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  1. Looking for Amazing Spider-Man 300 various grades wanted. Low grade on up to high grade. Raw copies preferred, may make exception for high grade signature series.
  2. Awesome advice. Try splitting the books up to individual sales. I’ve tried the group/lot thing before and it’s just harder to find a buyer. Good luck!
  3. Yup. The answers provided to my questions gave me a good feeling about the likelihood of a collection as opposed to overstock or as it’s often called “Drek”
  4. Post your advice for sourcing product with an example or anecdotal story about a time when this paid off for you. Example-“When engaged with someone that is selling I always mention the types of things I buy just in case they have more items that are either not advertised or are not visible and ask if they have any other items like that for sale.” I once responded to a craigslist ad that listed an incomplete GI Joe A Real American Hero tank. As a result of asking what else they had I was able to purchase a nearly complete USS Flagg. Another time-I replied to a Facebook marketplace ad where the seller had a reprint of a comic listed for $500. By asking what else they had I was able to purchase a forty long box collection. Sourcing advice-maximize every interaction by asking “what else do you have?”