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  1. The answer came back: NOT FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA. The seller actually said there was no amount of money he could be offered that would pry the page loose. Of course, this was Action 1 Page 5, so understandable I guess . . .
  2. Yes, of course that’s what it means. This is an appalling gambit to hawk a book
  3. I agree with @Spyder!. The Planet title could have a dozen covers designated as classic. These covers here should garner classic designations for both GGA and Sci Fi categories, IMHO
  4. You and me both, brother. But I don’t think it’s allowed to have more than one copy of this book
  5. Got it, thanks. I'm still a bit confused as to the similarity between yours and the CC page - the 2 pages are different, and yet both have that peculiar corner cut. Do you have any insight on that?
  6. You've got a good eye, Professor. Yes, I have page 3. And you are right: the CC page is not the same page as the eBay page, despite the peculiar corner cut. The game is afoot.
  7. Is this legit? I'm struggling with believing this
  8. Look at the very first thing Batman says to Catwoman during the “unmasking” scene. Actually there’s a lot of weird sexual tension going on in this page and the next
  9. Truth to tell, I was dubious it was worth the minimum offer of $18k out of pocket. And I’m having a hard time calling the blackened silhouette of the Batman his first appearance. Clearly, not the first appearance in story
  10. While not encouraging the canibalization of these great books, and for those already in possession of pages, I will pay top dollar for unrestored pages with good paper quality. would also be interested in first Joker appearance page and first Catwoman page out of Bat 1, as well as the Cap 1 page where the puny Steve Rogers transforms into Cap. pls pm me with anything you might have. I will be grateful for any and all responses CGC