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  1. What is going on is you consider getting out of some of the stock before the river runs red
  2. Those are all good points, but I do think the stock market adversely affects the sale of $10k and over books. The higher priced the book, the more adverse the affect. Few people had their money just sitting naked in a checking account. Those people who did defied custom. Those who did not, which is most people, mostly had it in . . . wait for it . . . the stock market. And nobody wants to sell out stock at the loss they would have to bear. Right now, with the 3rd straight day of gains, the stock market it still down 20%. And IMO, these gains are only in fleeting response to the stimulus package, and will soon go back about its business of tanking. I’m not going to sell stock at the losses I would have to take to pick up new books. ergo, books over $10 k have been adversely affected by the stock market. But this is just my opinion.
  3. You’d almost think the people in charge are used to running up the debt and then filing for bankruptcy in order to scrape all the bad decisions off the bottom of their shoe and leaving someone else holding the bag
  4. I thought that likely myself; the spines are nice and fat, still.
  5. Why is it the only old label books in my collection happen to be the only 2 Planets I own??!!
  6. The NBA, MLB and March Madness people would not leave well over a billion dollars on the table if this was just an overreaction. When businessmen make a sober money decision such as this, well in advance of mandated quarantine, they must feel fairly certain that this is a real deal, despite the naysayers
  7. I’ve not seen any discussion, apart from people wondering what possible defect could bring it down to a 3.5. It presented much higher. I don’t think anyone bought the grader notes. We were stumped. This discussion all took place before the final hammer. i thought it went for a very strong price and attributed it to its outstanding eye appeal
  8. Wow. Good find. Somebody copied somebody here . . . I know it gets lonely at sea . . . But what does the prince want to see Harry in his cabin for?
  9. Possible but I think unlikely. Who has $450k in a bank account. And who would liquidate stock at current prices. This is just not the time for big books.