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  1. comiconxion

    Miracleman #1 "Gold" Club

    I'm surprised that these books have become as collectible as they are. I believe these were the brainchild of American Comics. They invested in having all the first copies of Miracle Man shipped over from the UK in time to sell them for SDCC. From what I remember, a lot of the copies were damaged in shipment and most had that printing defect shown above. These certainly helped pay for expenses that year. I believe they were also involved in some of the other great marketing efforts of the 80's - the Limited Adventurers #1 cover (the first retailer incentive cover) and the reprinting of G.I. Joe #2 along with Sunrise Comics (prior to that Marvel didn't reprint specific books).
  2. Very nice piece. I love how these early covers are pretty much the same size as the actual printed books.
  3. comiconxion

    Transformers #1 signature?

    Yes, that looks like Sienkiewicz - similar to the signature for the sketch cover he did for me on the rare Herb Trimpe TF #100.
  4. comiconxion

    Official Tick Appreciation Thread

    Alright, as 2018 comes to a close, I got a special gift from my friend Gerhard. He was able to finish up the sketch covers that Ben did for me in San Diego. As Gerhard always likes to challenge himself, he took a completely different approach to the sketches this year than he did for the ones he finished for me back in 2016. What do you think?
  5. For those that are interested in 60's-2000's television and television props and costumes, I wanted to make you aware of the Prop Store TV Treasures Live Auction that will be taking place this Saturday, Dec. 1. It features 400 lots from the collection of famed TV collector, James Comisar. There's a wide variety of items that span the Sci-fi, Superhero, and kids TV genres including: Lot 320 - Batman (Adam West) and Robin's (Burt Ward) Hero Bat Shield from the 1960's Batman TV Show Lot 319 - Riddler's (Frank Gorshin) "?" Green Suit Jacket and Vest Lots 301 & 302 - Spock & Kirk's Tunics from Plato's Stepchildren (the Star Trek Episode with the 1st Interracial Kiss) Lot #113 - Fartman's (Howard Stern) Light-Up Superhero Costume from the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards Lot #112 - Superman's (Dean Cain) Costume from Lois & Clark Lot #103 - Captain America's (Reb Brown) Costume from the 1970's TV movie Lot 206 - Geoffrey the Giraffe's Walkabout Costume (from Toys 'R Us) Lots #163 & 164 - Shirley Pufnstuf and Orson Vulture Costumes from the Krofft's HR Pufnstuff Lot #156 - Pee Wee's Playhouse - Picturephone Booth You can register and see the auction catalog here: What auction items bring back memories of your youth?
  6. comiconxion

    November HA OA auction

    Hey guys... the auction was this year's (2018) Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction. You can find the results here: And, yes, the price with Buyer's Premium is £116,850 With a 1.3625 exchange rate at the time, that comes out to roughly $159k.
  7. comiconxion

    Woolsey Fire and artists/collectors

    Thanks Brian - We're right at the edge of Malibu so they cut off the PCH in front of our house, but didn't have to evacuate. Hopefully the winds will keep it from spreading South. I did re-locate most of my art to different locations around the city as a precaution. That's one of the downsides of having a large collection of stuff. My suggestion to people in case they are in an emergency like this - keep your art in binders so it's easier to move. The larger framed pieces have been the toughest to move on short notice!
  8. comiconxion

    Prop Store Auction

    If anyone needs to bid today, email me at and I can fast track you through the process.
  9. For those that may also be interested in Production Art, there are some amazing Robb Cobb designs in the auction as well. Cobb did many of the key designs for the DeLorean in Back to the Future as well as for the 1st Conan the Barbarian movie. Below are some examples of his work in the auction. You can check out all the production artwork by using this link:
  10. For those tuning in leading up to the auction, I thought I'd provide a little more backstory to some of the pieces that didn't make it into the final descriptions or videos, but people might find interesting. Lot #173 - Infantino/Giella Flash #129 Splash - I first saw this splash 25 or so years ago. I had the chance to purchase the complete first chapter of this story or the Action Funnies ashcan comic for around the same price (the first chapter was given away as a letter's page prize). I chose the Action Funnies. Well, looking back, I'm not so sure I made the right choice, but at least I got to see it again in this auction! Lot #128 - Springer G.I. Joe #32 Cover - Although Springer was the third regular artist to draw G.I. Joe (Trimpe, then Vosburg then Springer), this is the only cover he drew while on his run. And, this is one of only a handful of G.I. Joe covers under #50 offered on the market in the last 20 years. Lot #206 - Gerhard Harry Potter Poster Art - Seeing a Harry Potter poster piece like this is rare as Warner Bros. does not typically release Harry Potter artwork. This is piece is huge and Gerhard took a fair amount of time to complete as Gerhard had to draw tens of thousands of tiny little lines. The final printed poster came in two editions - the color one that comes with the lot as well as a B&W version. Lot #221 - Jusko Hulk Universal Orlando Ride Painting - Again, another huge piece and one of Jusko's favorite images of the Hulk that he ever drew Lot #255 - Zeck/Zimelman Iron Man Super Thriller: Steel Terror Painting - The only other time that Zeck and Zimelman drew Iron Man was for the famous 1980's Iron Man poster. Lot #356 - Zeck/Beatty Punisher: Return to Big Nothing Page 61 B&W & Blueline Art - This was the 2nd and final Punisher story written by Steven Grant and penciled by Mike Zeck. They had actually talked about a third story in the trilogy, but unfortunately, it was never made. Lot #595 - Romita Jr./Vohland Mighty World of Marvel #199 Splash - As rumored, Trimpe's art from this story was severely damaged in a fire many ago so this splash for this 1976 UK reprint of Hulk #181 may be the only page from this story that will come to market. Tune in for the auction starting at 7AM ET on Thursday Sept. 20th and going through the day. Bid in advance or live while the auction is happening. Register here: Please let me know if you have questions or difficulty in registering for the auction. And, note, there is a different registering for Prop Store's mailing list vs. registering for the auction. If you didn't provide credit card info., then you probably didn't successfully register for the auction. We'll have people standing by through the auction to help make sure you can bid on the items you want.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. The series of 9 videos are intended as an intro to comic art for people that may not have been exposed to it before. Because of the breadth of material we wanted to cover and because these were shot before the auction material was finalized, we used pieces from my own collection as a way to illustrate the different types of art. We also intend this series of videos to be available for future auctions so we didn't want the material to be too specific to this auction. But, point well taken. The DC and Marvel Art previews are intended to be previews from the auction and hopefully accomplish that. The preview from the LA Ultimate Show also gives a quick preview of the material in the auction. For next year, I'll see if we can release this material a little sooner. Always appreciate the feedback on how to make things better.
  12. For a look at some of the key offerings in the auction by artist as well as the video content, please check out this blog: What do people think of the videos? Worth doing again in the future?
  13. It was great to see people at the Comic Art Con in NJ over the weekend. Some questions about the auction came up that I wanted to relay here: Finding Comic Art in the Online Catalog - The comic art appears throughout the catalog side by side with props and costumes of the same character. I realize that comic art buyers are used to seeing art organized by artist or title and it may be a little harder to find things because of that. A couple suggestions: Use the cheat sheet above to find the comic art pieces you're interested in and use the "Search Auctions" function to find them - typing in key word Use the red "Category" filter drop down to select "Original Comic Art" - this will show you only the comic art sections. If you select "All Artwork," it will show you Production Art along with the comic art selections. Currency Conversion - As all bids are in GBP, people had asked if there was a currency calculator. To see GBP converted to other currencies, use your cursor to hover over any of the numbers listed onscreen in the "Estimate" or "Starting" fields and you can see conversion to multiple currencies. I hope this additional tips are helpful and please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  14. comiconxion


    I will be set up on behalf of Prop Store with printed copies of the September 20th Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction catalog. Those that register for the auction at the con will receive a complementary copy of the catalog (while supplies last). -Chuck
  15. Timely - Please send me an e-mail ( and I'll ensure I get it cleared up. If anyone else has any direct questions or issues, please feel free to reach out to me directly. We've been using the website for many years successfully, but if there are any glitches let me know and I'll research them and get them resolved.