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  1. Yes sir... should be in my hot little hands shortly!
  2. FWIW I did have CGC press this ... Grader notes: light spine stress lines to coverlight wear all cornersvery light, multiple crease right center of front cover
  3. Interesting I’m trying to improve my grading ... I looked at this and saw 9+ What do you think the impact of a press would be?
  4. Still looking to trade Bronze Age slabs ...
  5. Not yet mine ... considering buying
  6. Hey! Thanks for the fast response! The link is to CGC prescreening, I’m (trying to) ask about CCS screening. The Q and A* implies there is some interaction between CCS and the consumer, but I’m not sure what to expect *”If no service is deemed suitable for the comic, the maximum fee charged will be $50. If service is deemed suitable but you decide not to have the work done, the full screening fee will be charged.”
  7. Sent in my second batch, first batch with screening and pressing (after being disappointed with the grades of my first batch - other newbs consider the pressing option) Not sure what to expect at this point. Does CGC just go ahead with press cause I ordered it, or do I get a phone call or email with options and opinions?
  8. 3.0-3.5* I see spine stress, maybe a spine roll, color break creases bottom right, overflash and chipping. I might be overly harsh, not sure how they'll grade the detached page. Most of the damage is color break and press won't help, if there is spine roll it should address that. Slabbing is such a personal decision. I like to slab high value books. If this were an important book to me I would slab because the detached page situation is going to get worse as long as the book is raw. *I'm here to work on my grading.
  9. Very valuable to to see this. I'd have hit it harder for the spine wear
  10. I'm 5.5, but really need picture out of the bag, back cover etc
  11. I love that pose the surfer is taking! Original owner! Wow! I'm a 3.0 here, spine damage, stain, looks like dents (or is that the bag?), not seeing the above mentioned rip (are you talking the chunk out at top right of back near the stain?). Stain on the back is a killer, CGC might ding you harder than I do. Getting a press will fix the roll and any dents, also will just make the book look better. Really cool book
  12. I see a 7.0 front scan makes me want more detail, not just the top either. There’s an area near where the top staple is that’s discolored. Is that a stain? What’s happening there?
  13. Thanks! Nice to have a word for it! Beats “cover curls over interior pages”
  14. How is that graded? Seems like it’s partially a printing defect?
  15. I was a 3 Great opportunity to learn. I thought the rusty lose staples and general wear of cover would be a bigger hit. Glad I was wrong! did you get a press? can you post slabbed back cover
  16. FWIW I grade without reading others grades ... I see I’m way low ... just my uneducated opinion I’m here to learn, please post results if you get it slabbed
  17. Spine breaks, color break wrinkles on right of cover, rear cover appears soiled(?) These flaws limit this books potential ... although it’s going to look a lot better with a press 4.0 with a press, not sure why they’ll grade without the press. They tend to be harder on those non color break flaws than I am ...
  18. It’s going to be a book that presents better than it grades. I’m 7.0 without the stain. Maybe 7.5. Nice flat book, beautiful spine and corners. Color looks a little faded (maybe that’s just the scan) 4.5 with stain
  19. Definitely worth a press. Spine wear and creases top right aren’t going away though ... 4.5 after press JMHO