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  1. Don’t worry Woo Woo; I will always be there to speak out against injustice whenever necessary. I just wanna do it cheap
  2. And yet here I am, testing the waters with some lowball bids . . . Yes, I’m an insufficiently_thoughtful_person. This is how I became an accidental owner of more than one book
  3. And so it begins again . Bat 1 4.0 will beat Cap 1 6.0
  4. Darn. Now I’m going to have to run home and get my copy out to read the rest . . .
  5. Brain Bats is, by far, the best story in the golden age. No Superhero origins or first appearances, just the best written and drawn story EVER
  6. Hey Lou I live here in dallas. How about I pick the book up and enjoy it for you. I promise to send monthly progress reports
  7. That scanner practice is everywhere, unfortunately. A book I once owned was recently offered for sale. my scan is first. Their scan is second this is one of the hazards of the hobby now
  8. KirbyJack, how heated up or cooled down would you say the market is right now for FF? Someone just made a passing comment in a golden age post he thought the market was heating up, which surprised me. personally, I love em and think Stan got it right when he decided to declare it “The Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine”. But with still no great movie in sight, thought there was no real movement here
  9. I am reposting this from the LB Cole Master thread. This book went for 20 times guide in Sunday night’s weekly Heritage auction . . .
  10. I looked closely at this one, but ultimately declined it. It’s a cover only a mother could love. It’s too jarring to look at for me, but I get that’s why others chase it so aggressively. Truly unique