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  1. Sorry, what's an MVS again? I'm assuming coupon or crossword puzzle or something like that
  2. Don’t wanna divert the thread direction, but I’ve always wondered the same about this one . . .
  3. $264k for a 9.0 FF1 yesterday. That’s pretty amazing to me
  4. You might be right. This might be the high point, after which we fall back to earth. Which makes buying decisions really hard right now
  5. There’s a bunch of Church westerns in this weeks heritage weekly. They haven’t gotten much attention so far
  6. I’m watching the Red Raven creep up there. (Not my book). All will be told shortly
  7. This will be an exciting finish for them. Even the Bat 1 .5 is getting close to $40k. So yes, Bat 1 looks hot right now. And I’m pretty sure the bidding is not yet done.
  8. Heritage starts closing tomorrow, and although prices stayed static for about a week, there’s movement afoot . . . the FF5 just shot up about $20k today, and the amazing Spider-Man jumped $25k today. The FF1s have had no recent movement. the golden age stuff hasn’t moved
  9. I yield the floor to you on the subject, but here is a slightly redacted string of emails between me and CGC, where they say otherwise. I like their view, but confess I have concerns that line up with you. this string started when I asked about foxing