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  1. Herb Trimpe... at first looked a lot like Kirby, but have learned to appreciate his distinctive style, especially on the Hulk. And, getting to know him personally enhanced my appreciation of his work.
  2. I actually was the person who surfaced this piece in the mid-90's. It was owned for many years by a collector who ran a Fanzine publication, but was also selling off his original art at a local Washington DC show. I bought out most of the art he was selling at the shows so he invited me over to his house. In his personal collection, he owned this Ditko piece along with an amazing Spidey vs. Goblin page from ASM #23. I really wanted the ASM #23 page, but he wouldn't sell it to me (as he wasn't ready to part with it), but as a consolation he sold me this one. Despite me telling him I'd pay
  3. Cool - Yeah, I had Mike remarque all those posters so we could sell them to fans. Please do get it framed. I had found a cache of posters from the printers and figured getting Mike to draw head sketches on them would be extra special (and it was). I guess I should have kept one for myself. D'oh!
  4. It's a benefit that we still talk regularly each week after 35 years of being friends and being his #1 fan! Mike's always been great with fans and very humble. I'm glad he got out for the last few years to do shows and let people get to know him a little better.
  5. I bought a box when they first came out - didn't get anything that I wanted and didn't even get a complete set. So, I took matters into my own hands, bought a blank AP card from the set and Mike Zeck was kind enough to draw an autograph card for me. As this was a 1 or 1, I was happy to stop there. I did however get a Bernthal autograph card from the DD set. I liked the fact that the image appeared with the Rabbit in the Snowstorm in the background. I loved the story behind that painting.
  6. Savage Tales #1 is an example where the reprint actually looks better than the original US version because it blows up the artwork a bit so you can see the detail of the original painting. You can see the original painting on display at the Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes exhibit, coming to Chicago next!
  7. Question for the group - how valuable/desirable at the TMNT Ultimate Collection Slipcased collections that IDW published a few years back? I think only 25 were made of the 1st collection (volumes 1-3) and a similar amount of the 2nd collection (volumes 4-6)? Do Turtles collectors care?
  8. Bob - I'm glad that Zeck Punisher #1 recreation I commissioned years ago is making you happy. Great to hear it's on the wall and being appreciated.
  9. Both ST #101 and #114 are semi-key Kirby stories so per previous conversations they don't really reflect the prices on Kirby HT from ST.
  10. I believe T&I was Seattle based. I used to see a lot more copies of Albedo on the West Coast when I travelled, but I remember finding a copy of #1 (2nd print) in a comic shop in Columbus, OH for $35 back in the 80's or early 90's. So, they made it all over the place.
  11. Remembering back to 1986/87, we had dealers in the DC area charging $200 for Albedo #2 back then. At the time, there wasn't a lot of recognition of the different printings of #0 and #1 (except for the "Yellow" #0 which was selling for $800 if you could find one). At the time, I think #0's were selling between $35-50 for 3rd and 2nd printings. 1st printings you didn't see very often, but imagine they were going for $125-150. #1's were going for $60-100 from what I remember. So, even back then, people were valuing the #2 a bit more, but occasionally you'd find them in boxes for cheaper as t
  12. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Bob Kane fakes out there. It may be helpful to provide as much provenance as you can about the piece.
  13. That is neat! I expected that type of stuff is in there. Screenbid doesn't do a good job of highlighting those types of things that may make the items more interesting to fans. I bought one of the magazines featuring Superian on the front cover. On the back is a full page ad for Brown Tingle Cola that isn't seen on screen. Also, pretty neat!