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  1. Yes, nice pick-up... those first 30 issues are especially rare. - The Trimpes are the scarcest as Herb sold all his pages to the Donnelly's back in the 80's. Some of those were sold through the Comic Book Price Guide back then - I think $10 or $15. - The Vosburgs are the next scarcest as Mike gave many of his pages away to kids at shows back in the 80's, and as he explained it to me, he expected that many of them ended up tacked to their bedroom walls ad didn't expect many of them to still be around. - The Springers are a little easier. Frank sold most of his pages before he passed away - some went to a dealer overseas and some to a dealer in Canada. Howie had some in his collection. With the 2nd part of the Origin of Snake Eyes, pages from #27 are highly prized! Pages from #20 (Isherwood) may be the most common because I ended up selling or trading most of those over the last few years to dealers and collectors. I had gotten them from Geof many years ago. Anyway, a Vosburg page is a great pickup... and best of luck to all those others out there searching for their ultimate Joe art piece!
  2. Prop Store has been in business for over 20 years selling film and movie related collectibles to fans through its website ( and through auctions. Prop Store built its reputation by hosting premiere prop and costume auctions, but also has expanded in recent years to offer posters, vintage toys, and comic art as part of its auction offerings. Prop Store will be hosting its next Toys, Comic Art & Collectibles Live Auction in February 2020 and we are currently seeking consignments. For this auction, we are especially looking for Marvel, DC, and toy/movie related comic art to offer our broad base of distinguished collectors. This auction will occur in the US, out of Prop Store’s Los Angeles office. Bidders will be able to bid online and over the phone. For those that have participated in Prop Store’s live auctions before, you’ll know that Prop Store produces a top-notch auction experience with a live auctioneer, intuitive auction platform, and a printed catalog with large images of each piece of art (no less than ¼ page per piece). Although there are other auctions that offer comic art, we’re asking you to try consigning through Prop Store for the following reasons… · Proven Sales: In 2018, sample sale prices (including Buyer’s Premium) included: o Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-man #32 Page 15 - £116,850/$153,074 o Jack Kirby & Ayers Journey Into Mystery #84 Page 10 - £18,450/$24,170 o Mike Zeck Detective Comics #600 Batman Pinup - £5,535/$7,251 o John Byrne & Terry Austin Fantastic Four #286 Page 23 - £4,305/$5,640 · Reserves: We start all bidding at 50% of the low-end estimate and Prop Store allows consignors to have reasonable reserves on their items without additional fees – allowing you to protect your comic art investments. · Rates: Although there is a Buyer’s Premium, Prop Store charges 0% Seller’s Commission for Comic Art – allowing you to offer items at “no risk.” · Customer Base: Prop Store attracts customers from related hobbies that traditional comic art auctions do not – the auction will be presented along side collectible toys, but will also be marketed to collectors of movie/TV production art, props/costumes, and posters. Through previous auctions, Prop Store has built a collector-base interested in different comic-related franchises including Marvel, Warner Brothers/DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Aliens, Predator, Judge Dredd, Terminator, Hellraiser, and others… · Marketing: Prop Store markets each auction through robust social media campaigns, online videos, press, mailers, and through its website. Check out Prop Store’s comic art information section at · Cash Advances: Prop Store is offering cash advances for quality material. Please contact Chuck Costas at to discuss items that you may want to consign. And, for those attending the LA Comic Art Show ( on November 10th, Prop Store will be collecting consignments at the show.
  3. Actually the COA for those came from American Comics, a third party who had them made.
  4. How about Steranko or Romita Sr.? Some might also list Perez.
  5. As a point of clarification, I want to note that Punisher portfolio plate that is attributed to Mike Zeck and Phil Zimelman only includes original painted art by Phil Zimelman. The B&W overlay is a copy of Zeck's original art and he did sign this piece, but this is the original color blueline art by Zimelman.
  6. If you care to see the page live, it's currently on display at the Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes exhibit that is currently at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I don't think it's selling again anytime soon.
  7. A nice DD #1 interior page by Everett sold for over $100k in San Diego. Since we're starting to break out X-Men #1 pages, that should be noted, but I don't think DD pages from another issue would garner that much. Similarly, other key issues by Kirby like JIM #83 and Avengers #1, and FF #5 and Dave Cockrum pages from X-Men Giant-Size #1 would get over $60k these days, but that's a combination of the art and the historic nature of these issues.
  8. Just a reminder that this auction event will be taking place this Monday (Marvel's Daredevil) and Tuesday (Marvel's Luke Cage and Marvel's Iron Fist). You can participate in person in Valencia, CA or online at For online, just remember that you need to register in advance or the day of the auction.
  9. Well, at least the forger tried to age the paper and sell the idea that it's real, but so many tells that it's a fake - No writing in the margins by Stan or Jack - The writing at the top isn't the way they would have written it in the 60's. - Blue pencil wasn't to common in the 60's - Shouldn't be a stamp like that on the back. Should be a CCA stamp. And, they filled out the publication info. incorrectly! Overall, looks like they took a blank piece of 70's Marvel stock with a stamp on the back and tried to draw the most expensive piece of comic art they could think of which hasn't surfaced to date.
  10. For those in the Los Angeles area, the Marvel Television Live Auction for the sale of props, costumes, and set dec items from Marvel's Daredevil, Marvel's Luke Cage, and Marvel's Iron Fist will take place at Prop Store's offices in Valencia, CA on August 12th and 13th. A preview exhibition is viewable onsite from August 1-8. People can also participate in the auction live online. The catalog and more info. about the auction can be found at
  11. I talked with John and it’s scheduled to go out by End of day today.
  12. The latest dealer list is on the site: ComicLink will be there.
  13. Yes, you can purchase tickets the day of the show or in advance at
  14. Unfortunately, neither CGC or CBCS will be at the event this year, but looking at something with them next year.
  15. San Diego is fast approaching and with that, we'll be hosting this year's Torpedo Comics Collectors Convention (last year aka the "LA Ultimate Show") in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 14, 2019 from 10AM -5PM. Consider a "preview+" for those attending San Diego as well as for those of you who can no longer attend that show. Last year's show was a huge success (thanks to many of you) so I've teamed up with John Dolmayan (of Torpedo Comics) to do it again - this time in the heart of Hollywood at the world-famous Palladium. Info. can be found here Tickets are only $10 and we think it's the best show of the year you can attend for the money. Yes, at this show, we do have comic art as well as higher-end comic book dealers, but we look at that as a positive, bringing twice as many serious collectors to the show as well as a variety of dealers that may x-over between the two. What's great about this show is that we're able to attract a wide variety of dealers from both coasts as well as some folks that don't normally set up at shows (even I'll be set up with a bunch of "fresh" stuff). And, this will the first spot many of the dealers coming into town for San Diego will show all their great new items - a "preview" the weekend before! Below is the list of comic art-related dealers that will be in attendance at the show: Albert Moy Art Cool Lines Art Nostalgic Investments (Bechara Malouf) Anthony's Comic Book Art Heroes and Legends (Myron Ross) Artwork World (Phillip Anderson) Glen Brunswick Josh Gray/Dan Pottick Saul Zimmerman Art Mark Levy / David Miller (Pete Koch) Genesis West (Mike Thibodeaux) IDW (Scott Dunbier) Chuck Costas' Cherry Blossom Explosion Comic Link Heroes Comics Neal Adams Prop Store Plus, there will be over 30 high-end comic book dealers (see the list on the site). I'd like to welcome all of those people on the West Coast as well as those in driving or flying distance to come on out. So, who's going to be able to make it this year?