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  1. Uncanny X-men slabs. As in the photo. Still in bags they shipped in! #61 6.5 #137 7.0 #138 7.0 #141 7.5 #142 6.5
  2. Have #61 6.5 Want #65 similar grade Have #137 7.0, 138 7.0, 141 7.5, 142 6.5 Want #140, 135-116, 113-106, 104-94 (lol) similar grades Not really interested in RAW books - looking for slabs. Thanks!
  3. Oh wow! What grade would you give it? What $$$ are you thinking?
  4. Nice color slightly smeared top front cover couple of odd wrinkles mid and bottom cover, doesn’t break color, not a dent. Almost like too much ink at printing? Idk stain back cover thanks for your feedback! This is very educational
  5. I appreciate the feed back. Going to sell this puppy and objective opinion is quite helpful! I also need to work on my own grading skill, so this is a helpful exercise!
  6. Staples are tight, book lays flat. Cover has some light “dents” that don’t break color the top of the cover has an area that is lightly creased, stains on back cover
  7. Got some supplies from the hardware store ... working on some ideas to display my comics. Quite a lot of temptations on Ebay to plus up the collection, but I'm just going to keep selling until I have enough to compete for a nice #3. I figure after that I won't have too much trouble or have to spent toooo much to finish it off
  8. Thanks. They do exist ... but not cheap. Even a nice #65 can fetch quite a lot of cash ...
  9. 69 comics sold for a total of $685, off to a good start, hundreds more to go. My hole at #3 is going to be pricey to fill, especially with any quality at all ... starting to bid on some auctions for the holes between 65-91. Also starting to contemplate how to display my collection. I have a lot of wall space available and I’d love to have 544 comics on display. I’ve seen some nice options for displaying one or two, nothing I really love for displaying a whole collection. I am getting some decent ideas though ...
  10. I had a similar experience, except it was more personal - books that I bought off the news stand and carefully stored for 30 years came back stupid low. 4.5 to 9.0. Books that were carefully selected and NEVER even read and nothing over 9.0 ... a 4.5? I can barely talk about it. I remain quite disappointed. It does seem like they are pressing for their other services (see what I did there?lol) as a seller I certainly see the value in their product - no one seems to ever say “they over graded this book” I’m still deciding about grading my other books, also considering sending some of these back for the clean and press routine to see what I get I do NOT provide a grade on eBay, clearly someone expecting CGC standards isn’t going to like my grade - high res photos and a description of every flaw I see with a vague assessment of “high low or mid” is as far as I feel comfortable ...
  11. Condition? Desires in exchange?
  12. I like the idea of a slightly wider track. Maybe lined with something? Like felt or some other slightly gripy fabric?
  13. I'm looking for Slabbed > 8.0 or really nice raw books 3,65,69,70,72,73,75,76,77,79,80,81,82,83,84,91
  14. I'm clearing out several long boxes. Most are bronze age marvel read once, bagged/boarded and boxed. Mostly raw. Just had some I consider high grade slabbed, came back anywhere from 9.0 to 4.5. Your milage may vary No reserve, ship at media rate and I combine shipping.
  15. RobZe = I'm clearing out several long boxes. Most are bronze age marvel read once, bagged/boarded and boxed. No reserve, ship at media rate and I combine shipping.
  16. That looks great! I am in the fortunate place of having a couple of rooms that are very dark and I'm going to fill 2 or 3 walls with comics. So far his guy has the closest thing to what I'm envisioning. I'm a little concerned that the metal tracks he uses might scratch the slabs over time (there is vibration in this environment - that 5150 can move some air! \m/)
  17. What defines “the proper environment”?
  18. Good to know, being physically insecure is not acceptable.
  19. Anyone display their slabs? i know that this exposes the books and slabs somewhat, but to me the point is to be able to see the books to enjoy them... I have a studio/game room in my basement and I want to decorate the walls with my collection. It’s dark most of the time, climate and humidity controlled (45% for the guitars) ideas to mitigate the exposure? Secure display shelves?
  20. bend top of back covercrease full left of back covercrease right top of front cover breaks colormultiple dent i didn’t scan before sending and don’t have them back yet, so no pictures at the moment even the ones that came in high (9.0) seem kinda low. I had multiple copies, one was carefully read, once, bagged and boarded =5.5 The other was never read. The nicest copy on the news stand 30+ years ago, never even opened, carefully put in in Mylar and that =9.0 ?
  21. I just got my invoice, Suffice to say ... I'm disappointed. I bought these books fresh and bagged and boarded them that day. That day. One scored as low as 5.5. I get it that mint might not be "mint". But fresh off the boat and 5.5? Come on. I was thinking of slabbing my collection, selling the excess. Now? Meh. Tell me I'm wrong, I bought a comic book 30 years ago, put it in a bag and its a 5.5? I'm not feeling objective ratings, I'm feeling upsell me high graded book that is no better than my book. Convince me. Cause I think this my last CGC submission
  22. The original post has lots of cool looking links ... but none of them seem to link to anything ... problem on my end, or are they dead? Thanks
  23. Karl, I sent you a personal message. Don't think I have anything you are look for ...
  24. RobZe

    Wonder Woman #156

    I guess it depends why you are getting them slabbed ... My first CGC books were sold by a guy who was kinda bitter they didn't grade higher. I feel like his bitterness infected his auction and I got em at a very nice price. They are still great looking books and I'm glad to have them. I have my first order in and I guess I'll be disappointed if they don't grade high, but it is what it is. It seems to me that CGC makes a book easier to display and sell, and in the case of a high value book like yours, insure. So maybe its worth it even when the books grade lower than expected?