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  1. Added a Marvel Rising #1 Momoko Variant cgc 9.8 Send a message, if you have interest in purchasing it/making an offer. Thanks, have a cool night/4th of July weeknd. Be safe https://www.ebay.com/itm/203036542174
  2. My first OA (not published) by P. Momoko. She is awesome. I came up with the title for it too ..."Smile and say pumpkin" Really dig this. It puts me in a trance kind of
  3. Yeah Very close to getting the grades for my batches. I don't know if they post grades on the weeknds, but will keep refreshing heh
  4. They certainly are! Wasn't sure if you had them or not heh. Oh man, awesome set.
  5. MEGOs are the best. Want to keep the thread going. Here's something Have some others I have to take pictures of, but this is my favorite one . Wheat cakes, anyone?
  6. Oooof. Nice!! Feel like letting one of those Boxed Aquaman outta there?