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  1. As much as I like The Batman here, I hate the mad doctor and his victim. Their anatomy is ridiculous. Actually, they both look like the same guy to me, with that bodybuilder torso
  2. CGC has told me that their holder prevents foxing from spreading. Not true for rust migration?
  3. Did you get that off the current eBay ad? Because mine won’t show that clearly
  4. The scan is so poor I can’t tell what the PQ is. and where’s the back cover on this $130k book? cmon people. We are better than this
  5. Hear that noise? It’s the sound of the other shoe, as it hurtles to the ground
  6. That was new to me, too. But now that we have seen it, can we ever again unsee it?
  7. I, too, have looked for a decent copy for years. Unsuccessfully
  8. At my age, I'd prefer a talking frog over a gold-digging babe