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  1. Thank you to everyone that donated and those of you that will donate.
  2. Thread closed. Gary passed away today. I’m certain his family could still use help through the gofundme but the sales thread no longer seems appropriate.
  3. Thanks. Like I said, I don't know if he has a board name or not. He could be a boardie that mainly lurks and reads threads or maybe he's not at all? I just know the local guys wanted to help do something and we're discussing doing some sort of mini convention to raise money for him. I have seen the generosity on these message boards in the past and I thought this would be a great place to try to help raise some funds for someone that loves comic books and loves his family and shares his passion for comics with his nephew (next generation) and seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  4. In that case I’d say the go fund me link is the better place.
  5. One of his friends has offered to field Paypal payments so it does t get hard to verify what’s what. His specific request is that any payments be noted “For Gary and this item _____” any straight cash donations can go to the go fund me page. It was actually this friend that approached a group of us Tulsa collectors to see if we could help. Of of course Sharon you have lots more experience with these type of threads so if you have suggestions then I’m certainly open to hearing them.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 102 improbable with a press and clean $100 $50 shipped.
  7. Hello everyone! As I'm sure all of you know. Local comic book collecting social circles are a very tight group. It was brought to my attention that a collector and comic enthusiast here in Tulsa, OK needs some help with medical expenses. As such, some of the local guys shared his GoFundMe link with me and I said "Hey! I'm not sure if it still goes on, but on the CGC boards we used to hold benefit sales for collectors in need, so I could try starting a thread there." So here I am. Now I know that we typically reserve these types of threads for members here specifically, but the man is a collector and I'm honestly not sure if he's a member here or not. I'll be posting a couple of books for sale and all funds received will go directly to Gary Maulsby to help him and his family out in their time of need. I don't know Gary well, in fact I've only met him a couple of times at local comic conventions where he and his nephew have shopped through my comics...but I do know from reading his GoFundMe page that he's a good guy and a very integral part of his family. If you would like to sell a book in this thread to contribute please feel free to do so. If you would prefer to just donate via the GoFundMe link then you are also encouraged to do that. Each seller may choose whether or not they wish to cover shipping or charge to the buyer. No HOS/Probation. in the thread trumps any and all PM deals. If it's not marked sold in the thread then it is still live and available for sale. So as a buyer I encourage you to mark in case your seller is slow to mark sold. Claim the item in this thread but make your payment directly on the go fund me link provided above. If you choose anonymous then a screenshot of your receipt will be required before items are shipped. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Lot of Eternals 3 (25 copies) Newly Listed Also Walking Dead 1 Full Run Of New Mutants Volume 1 Plus Many Other Items! Please feel free to contact me here or through eBay if you have any questions in any items in our eBay store. Thanks for looking!
  9. I just threw up a post on IG. I’ll see what happens and keep you posted
  10. Is there a prescription for that or is it just over the counter?
  11. It's times like these that I wish I had a good place to sell mystery boxes. This is one HUGE collection. Lots of Copper and Modern. It took hours to look through it all. Some pretty great finds. Lots of Amazing Spider-Man (probably around 400 issues). I just listed a full run of New Mutants on eBay from this collection. I think tomorrow I'll go through and cherry pick out the remaining keys and then maybe push the rest to convention stock? There's a few whole runs that might do okay at auction on their own. Full runs of Darkhawk and Sleepwalker. Full runs of Avengers West Coast and Web of Spider-Man. Well I don't pop by the boards often anymore. I think the old format worked better for my phone maybe? But I'll see if I can start swinging by a little more frequent and see how you kids are doing.