage a run for its money) & my Funko Pop collection. Non-nerd/geek people look at both and go, "why would you build/collect *that*(?)" with a look of confused condescension on their face(s). I figure adding comics to the conversation wouldn't add anything constructive to the conversation(s).
  9. Hello all! I got one! I got one! Aliens Predator: Deadliest of the Species Silver/Platinum Ashcan! Still in its sealed envelope! Yes, I realize this isn't a key, extremely valuable, or even on most people's radar. I don't care; I've been looking for one of these for years. For those who can't fathom why I'm so excited, allow me to explain: Deadliest of the Species #1 was the first book I ever bought with my dad. He wasn't big on comic books; but he thought these were cool. It was the first time I can remember my dad and I both nerding out about the same thing. We bought the set from a comic shop in the mall & the owner was super cool. He would give away freebies from time to time, and when dad and I checked out, he tossed in the red foil ashcan. We bought the books, then went home and spent the rest of the weekend watching Alien & Predator movies (80's parenting at its finest). As for comics, I was hooked. So its 100% sentimental value on my part; though I still profess that this series has the coolest cover art ever produced by DHC. Now that I've got the full set of comics & ashcans, I'm sending them in to CGC for grade. When they're on slab, I'm going to have them mounted in a custom frame w/ the picture I have of Dad & I from back then, and hang it up on the office wall. *Update* So I've heard from a few people about it being in the sealed envelope, and the advice has gone both ways. About half say "hell with it, slab that baby" & the other half say "why would you take it out of its original sealed package?" Can I get some advice from the more experienced of you guys on which way I should go with this? I can still frame it up in its original envelope, but the original intent was to slab the entire set. Constructive feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Very nice book @DocHoppus182! That shows very nicely; anything in the notes that explains the 8.5?
  11. What If... Disney purchased National Amusements, bringing Star Wars & Star Trek together under a single corporate overlord? What If... Disney purchased CGC & AT&T purchased Eli Global? "Begun, the grading war has." - Yoda What If... Image, Valiant, Aftershock, etc. get enough exposure to seriously cut into the market share of the big two? What IP/company gets bought out, and by whom?
  12. @Pirate I don't call the owner direct; I'm not a spender of the sort where I'd have "the man" on speed dial. I call the shop number (1-303-477-0042) & talk to whichever staff member answers the phone. Everyone I've spoken to has been polite.
  13. @greggy Those Bill Sienkiewicz covers man! *swoon*
  14. I get the legal side of it, and to @revat point about legal fees, good! As far as I'm concerned, if/when pirates are caught & capable of being sued, I hope the lawyers charge a thousand bucks an hour, and double-time over forty hours. It would be nice if those who facilitate theft, the host sites, were legally accountable but I'm guessing the servers, torrent companies, and owners involved are all incorporated/chartered in countries that don't give a hoot.
  15. Comics piracy is a fired up topic on Twitter (again). Its basically devolved into a shouting match between creators & thieves. Creators (correctly) want to be paid for their work. Thieves are stealing *and* rather butt-hurt about being publicly called out for their criminal behavior. Cates is a decent guy in person. I think his online/Twitter persona comes off as a bit self-oriented. However, a lot of people are like that on Twitter/social media (myself included); so I'm not willing to chuck boulders from the comfy confines of my glass bunker. Personally, I think calling it "piracy" provides an entirely undeserved sense of grandeur to petty theft. Unless someone is stealing comics via torrent while on a wooden boat equipped with a minimum of six cannons, its not piracy but petty theft. The arguments made by thieves are rather pathetic. "Comics are expensive!" True. So are exotic sports cars, doesn't mean you get to steal them. "I don't want to wait for new issues to come out, I want to read the entire story at once." Great! Go to a bookstore and buy a TPB; you can read an entire story run or collected issues for ~$15, which is a significant savings compared to buying each issue at retail. "There are too many comics released each month, I can't afford them all." There are lots of things in life, most people can't afford to buy them all at once. Doesn't mean we get to steal them. Pick the books you want immediately, within the bounds of your budget; pick up the rest later if/when you can, or learn to live with less. "I have no money, I can't afford comics! (Sent from my iPhone)" *Sigh* There's always one...but I digress. There are places where you can read comics for free! They're called libraries. Most libraries will (albeit grudgingly) purchase comic books if requested. Most libraries I've gone to treat them as periodicals, so no, you won't be able to check them out to take home. You'll be able to get your comic fix for free though, and possibly even be exposed to non-comic reading material! "I live at the ends of the Earth; with nothing more than a frozen tundra, the occasional penguin, and a high speed internet connection that lets me torrent/steal media because there isn't a store within a continent of here." First, let me congratulate you on your posting to McMurdo Station. I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year. Second, allow me to point out that even McMurdo, literally the ends of the earth when it comes to human habitation, has reliable enough internet access that you can use Comixology, Marvel Universe, DC (whatever); there are ways to download what you want *while paying for it.* Nobody is forcing you to steal. In summary: Pay for your comics, don't steal them. I don't think anyone here needs this advice, but you never know when someone who might will wander through. Besides, its a slow day, so I figured I'd dust off my soapbox.