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  1. This book was sitting on the heritage exchange with a BIN price of $110 k until it disappeared a few days ago. I thought $110k was an extremely reasonable price, given what the 2.5 did. I actually looked into it enough to see that Heritage doesn’t force the buyer to pay a fee the way they do at auction. Also, I bought the grader notes. But then it disappeared before I was done with the math. I had predicted $90 k for the 2.5. Very close. I don’t think we are anywhere near understanding the effects of the Covid quarantine on our hobby, and why don’t we throw a little social unrest in there on top for good measure. Predictions. Every one has got one. For this 3.5, I predict $120k.
  2. I never in my life collected crime or romance, but the boards have turned me into a Matt Baker fan. The cops are always noble, the bad guys despicable, and the women are, in a word, hot. Total fantasy and all the more fun for it. This is my first crime book, a pickup from last nights HA weekly
  3. You absolutely were right. My hat is off to you
  4. I understand mechanically removing color touch and the added pieces. Can the reinforcement and cover cleaning also be reversed? Is this really unrestored as it sits today?
  5. That is absolutely, 100% the same book. It’s gone from a CBCS restored label to a CGC blue label, and now it’s back in a CBCS label, but this time it’s blue. I absolutely agonized about buying this from mycomicshop. I’m so glad I didn’t. Here is the most current incarnation
  6. Wait, this is the same book mycomicshop just sold in a blue label for $110k? The one that is still currently for sale on eBay??!!
  7. But Namor was but a wee lad when Timely put in the adoption papers
  8. I agree, but keep thinking Torch and Namor will continue their efforts for our hearts and minds
  9. "All transactions are subject to a three percent (3%) Buyer’s Premium which is in addition to the purchase price, which premium may be fully discounted if the total amount due is received by COMICLINK within 7 days of the close of an auction or a final exchange sale confirmation, and under certain payment terms, such as check, money order, or bank wire." Now I guess I'll go back and look at my past receipts. Normally I pay by cashiers check the next day. Seems like I've never had a purchase that doesn't include the 3% OK, I just went back and looked at my last Clink purchase, and I find that they charged me the 3% because I used a credit card. My dumb fault entirely. Sorry, Clink and @Gotham Kid
  10. Compared to Heritage it doesn’t seem like a BP, but Clink has a 3% BP. The fact that they even have a BP at all is buried deep in their site. I went looking for it just now and couldn’t find it. But believe me, it’ll be that extra little charge at the end of your bill, guaranteed to make you say WTF!!??
  11. clink auctions rarely have fireworks at the end, so me too
  12. I guess no takers yet for that $65k flip