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  1. 1st Harley Quinn. First :takeit: in the thread wins the book. Was really surprised that the book didn’t hit 9.8. Maybe a pressing service better than the one I used could’ve gotten the little teeny tiny crease near the spine out? Price is $1,000 OBO shipped in the US. That’s about $100 lower than the GPA high for the year. Great investment piece. PM me with questions. Payment via PayPal within 24 hours of sale is expected unless other arrangements made. Time payments available with 10% non refundable deposit, 30% due every thirty days until paid off.
  2. see pics PM me any questions 128-256 with a few gaps. Have pics of all books but boards timed out during upload so if you want pics of anything in particular let me know. Price has wiggle for boarders so PM me if interested.
  3. Hello everyone! Comical Gems has entered into a mentor/consignment relationship with a seller local to me. He has forty long boxes of comics that have not seen circulation for at least twenty years. Numerous runs and several books with multiple copies. Lots of newsstand editions as well. He has just started listing items on his own eBay account and I encourage you to check it out and follow as there will be some great books offered now and in the future as we sell through this collection. and of course check out and follow the Comical Gems eBay store at
  4. Maybe bad timing with SDCC? I haven’t seen much activity so I’m going to try them elsewhere. If you see something you like and want to make an offer send me a PM. Thanks!
  5. Marvel Super Heroes 18 copy B. This one I was thinking might stray into NM- territory but with those color breaking creases I’m not that confident so I’ll say 8.0 $500