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  1. This nice Thor vs. Hercules page by John Buscema is up for auction ending on March 4th.
  2. For the record, I wanted to correct this as I've talked to Mike Zeck numerous times about this. 1) The Punisher Limited Series was always intended to be 5 issues; 2) Because there hadn't been a 5 issue Limited Series until that time, the people in production had re-used the "Four Issue Limited Series" logo on the first issue; 3) Mike pointed out the error after the 1st issue which is why it was corrected with issue #2; 4) But, after issue #2, they went back to making the same mistake and Mike didn't feel like correcting it again so he let it lie until they figured it out with issue #5; 5) Vosburg was brought in because Carl Potts was worried that Mike was too slow and wouldn't finish on time. But, when Zeck was removed from the book, Steven Grant also walked which is why the creative team on the last issue is different. To Vosburg's credit, he told me they only gave him a week to draw the issue and he had no idea at the time how impactful that Limited Series was going to be. So, for those that were disappointed in the last issue, keep that in mind - Vosburg did his best!
  3. For those that don't normally check out Prop Store auctions... I wanted to draw Joe collectors attention to the G.I. Joe art offerings in the upcoming March 4th Toys, Comic Art & Collectibles auction. Items include: - Mike Vosburg's personal storyboard copies from his work on the 1980's Joe cartoons & a large Joe pin-up featuring Snake Eyes, Scarlett & Duke by Vosburg - Original part pages from G.I. Joe ARAR #6, 22, 35 & 59 by Trimpe, Vosburg, Whigham & Wagner - Lifeline pin-up from Order of Battle #1 by Herb Trimpe - G.I. Joe TCG Cobra Commander Card art painting by Mike S. Miller & David Michael Beck Check out the auction here
  4. For those looking for an original vintage Ben Edlund piece of Tick art, I wanted to make sure this group knew that we'll have two in Prop Store's current Toy/Comic Art auction taking place on March 4th. You can go here to see the full catalog:
  5. And for those who prefer to watch videos to get your auction previews... take a look here:
  6. Prop Store is excited to announce our latest comic art auction. This time, comic art is presented alongside a selection of vintage toys. This auction will take place live on March 4, 2020 and will based out of Prop Store's Los Angeles office (all orders will be shipped out of the US). Follow this link to register and see the online catalog There are ~100 lots of comic art in the auction and the comic art section takes place in the middle of the auction (lots 441-538) to make it easier for those interested in just the comic art to focus their bidding. You can bid in advance online or via absentee bid or bid online or over the phone on the day of the live auction. Some highlights include: - 5 Cerebus lots from Gerhard's personal collection including a Cirin/Cerebus cover and some really nice splashes that have never been offered before - Other classic 1980's independent art including a nice Eastman & Laird TMNT #5 page with Fugitoid and all four Turtles plus hard to find Tick art by Ben Edlund - One of the earliest 1940's Marvel/Timely Comics pages still in existence from All Select #2 featuring Marvel's first super hero the Sub-Mariner! - Some action oriented Bill Sienkiewicz Moon Knight pages including a rare splash page (soon to star in his own Disney + series)! - Some classic Punisher art including Mike Zeck and Mike Vosburg pages from the Punisher Limited Series and from the Punisher first origin telling in Marvel Preview #2 - Some toy related art including early G.I. Joe, Transformers, Shogun Warriors, Godzilla art and more by Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, and others - A gorgeous Dave Steven's Marilyn Monroe "Half Moon" pin-up and complete Vampirella #16 20 page story by Jose Gonzalez for all the pin-up girl fans out there - The Iron Man #114 Page 1 Splash by Keith Giffen and two amazing Adi Granov Iron Man pieces produced for the 1st Iron Man movie - Joe Quesada 1st Marvel art and early Marvel Comics Presents art by Jae Lee - 1980's X-Men x-over pages from Power Man & Iron Fist, Dazzler, and Spider-man vs. Wolverine + other X-Men related art including the Wolverine Horizon Model Kit art by Ron Frenz & John Romita Sr. - Art by Comic Masters - a 1989 Dave Gibbons Rosharch Watchmen piece, Bernie Wrightson's Creature from the Black Lagoon painting, John Romita Sr. Spider-man and Barbie art, and a Joe Kubert Sgt. Rock splash page We may not be the biggest auction house for comic art, but hopefully you'll find something you'll like and will enjoy the auction experience through our online platform. And, we try to make it easier - we offer interest free time payment plans up to 3 months and accept credit cards (up to $25,000USD) without additional surcharges. And, if you like vintage toys and always wanted a Rocket Firing Boba Fett... well, then this is the auction for you! Thanks in advance for taking a look and participating in the auction!
  7. I'll be there for my second year in a row. Chicago has some great food (in addition to a fun show).
  8. Now, you just need to start collecting the foreign variants of this book! Where's the Halloween Fest version? This book takes me back to the early days of collecting!
  9. Yes, the #35 is one of the few that are still complete along with #6, 7, 28 & 29 (and possibly #3 & 56).
  10. When you see these covers all together, it made me realize how Carl Potts was borrowing from Mike Zeck's design from Punisher LS #2 on the cover to Punisher WJ #2 (along with a little Superman pose).
  11. Yep, back in the 90's when Comic Images did a line of card sets based on artists, I found a lot of pages I owned got used for the Mike Zeck set. And also found some art I have in the G.I. Joe card set from around that same time.
  12. He still has six fingers on both versions! One of the classic cover mistakes of all time.
  13. I used to own that FF #10 page.. Forgot how much great Doom imagery there was in it, but it always bothered me that they Doom and Reed had switched bodies and they weren't themselves. Wouldn't mind having it back!
  14. True, Mike turned 70 last year - time for him to actually enjoy some retirement! He's earned it.
  15. Albedo was graded 9.4 way back in the day. Was thinking about re-submitting to see if it might get a 9.6.