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  1. I hope so. I'd like to think Image has something neat up its sleeve for Spawn #300. I hope Cates & Stegman can continue to thin the symbiote herd & give us a Venom/Carnage story with the impact of the initial ASM #361-363, or Maximum Carnage arc. I'm really hoping Three Jokers is remembered for the quality of the writing and/or art, rather than the excessive variety in variant covers...
  2. "This will be a day long remembered..." - Darth Vader Arrived in the mail today. I've wanted one of these for a long time. Now the dilemma, do I admire it as-is for a bit, or crack it out and start hunting signatures? Insanely happy about this one, favorite character.
  3. Hello all! Wanted to know if/who is planning on being an AW/Facilitator for Comicpalooza in Houston, May 10-12. Chris Claremont is scheduled to be there, so I want to get some X-Men & Aliens/Predator books witnessed. Also, I (finally) have the Venom: Lethal Protector family portrait (sans White Error; I can't afford it) that I'd like to get signed by Sam de la Rosa. Please let me know! Thanks!
  4. @BAT MAN Very nice books, esp. the Valiant books. Kinda partial to that 9.8 Spider-Man #1 Gold, but that's because I'm a sucker for McFarlane work.
  5. Went 3 for 3 on Pharah (Blue, BlizzCon Titanium, ECCC Green) & D.Va (Pink, BlizzCon Titanium, Walmart Blue) Fukno Pop's courtesy of HPB.
  6. Been a while since I went into the city to poke around various dollar bins. Turns out the whole town is still fairly well picked over form before Christmas. Nobody has really re-stocked in back issues. Talked to a couple of managers/owners, and they all said its been really slow. New books are moving, but back issues and wall books have been stagnant; even keys have been sitting around for a while. Made me a very good discount offer to take an Avengers #1, but its only a 2.0 w/ some scribble on the cover in ballpoint pen; I didn't feel it, so its still sitting there, waiting. I did scour the city looking for the William Gibson adaptation of Alien 3. Gone. Sold out. Everywhere. DHC apparently doesn't have plans to do a second printing, so I'm either going to have to eBay it, or wait for the TPB. These are my dollar bin rescues for the week: TMNT #2 (second printing) & #4, DKIII #1, The Tick #1 (2017), & Spider-Girl #46. Was very surprised to see old TMNT books in a dollar bin, but the #2 has what appears to be insect damage, and the #4 is yellowing some. The DKIII looks good though with a pair of small spine ticks. Going to see if I can find the remainder to complete the set. *Update* The White Widow #1 Kickstarter bundle just got delivered! These look amazing. Anyone @CGC Comics who can weigh in on the #1 metal cover; is this something I can get slabbed? It looks incredible; the picture really doesn't do it justice. Jamie Tyndall really does great work; would love to see him on a true Spider-Man or Spider-Gwen cover.
  7. @the blob If my house floods to the point where the comics are threatened/destroyed, hopefully I'd have enough warning to relocate them upstairs (regardless of how much of a pain in the butt that would be), and/or packing up the high dollar issues & sending them FedEx to a family member who can hold on to them during the weather emergency. If the worst does come to pass, we evacuate, and I come home to a crater, I'll have somewhat larger concerns such as, "where am I going to live," "did I make sure to grab all of life's important paperwork," and "how soon does flood insurance pay out so I can re-build the house;" I guarantee "oh , the comics" is going to be way, way down the list. That's not being snarky; I enjoy collecting and finding "the good stuff" as much as anyone else, but I don't have comics of the "well, I'll drop this one off at Heritage & buy a new house after it sells" variety. I'd be more upset about losing one of a kind family photos or heirlooms.
  8. @miraclemet Very nice! Very clean setup, maximum storage taking up minimal space, and it looks nice! I like the IKEA look too; just remodeled my kitchen in IKEA. @spreads Thank you for the kind words. They have dividing walls between the cabinets, This way I have the weight sub-divided into areas, instead of a sixteen foot long run of weight along one piece of wall. @tv horror Thanks! @piper It started life as a three car garage, so I have space to spare. Still some things I have to do; get the art up on the wall, add some floating shelving so I can get some of the larger LEGO sets on display (Death Star 1.0, SSD, ISD 1.0, ISD 2.0, First Order SD, Venerator, etc.), I want to make an "L" off the shelf unit so I can have another large run of Funko Pop's, and find a decent/matching display/curio cabinet so I can put out the 90's Kenner Toys Aliens & Predator toys. I love that set & the DHC mini-comics that came with them! Kinda sad the new NECA line doesn't have a comic series to go with the figures, but that makes the originals more interesting I suppose.
  9. Hello all! I can't remember how many hours of overtime I had to work to make this happen, but it was all worth it. My comics lounge/office is finally done. Did sixteen feet of wall-to-wall comic storage cabinets in oak w/ birch interior. Due to the weight of fully loaded comic boxes, the support frame of the shelves is aluminum tube. Each cabinet can hold 20 BCW short boxes (cardboard), 16 of the BCW graded comic boxes (cardboard), and/or 16 of the new BCW raw/graded snap-together plastic boxes (which I really like & am converting to over time). I didn't want to sacrifice too much space in the room, so I didn't build in enough depth for long boxes; so I'm in the process of converting long boxes over to short boxes. Put out a display of Alien(s), Mass Effect, Marvel, and Overwatch Funko Pop's above the cabinet space, as well as the rear surround-sound speakers. Seating for 12 for movie/game nights, my office/desk setup, and (as a Blizzard nut) the Funko Pop characters necessary to simulate a Heroes of the Storm character select screen. The only things I have remaining is to hang the art back on the wall. I have the entire 2016 Carnage series in a massive frame that's ready to go up on the wall (you can see the top of it poking out in the first photo along the wall), but I'm taking a break after cleaning up the room and dragging all this stuff down here today. Anyhow, hope you like! I'm giving serious consideration to building these cabinets and selling them, since I wasn't able to find a large scale retail comic storage solution.
  10. @lhcomics I thought you might get lucky & be able to recover the book. Sorry it didn't work out, but glad the insurance company did what it took to take care of you. As far as the seller in Chicago, no joy. Contacted the seller & he was cagey. Didn't want e-mail additional photos, didn't want to give me his phone number, or meet at a neutral location to make the sale. I always prefer meeting at a bank or credit union for large transactions. There is usually a table/chairs in the lobby, and if its a place I belong to, I'll ask the branch manager to borrow an office or conference room for an hour. Keeps things nice and professional, and both sides of the deal have a little extra warm fuzzy regarding security. Not always possible, but I've encountered very few people outright opposed to the idea. This was one of those times; guy absolutely would not agree to meet anywhere other than his address. Too many red flags for me.
  11. Yeah; that’s what I was looking for! I remembered it was a Chicago show; the only one I could think of was C2E2. Good day for me; the one for sale is CGC 2.5.
  12. Hello all. I remember postings from last year about an AF #15 that was stolen from C2E2. Trying to find the owner or owners info to get the CGC slab number. A copy has come to my attention, but the price is so low that I can’t help but assume shenanigans are involved. Reason I ask is b/c the seller is in reasonable proximity to where the book was stolen. If it’s the stolen book, I want the owner to be able to inform the authorities and hopefully get his book back. If it’s *not* the stolen book, then hey, lucky me.
  13. Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1, Mayhew Variant, arrived today. Unfortunately, I can't post pictures because rules, but its a tidy ASM #316 swipe, and another fine addition to the Venom/Carnage collection; even if Carnage is suffering from severe lobster claw. I think that was supposed to be an axe? Maybe? No, no, its a lobster claw.
  14. I've had excellent luck with HPB. I try to go every two months or so, give the bins time to churn. They keep a lot of stuff in the back, to re-stock the bins after they've been picked through; never hurts to ask if you could go through the stuff that's ready to hit the bins but hasn't been loaded yet.
  15. Hello all! Second week of the temperature/humidity test is complete. During the second week the temperatures remained constant, tracking about +/- 2 degrees with the rest of the house as the heat cycles on/off. Adding the dehumidifier took the humidity down to around 23-27%; but that was variable throughout the week as opening/closing the safe would cause a small temporary swing. Since winter is a fairly dry season, I'm assuming the small change in humidity performance after adding the dehumidifier is due to their not being a lot of free moisture in the air for it to work with. I can take performance measurements again during the spring/summer to see how it handles rainy season if anyone is still interested. Overall, I would say it was a successful test. Provided the climate controls on the house are in good working order, the temperature in the safe should remain close to the rest of the house. Humidity wasn't much of an issue with or without a dehumidifier; with the caveat that it is winter/dry air season. I think slab storage in the safe is, environmentally, just fine.