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  1. When I last exited the hobby, it was the year 1997. The book was hot then. Now that I put a year to it, I must be old. Thanks for that
  2. It wasn’t that long ago this would go for multiples
  3. Somehow that manages to be both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. I may see you out there, friend
  4. You’ve seen the Martin Sheen movie about it, right?
  5. + 1 on The Way. No long boxes being carried, however, unless I hire a sherpa
  6. Brittle pages is why. Bat 1s with brittle pages have continued to get $40 - $50k PP, but I cannot believe that is sustainable. This may be the breaking point here on this book
  7. His Selling Prices seem reasonable But seriously, this is such a time capsule. Would love to know when this ad ran. Tough Kid Squad was a more expensive book than Supe 1 and Cap 1. Is he a boardie? Hey, fella, put a shirt on!
  8. Here is the latest example of the folly of man . . .
  9. Other than the marquee golden age Thursday, this seemed kind of anticlimactic. I just watched an hour of it and quit after supersnipe