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  1. Are you in this pic? im glad to see you back on the boards, @lou_fine. Have you been on vacation? I was about to PM you to ask, but here you are
  2. Wow. I'm still wrapping my head around the 2 Tec 33s!
  3. I wouldn’t. You may be stuck with a ship that never comes in
  4. I just did a topics search for All Star, and I’m sorry to say it didn’t come up in the first of about 7k pages that came up. If you don’t mind posting a link, I’d like to read your thread
  5. You’ve got 2 Bat 1s??!! p.s. don’t think, in all my excitement, that I missed your point. I can feel you judging me.
  6. If I’d known it was you back then I wouldn’t have done it. I was young and dumb.
  7. Thanks Minh. Just so happens I’m finally getting around to turning your Cap 37 7.0. A boardie contacted me, asking about it shortly after I’d leaned into this All Select 2. I probably would have kept that book forever, otherwise. But now I don’t have to think too hard about the funding source for this one
  8. took awhile, didn't it? I was thinking the seller was getting cold feet. I'd never done a "make an offer" to someone who'd previously won a Heritage auction. Books just move quickly and never stay in the winner's hands for long, so this was a lottery win for me. And @Primetime, I don't ever want to look up and see this book on Matt Nelson's wall, got it??