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  1. I did post on the Cerebus appreciation thread as well as the Original Art thread. I figured that since we weren’t selling Gerhard’s copy of Cerebus #1, it didn’t warrant a mention here I hope people enjoyed watching the sale event and gained some insights on Cerebus and Gerhard that they wouldn’t have otherwise. And, we tried to be reasonable on the pricing of pages so that fans could walk away with something Given that we sold all 30 lots, maybe we were too reasonable! Hopefully we’ll do another event next year. We had planned to do this last year, but then... 2020.
  2. I want to thank everyone that participated today - whether you bought a piece or just sat and listened to the stories. The session went a bit longer than planned (2.5 hours), but that allowed Ger some time to talk (and me to deal with the flurry of e-mails I received to reserve pieces). We sold 28 out of the 30 pieces during the Livestream and the remaining two sold soon after. It meant a lot to Gerhard to see so many people still interested in his art. And, he’s happy more fans will now have a Cerebus piece to hang on the wall. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something l
  3. Just a reminder that this event is coming up this Saturday at 8AM PT/11AM ET. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to me. We look forward to seeing many of you there, telling some stories, answering your questions, and selling some Cerebus art from out of the vault. Prices will run from $300-$5,000 (nothing will be more than $5k including covers and double page spreads).
  4. Hama drew issues 21 and 26 - two of the best issues in the run. Lesser known fact is that he did layouts for all the covers which he provided to other artists. Strangely, very few of those layouts ever survived. I’ve only ever seen the layouts to issues 9, 10 and 24. Anyone seen any others?
  5. I would actually say that there is a lot more demand for the first 50 Joe issues than Transformers and thus prices on Joes are higher. Pages from the original four issue Transformers mini-series pages stack up against early Joe pages, but the later ones don't. Same with covers. Outside of pages from the mini-series, I haven't seen Transformers pages consistently selling over $2k. At this point, I'd say most decent Joe pages under issue #30 would sell for $2k+.
  6. So, since this thread started, do we have any more than 2 members?
  7. For those that are fans of the Cerebus issues after Gerhard joined the art team (#65)... we'll be doing an upcoming Livestream with Bill Cox at Comic Art Fans on April 24, 2021 at 8AM PT/11AM ET. And, for the event, Gerhard will be pulling out 30 pieces of original art from his personal collection to sell. Even if you're not interested in buying something, it should be fun listening to Gerhard recount stories of working on different pages and different storylines for over an hour.
  8. As the Spring of 2021 is upon us, there’s an air of optimism in the air and it’s time to celebrate with a Cerebus art sale coming straight from one the artists that helped bring that famed series to life, Gerhard! Starting at 11AM ET/8AM PT on Saturday, April 24th, spend an hour and a half with host Bill Cox, Gerhard, and me (Charles Costas) as Gerhard cracks open his personal vault of Cerebus artwork to offer 30 never before seen pieces of original art. This will be your first chance to obtain pieces ranging from Gerhard’s work on Church and State and Jaka’s Story through Cerebus’ Last
  9. I also made an offer on it. When they accepted the other offer, eBay told me what it sold for.
  10. Sold for $4k. The opening bid was $1400, but they allowed offers.
  11. The advent of fractional investing companies that allow someone to own a share of these gold standard books will likely continue to drive up the prices on the keys for years to come. I always predicted that Turtles #1 would be the AF #15 of the previous generation. You'll continue to see that for the Silver Age Marvel keys as well with the continued tie-ins to the MCU for generations to come.
  12. Interestingly, about 1/2 the art pictured at the Seattle show had been replaced with other art at this point. I’d be interested to see recent pics.
  13. All I remember is that Bill Willingham did those comics in Marvel Comics in the early 80's. Willingham had also been one of the "better" TSR artists having drawn the illustrations for modules like S3. And, of course, soon after went on to launch the Elementals. Wish one of those would pop up, but believe they are all buried.
  14. Some cool Cerebus pieces coming up in the latest HA auctions including original art pages from #5, 13, 80, and 159 along with some of the rare hand-colored First Fifth plates and a set of B&W plates: No #1 however. Those seem to have dried up.